Monday, December 14, 2020

Snowy Monday to Start

Paisley, On

It was clear outside when Bill got up and left for work on Monday, Dec. 14th. The weather station was indicating a snowy day, starting around 7 am and light flurries all day. With that knowledge, I was up before 7, had my tea and was downstairs heading out for Durham a few minutes before 8.

A nice drive at 8:00

There was no additional snow on Ptooties from yesterday when I cleared her off but there was a bit of frost residue which didn’t take long to scrape. It was a chilly 0C/32F and the wind made it feel cooler than that. I always prepare somewhat for the drive, in case I get stuck/stranded somewhere for any reason, by having my short boots (when I can wear runners), a scarf, a hat and extra gloves in the car. I carry water in my thermos plus when I’m working, nibblers and a hot drink.

All cleaned up

Today, I didn’t need any of those things, it was a clear drive all the way to the Mat. Going the back roads, I made great time and arrived within 40 minutes of leaving Paisley. Only one customer with a dryer in use, a familiar fellow but he wasn’t there until his load was done so we didn’t even chat other than ‘how are you today?’ I only had to run one washer as it was a bit of a mess. Farmer mess, heh heh, straw it looked like. LOL

By the time I left Durham, you can see
things changing
I thought "oh-oh"

Even though the highways are a safe way to travel
this little bit of greasiness can be unnerving

With the laundromat in good condition, I left and almost got out of town before noticing that I was below half a tank of fuel. I veered back to the Pioneer to fill up and got to use my new Journie card. Bill has one and, on the weekend, we got mine. I am topping up the SUV every week so may as well get the fuel point building up. Then I headed out of town again. There was quite a mini blizzard blowing from the north directly at me making things look pretty white ahead.

Perhaps this wasn't the wisest choice but I turned onto Mulock Rd
to head north

I debated staying on the main highway going home but going through Hanover and Walkerton really slows me down. Plus, the highway was a bit greasy and sometimes other traffic is more of a menace than anything. So, I took the turn off onto Mulock Road and stayed on it until I reached Concession 8. Woops! That was a mistake. Not because of the snow-covered roads, they weren’t bad to drive on, but because Conc.8 from that far over was a haven of potholes. LOL

Once I crossed Grey County Rd. 3, it was fine and what I was familiar with. Bill usually turns onto Conc. 4, I think, up 3 and then 8. I was home again in good time, 40 minutes being better than 50 anytime! I know it is short-lived and I’ll be happy to stay on the main highway. I didn’t need to stop anywhere today. Once home, I had my cheese and pepperoni while finishing my thermos of coffee. Then I hopped in the shower.

I was pleased with myself for driving on this road
Not cocky just careful and confident

I needed to get out to the bank, across the road, but now had to wait until my hair was dry. I started my blog and then sat and read my book for an hour. I felt chilled so curled up on the bed and dozed for a few minutes. I only got a chapter read! Around 3, I bundled up against the outside temperatures and walked over to the bank. That wind was indeed cold, making the -3C/28F feel much colder.

The sun made an appearance later in the afternoon

Look at that blue sky

On the way back to the house I thought it was kind of silly to bundle up so much to go out for 5 minutes so walked down the main street to the south, crossed over, walked the block and came back up Water Street, the one behind our residence. I knew when I got in the house, I would certainly be warmed up! It was 3:30 so I made myself a cup of tea and cut myself a piece of my homemade Christmas cake. I’d taken it out of the freezer on Saturday.

Isn't this a gorgeous house? I love the red door. Maybe I've shown you before.
Look below

Nice that they kept it as historical
I almost missed this plaque!

I make a batch of 2 every other winter and freeze one. Bill really likes them and so do I! Realizing how fast Christmas was sneaking up on us, what better time to move into the garage and finish my glass tree ornaments? I would make do with the letters I had and not worry about how well they matched. Homemade by Patsy does not mean perfect, no matter what it is. 😊

Can you say pretty? Now can you say c-c-c-cold?

