Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Where Did Monday and Tuesday Go?

Paisley, On

It is crazy that today is Wednesday, Dec. 16th. The weeks are flying by. Nine, just 9 (no matter how you write it) days until Christmas. Sadly, for me, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’m sure it is all this pressurized isolation we are all feeling that is molding my feelings. At least other years, when we don’t see our children and grandchildren it is because we are umpteen miles away. 3,793 miles for round numbers. A choice. This year, it isn’t our choice.

This is on the drive home, after cleaning, but the pavement
was clear both ways

I got up out of bed at 6:30 within minutes of Bill leaving. Went down to pack some cheese and pepperoni, made my tea and returned upstairs. Wes told me that Jim, the fellow who cleans the laneway will be here this morning so it is good I’m getting Ptooties out of the way. I left at 10 to 8 and had the laundromat all to myself. It was nice to see that Jamie’s plow guy had cleaned the lot and the walkways were clear.

I found these three notes today at the Mat
I'm sure written by the same girl/lady
Made me sad

Inside, one washer had a note “does not rinse”, so tested it. Hmm. Worked for me so I removed the note. There are sometimes things we see that we wish we’d never laid eyes on. In the Mat, 3 notes. They all look like the same handwriting but it is still sad. With the place in good condition, I pulled out of the lot at 10 to 10.

The sun fought but didn't win today over any
location that I was at

I noticed people walking up to the Pioneer station across the road, where I usually fuel up, and they couldn’t get in the door. The price overhead said 0.00 and there were notes on each gas pump. Seemed odd so when I left, nosy Patsy drove over and up close to the pump. It just said “Closed due to upgrades”. Not much wiser, I left just glad I didn’t need gas today. The roads were clear all ways today so I didn’t hesitate turning on to Hwy #19 and travelling Concession 8.

I was sitting at a red light in Hanover directly across from
this structure so was able to read what it said
Hanover Clock Tower
Neat, too bad it wasn't original and historical

It was cold though, -7C/18F, not a good day to be working outside so I thought of Bill and was happy to know he is working inside a house this week. 😊 Back home, the old adage ‘timing is everything’ couldn’t have been truer. I noticed Wes’s van was parked on the road and Jim (I think I have the right name) was plowing the driveway. So, I parked out front on the street too. Looked like he was almost done but not wanting to seem impatient, I locked Ptooties up and came inside.

After dropping my stuff at the stairs, I heard Wes say he was moving the van in so I nipped out and did the same with the Rav. I brought my snacks and thermos of coffee upstairs and relaxed. I got caught up on my laptop, doing some research on ‘stuff’ and then finally decided I should move from the chair. LOL do I get lazy sometimes! It was around 3 that I went down and out to the post office. I wasn’t in the mood for walking, although I should have.

This house in Hanover, beside the Village Nursing Home
(where Mom used to live)
they obviously love the Grinch

It is such a short jaunt down to the p.o. that it doesn’t count. I needed stamps and had to mail one more card. I think we’re all caught up now! Back inside, made my cup of tea and then Wes asked if I could help them with linking a couple of rewards cards to their phones. I downloaded the apps and made the linkage so at least they can see their points and claim prizes.

Bill has been checking periodically with TSC for sand tubes
We knew it was happening but didn't  notice on Saturday that they've changed their signs now
to Peavey Mart

Upstairs, I delved once more into this book. It is certainly a different type of story than I’ve ever read before but I’m enjoying it, not knowing how the plot will change before I get to the last page. Those are the good kind, aren’t they? Bill texted at 20 minutes to 5 that he was on his way from Billy’s so I went down to unlock the door. Wes was outside so I passed the message along to leave it open please.

Almost home

At 6, we were back down starting supper. Fish and chips tonight and we each had our part to making this meal a reality. We finished off the carrot cake as well and I’m glad about that. There is still cheesecake in the fridge but it is keto and will be eaten guilt-free. 😉 After dishes, and Bill’s lunch, we came up and I joined W & S for Jeopardy at 7:30. I’ve missed the last couple of nights for one reason or another.

I love our fish and chip dinners
Splash of colour with the tomatoes :)

Our evenings don’t usually last long unless Bill gets into a movie. By 9:30 I’m usually done for and rolling over in bed. I haven’t done much today but I always seem to be tired enough to drop off. It was a good day. Bitter cold but at least no more precipitation to grumble about. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well.

No sunset here at home so let's enjoy
this one at Lake Havasu City, AZ
at Rose and George's former home
Dec. 16th, 2017
Good night all!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Those notes are so very sad :(

    I am trying to stay in the Christmas mood but it is hard, we will rely on FaceTime/Zoom to spend Christmas with our family this year.

    1. The notes left at the Mat are often just silly stuff but these hit me. :(
      Christmas will be very difficult this year for everyone. We, too, will chat with our children and grands on Christmas Day.

  2. I haven't been able to walk for several days and my body is telling me off! Our road was beyond slippery and then it got so blasted cold. Hopefully tomorrow is better. We are trying to organize our bubble into a Christmas meal.

    1. Yesterday was the coldest day I felt and it took the 'urge to walk' right out of me. That worries me because I know that more of these bitter temps are coming. I'll have to grow an outer shell!

  3. Such sad notes.

    Haven't been out for my daily walks as at first it was way too cold, and now there is ice under the snow so a bit slippery in places. I have been walking inside which just isn't the same.

    God bless.

    1. It is dangerous to walk with ice hidden so it is better to be safe and walk indoors in that case. I'm sure my time will come where I'll be stuck inside. Wes has a treadmill here so might have to do that. Not the same at all. :(

  4. At least you have someone to talk to and a reason to get out once in awhile. The best part of my day is talking to my puppies, but they aren't good at conversation. LOL

    1. That's true. I do value the ability to get out for sure. Your puppies are good listeners though, right? :)

  5. Got to admit those notes would weigh on my mind too. Poor thing. We will be visiting our 3 sons on Christmas Eve and day in CA. They want us and we want to go. Unfortunately we won't be seeing Ken's mom..her choice. Love the little Grinch house!

    1. Yes, the notes were sad, wish I hadn't seen them.
      Glad you will be seeing your sons at Christmas. Family and friends are what this season is about and we're being so restricted. No wonder it doesn't feel right.

  6. Nearing the holidays often bring out the sadness in people. I hope the young woman who left those notes behind will find some peace and comfort.

    Hopefully your weather improves, we've got an Alberta clipper (warm and windy) going through here today and it's supposed to get above freezing by the weekend.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I hear you and pray that same thing for her. :(
      Thank you for the weather forecast - as I'm sure you'll be sending it our way??? :)

  7. Cold but you're getting used to it I hope. At least that northeaster Gail didn't come through your area. Glad Bill is working inside.

    1. Yes, our bodies adjust well to surroundings. Still looking forward to next winter! :)

  8. Those were definitely sad notes to find.
    Nice to hear the time seems to be slipping by, what sounds like, quicker then you thought it would. I know as strange as this year is the time seems to be flying faster then ever for us. What a cute house with the Grinch decorations. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Tom and Deb. Time is flying by, soon January will be here. Bill said today just 2 weeks into 2021!
      Take care, stay well too.