Sunday, December 6, 2020

Calm Sunday, Inside and Outside, Cookies?

Paisley, ON

On Sunday, Dec. 6th we had another sleep-in morning. It was almost 8 when I got up and got dressed. First thing was to sort laundry and put a load in before going for my walk. It was a calm day, mostly, although certain areas of the town had me covering my ears from the wind. It was only -2C/28F. I love the peacefulness of the morning though and although through the week it would have been busy at 8:30, on Sunday, Paisley is a sleepy town.

Here is the plaque that I went to take a picture of

Alternating directions from one walk day to the next, I headed to Mill Street. I wanted to get a picture of the plaque related to the Fisher Mill. I noticed it the other day when I went to the bank, I think. I can’t get over the various names of some of the businesses (past/present) here. My Heritage Walk map calls it The Woolen Mill. It is puzzling to say the least. Nevertheless, today I walked west to the trestle bridge but instead of crossing it today, I turned to the south and followed the trail along the edge of town.

There are still a few things I don't think I've shown you yet
This display is at the Mill across the River from the Canoe and Kayak rentals

I've shown you this bench along the Teeswater River before but thought I'd
offer it in a different 'light' today

Darn! I wish I’d thought to bring the 3 books we’ve finished for the little red barn book box. Next time, I’ll have to remember unless my b-i-l wants to read the J.A. Jance stories. I followed the trail and avoided the snowy patches. I wore my running shoes today, lighter weight for sure but still managed to keep my feet warm. The bits of snow were hard and more puddles were covered in a sheet of ice than the previous day.

I walked as far as the train bridge and cut up the lane to the left

But first, I had to take a picture of the river

Then onto the trail
See the red barn book box at the end?

 I managed to scoot along the back streets of Victoria and Alma and back up to Queen St., thus reaching my 2-mile mark. Back home, I swapped the load of clothes from washer to dryer and put the 2nd load in before making my tea and heading upstairs. Bill had showered so was at the laptop all fresh, clean and shiny as a bright new penny. 😊 He’ll love that reference, I’m sure. When my tea was finished, I think that was when I had my own shower. Two sweet smelling shiny pennies!

You're walking on thin ice isn't just a catch phrase
Someone has walked on this thin ice in reality

We waited until the second load of laundry was almost finished and went down to start brunch. It was 11 but we had our bacon and eggs, knowing it would tie us over until supper. Well, perhaps a little snack in between. Upstairs, I delved into my book and Bill puttered around with his phone, then his radio and receiver for his RC planes.  Passing the time in a pleasant way for our afternoon. I would have liked to get back into the crafting in the garage but still need to get my stickers first.

Bill works on his radio and rc receiver in the light
from the window
We actually had sunshine for a while throughout the day

I went down around 3 to mix up a batch of dough for shortbread cookies. I don’t always have success but then I haven’t had a real oven for a while either. So, now that I do, I thought I’d give it a go. I found a good recipe on line, easy and with the ingredients I have on hand. I didn’t want to substitute anything so followed the instructions to a ‘t’. At 3:30, still following the recipe, I was supposed to make two dough balls, wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge for 2 hours minimum. So, I did. 

Back to this morning's walk
Do you know what this is?

I texted Bill to see if he wanted anything before I came up and, at his request, made him a cup of tea. I poured the last 2" of my Forty Creek liquor into my glass with ice. Upstairs, I read and he carried on with his hobby stuff and the time passed slowly, which was nice. At 5:30 I went down to warm up our leftovers for supper and when I removed the dough from the fridge it was hard. You can imagine the expletives that came out of my mouth. Well, they didn’t make it out but they sure went through my head! That is a lot of ingredients I’ve used up and this darn well better work!! 

I turned towards home and left the beautiful mill
behind me

This must be where the Little People live
There were 13 of these covering special trees and bushes

This fat little black squirrel did NOT need any more treats!!