There is no overhead light that shines down on the table and for a while I was fine with the window light but it soon got difficult to see properly. I don’t need to be straining these old eyes. It was nice and warm in there as Wes had the wood stove on and kept it well-stocked. Finally, when I needed to check birth years of the grands and get into some light, I moved upstairs. First, I unlocked the garage door as it was 4:30 and Bill would be texting soon.

You remember this view, I'm sure
Water Street heading up to the main street

Bank parking

I was upstairs and just finishing applying the numbers when he texted that he was 15 minutes away. I’m glad they’re working inside a house right now, it would be a nasty day working outside. When he came upstairs, I was just finishing hanging the new decorations. I’m quite proud of them and when we forget how old the kids are, we’ll have a reference! Ha ha. Maybe I need to hang them all year. Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea.

Looking out at the street in the later afternoon

Bill curled up on the bed for his short nap and at 6 I went down to start getting things ready for supper. We’d bought a beef tenderloin at Costco and Bill cut it up into roasts and steaks so we are having a steak dinner tonight with the last of the mashed potatoes. It didn’t take long to sauté, then cook the steak. 2 minutes and then 5 minutes for medium. The potatoes and gravy were warmed up in the microwave or on the stove.

All done!
Our children have their birth year on the front
Oh, and Taylor and Jacob do as well, my grandsons because there was room

The rest of the grandchildren have their birth years
on the back
Notice the little white '2021' - it is unnamed until January

Everything turned out well and we were eating by 6:30 or so. We had Caesar salad to clean up and mushroom gravy in the fridge so it was a filling meal. Oh, to top it off we split the large piece of Cherry Cheesecake that Wendy from CanAm gave us. Thank you so much, Wendy for sharing! After dishes, Bill made his lunch and we came upstairs. I downloaded pictures and then worked on finishing this post. On time. 😊

good thing Susan's charger plate and table cloth are so pretty
It makes our meal look as good as it tasted! :)

This was a good day. My AccuWeather on my phone had a weather advisory out for an afternoon and evening of snowfall but by 7:00, it had changed. That was good to see, since we didn't get much at all today. I hope it doesn't appear overnight making the drive nasty for Bill in the morning. 

My girlfriend sent me an email with new
Is this not adorable?
 It could be the rantings
of someone I live with too! 

Look who I found!
Bill and I posing with Elva
Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, CA
Dec. 14, 2018
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Some wonderful photos today. Thank you so much.I enjoy reading and seeing your day....That last one out your window looks COLD. But your food looks delicious. Glad you are warm and safe inside.

    1. Thank you JudithK. It was a bitter cold wind on Monday, I really needed my scarf up over my mouth and nose! :)

  2. Your glass ornaments are very pretty ... good job :)

  3. Such a pretty town you live in. I'm glad the snow went fast and the sun came back for you. Loved the covid baby. Great quote by Patsy: "Homemade by Patsy does not mean perfect, no matter what it is." 😊 You two should have been sitting down with Elva standing :) Great picture of you three.

    1. Unfortunately, the snow did stay away. *sigh* we're living in snow country. Apparently Paisley because of its proximity to the lake, gets dumped on pretty much all winter. LOL
      Yes, we should have sat down for sure!

  4. Love the ornaments. I think our trees and ornaments should stay up all year long!! Good job on driving!!!

  5. The ornaments are awesome! Very special! I love the pic of you two and Elva :) That baby's face is just too cute! Dinner looks amazing!

  6. What a clever idea for Christmas Tree Ornaments. Nice picture with Elva. I dislike driving on snow covered roads especially if they are even a little slippery, or greasy as you said. I love Brussel but someone who lives here would not be happy with the news, either. Stay safe.

  7. Next year's picture will be with you 2 sitting and me standing behind you. I don't know how people deal that kind of cold everyday. But it is beautiful!!!

  8. What gorgeous ornaments. I love them.

    God bless.

    PS Both of us here love brussels sprouts.