Thursday, December 3, 2020

Some Cleaning, Then Galivanting, Then Relaxing

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Dec. 3rd I am yet again flummoxed that we are almost at the end of a week! It’s like riding a zip line, it is over before you get comfortable in your seat. Bill was off to work and I was set for a day at home. I’d received an email last night that my Walmart order was ready for pick up at the Hanover store so I knew I wasn’t going to wait until I drove through Friday. Heck no! It was my ‘Comfy Moda’ boots and I was anxious to get them.

Driving to Hanover, I tried to capture
ALL the geese I saw the other day
but it was too snowy and cold, I guess
There were only a handful

But first, the normal morning routine. I had my tea and, because I hadn’t posted last night, sat upstairs to finish it. It is usually the pictures that need to be moved in, the write-up is often complete. As was the case this morning. At 9:30 W & S called up to let me know they were going out, which is appreciated. I knew that I wanted to get out at some point too, but we were still waiting for a delivery from Staples that needed a signature.

Donna and I like this store

I had planned to get the vacuum out and do our room today so since I needed to be home anyway, that was a good time. Instead of using the vacuum, I used our dust mop and did a thorough job. Why stop with our room? I went down the 2 stairs and did the upper hall landing as well. The dust does show up on the hardwood floors but that is a good thing as you can see what needs a touchup. At 10:00 or so, the doorbell had me fleeing downstairs.

Today's filler picture

Assuming it was our parcel, I opened the door to the postal lady with a box for Wes. She confirmed with me that she was using the correct door for future deliveries. 😊  I made my coffee then and brought it upstairs with some warmed-up oatmeal with yogourt and cream. After eating, I took my dishes down to wash and I noticed out the front door that a man was coming up the sidewalk. Perfect timing!

Coming back from Hanover, same thing
Nothing happening at the pond

Around to the side door (garage) I went and met him. He apologized for the late delivery, confirmed who I was, keyed my name in his handy dandy machine and off he went. Yay! New ink cartridges for our printer. Now I was free to do whatever I wanted. First, I cleaned the bathroom, shower doors, toilet, sink and cupboard, brushed my teeth and headed out. Today was a decent 3C/38F with clear air. No sun, so I can’t say clear sky but at least no precipitation.

You can tell quality sometimes from how well things
are packaged
They weren't cheap boots so I was pleased 

I took the back way to Hanover, coming out of Hwy 19 at the TSC just east of Walkerton, catching Hwy #4. I texted Donna when I arrived at Walmart about the consignment store, whether she’d been in for any of the sales. I called in to Walmart that I was there for my pick up and she gave me the choice of coming in to get them or having her bring them out. Nice! I told her I had some shopping to do so would pick them up at the Customer Service counter.

They are lined with fleece so should keep me warm

When I left, I texted Donna again and we ended up meeting downtown to go into Fashion Boutique together. She didn’t plan on buying anything so left her purse in the car (smarty pants) but I took mine because I ALWAYS find something and would be frustrated about not having my purse with me. I found a unique long sleeve top to wear with stretch pants or jeans. I love to find something no one else has. 😊

No, I'm not bow-legged and you're not standing on your head
but I wanted to show the side buckles

We chatted outside for 20 minutes or so, hugged and headed our own way. I was home, again the back way, before 3. The house was still empty and luckily my key worked well today as I’d locked both locks. I put the few food items away, Bill’s Nutter Butters (such a good price at Walmart) and Jell-o, but didn’t make any – yet. Upstairs, with my afternoon tea, I tried my boots on. They are Comfy Moda and I love them! They were very well packaged including a free pair of insoles.

I saw this mat on Facebook today and sent the picture
to my daughter for her cat, Jack
Cute, isn't it?

At a bit after 3:30, our landlords returned home as well. Then I sat and started today’s post. We are having hamburgers for supper with coleslaw so another easy night. I crawled up on the bed and waited for my text from Bill so I can unlock the door for him.  Earlier, I’d downloaded some updates so it took a chunk out of my data usage for the month but having unlimited, makes decisions like those easy. It saves me from running to the library. Which reminds me, I have a book to return.

Supper looks meagre but the burgers were big
and filling
I made some Jell-o after we ate so it will be ready to work
with tomorrow

Bill’s text came through before 4:30 so I walked down to unlock. Wes was outside and the door was already unlocked so Susan and I chatted until both men came in. We had a few good chuckles when Bill’s voice set off the Santa and reindeer motion/sound sensor in the games room. Santa sings carols and dances while the reindeer wiggle along with the song. It’s cute but it spooked me today when the door banged behind me and it went off. Ha ha!

We had our burgers for supper between 6 and 6:30 and they were good. I like these much better than Costco’s for flavour. I just can’t remember where I got them. Probably Walmart since a lot of our shopping up here is done there. I mixed up some coleslaw as a side dish and then we took care of dishes right away. Bill made his lunch and I watched NCIS in the kitchen until he was done and it was over. At 7 we came upstairs for our regular evening. Jeopardy, blog writing and reading was the extent of our ambitions.

Every once in a while, I hear the clop clop of a horse
and buggy going through town
Who am I to complain about the cold?

This was a good day. I had fun with my sister, we all got packages or something new and no more snow fell. That’s a bonus!

I'm going to try and re-live some of our previous years
when I'm short of pictures
This one of Nancy A. and I walking the dogs
Dec. 2, 2016
Clemson is after that all important smell! :)
Good night!

Thank you for your visit!


  1. Love that floor mat. How cute!!! Any day you can go shopping is a good day, not to mention your cute boots!!! That reminds me, I have a similar warm pair in the rig. Time to get them out I suppose. I imagine they don't go out often in the buggy, but yes, that's got to be chilly!!

    1. Yup it is boot season for me.
      I doubt the mennonites go out often too.

  2. You really got me on your filler picture!!! HAHA Love the boots - really cute. I just ordered three pairs of booties to wear this winter. It's very hard to find shoes to fit my feet, and since they were all free returns I hope one of them fits and I like it well enough to keep. The kitten map is so cute! Nice to have a fun day and spending it with a sister makes it all the better!

    1. It's good to laugh, isn't it? Even over silly stuff!!
      Good luck with the boots!

  3. Love your boots, sometimes you get what you pay for! How fun meeting up with Donna and finding bargains! Love your fill in pic, even Ken got a good laugh! Dinner looks delicious!

  4. Nice day, good weather and some shopping too. Take care and stay well!

  5. We really like the hamburger patties from Walmart.

  6. To order shoes on line I would be hesitant and sceptical that they would fit my feet. However, you are a lucky girl and the boots look great. You really wouldn't want to put dirty shoes on that lovely floor mat, now would you?

  7. A slower day for you. Had a chuckle over the door mat but would never want to use it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Cute boots.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    God bless.