Another beautiful old home decorated simply
but beautifully
So, we had our supper and I can see ‘some’ very minor softening in the dough so will leave them wrapped but out on the counter and see what it is like tomorrow after work. The dough tastes good, of course I had to sample it, so sure don’t want to give up. Bill said (because he knows how upset I get) "Don't throw that dough out, I'll roll it for you if I have to". Ha ha 😂

Painted on the door of an old garage

Anyway, at 7 Bill went in to watch the first of two new Christmas movies tonight with W & S so I came up to our room. I decided to write my blog post and then maybe pop in one of my own movies rather than read. I think. 

My fajita wasn't as good the second night
The inards were good but the tortilla didn't reheat the best
Note to self: don't do that again

I’ll let you know tomorrow what I ended up doing. As you can tell, I’m undecided. I’m frustrated so I need to lose myself in something! 😊 This was another nice quiet day and I do believe my sweetie even got a blog of his own posted today. Yay!

Did you guess?
It's a FLOWER BED!!!! 😅

Dec. 6th, 2017
My sister, Donna, and Gerry visited us in Arizona
Here, at Laughlins Casino
2nd floor Car Museum

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. i started JA Jance books at the beginning of Covid. Started with Joanna Brady, then went onto the Ali Reynolds and Beaumont series. It's great to find an author you enjoy and one that has written lots of books. I prefer a 'paper' book but when the library closed down I used their on-line system to borrow books (Libby) and used my tablet. And now it's a habit to order on line. Occassionally I have to wait, but usually they're available. I should check and see if they're open .....
    Your snow photos make me realize what I whiner I am when I complain about our frosty mornings in Tucson. It's usually 35 first thing in the morning but it warms up nicely in the afternoon. Today was 75. I shouldn't complain. from Bonkers

    1. We do love her books. I never seem to read them in order but with my memory of what the stories are about after the fact, it doesn't matter! :) It bothers Bill a bit more.
      I have my Kobo too with a lot of unread books on it but I prefer the hard copy in my hands as well. It is nice to have the library accessible in both ways.
      Yes, methinks you shouldn't complain. Ha ha! 75 would be WONDERFUL! :)

  2. I have a very ornate old bed in the shed that I'd like to use for a flower bed.

    1. I walked by and saw a bench (tipped over so I didn't take a pix) and the bed of the same style. I thought to myself 'why a bed?' Then it dawned on me. Duh so I went back to get a picture. haha

  3. I just love all the little Christmas decorations, even just ribbons on the balcony. It sure makes it festive!! You had me at cookies!! LOL Let the dough rest for just a little bit and it will be fine. Bet they will be delicious!!

  4. I love the canoe and the little gingerbread people! Too cute! Bet the flower bed looks awesome when filled with flowers! I love shortbread cookies, I make them for Ken with butterscotch chips..chocolate for me. I love your walks!

  5. I'm not certain how you're planning to bake your shortbread, but the reason to allow it to chill is due to the amount of butter in it. If it is too warm the cookies will spread. If you want to roll it out to cut it with cookie cutters, allowing it to soften again will work. I actually use a spoon to cut pieces off the ball, before I roll it in my hands into small balls. This softens the dough as I roll it, then I flatten the ball and crisscross it with a fork. (It's how my mom did it).

    Have a good day, take care and stay well!

    1. Thanks Marlene, I'm grateful for all the tips and will put them to use in my next batch. Since these turned out good, there WILL be a next batch. :)

  6. Like the Canoe and Ginger Bread People. Nice being able to get out for a walk like that.
    Lots of people around here have those kind of Flower Beds.
    Bill's Blog was interesting but something I've not familiarized myself with.
    We've done Thousands (not an understatement) of Butter Cookies when wee had our house. Never had to cool the dough. The we hand decorated. Now not.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. They're cute, aren't they?
      A smaller bed frame would be nicer, I think but that's just me. :)
      I'm not familiar with the stuff in Bill's blog either! haha
      I'm sure there have been many cookies made, I baked more in our house too but now not so much. I don't want to give it up though! :)

  7. When I saw the gingerbread men in the canoe the story started going through my head. Run, Run as fast as you can. You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man, only these are canoeing away as fast as they can.

    God bless.

    1. Hey1 That's right! I forgot about that song. :) Thank you for the memory.