Sunday, December 6, 2020

Paisley, On

Late Start, Brisk Walk, Shopping, Chillin’ Together

It was 6:15 when I woke up on Saturday, Dec. 5th. I’d turned the light off last night at 9:15 after dropping my book a couple of times so I knew I slept well. Close to 9 hours! Bill, on the other hand, wasn’t in bed until after 10:15 and said he tossed and turned a lot. Needless to say, he was still sound asleep. I knew if I got up then, he would have woken up. It’s a 6th sense that he seems to have no matter how quietly (sneakily) I remove myself from the bed covers.

On my walk, the first picture is at the backside of our
residence property
Cute, eh?

I remained where I was, checking my phone (using teenage stealth under the covers) and played my online Scrabble-Go games. I can’t beat the two ladies I play with but always come out on top with the two male opponents. By 7:40, Bill was awake and we both got up together. My blog post for yesterday was hanging in limbo since last night but first I wanted to get out there and have my morning walk before the streets got too busy.

Walking along the Saugeen again

Today, was a river walk and although only -3C/28F (and feeling colder) I was very comfortable. I only have light running shoes that I bought at Ross’s in Yuma and they aren’t warm enough for Ontario winters. The sidewalks and roads were dry but I chose to wear my warm short winter boots instead. I don’t need anything for speed just regular walking. I was plenty warm and came back from the opposite end of town.

I found a tree stump so I could take a selfie

I had my cup of tea upstairs with some cereal, half banana and cream. The outside air seems to make me hungry. We’d talked about getting out for a bit this morning so decided to leave laundry until later today or Sunday again. We drove to TSC in Walkerton and then Paisley’s lovely big Home Hardware just on the south end of town. I’d never been there and was duly impressed. We found part of what we were looking for.

It was clear roadways, just avoid the frosty puddles

I have to call this one 'Trapped'
The leaves are actually under a thin sheet of ice

Entering town, Bill drove down Victoria St. to get Black Beauty washed. Only a quick one today to get most of the grime off, and then we drove to the Valentine’s Mill/Paisley City Mill/Stark Mill. Bill had never been inside and we had a nice chat with the ‘soon-to-be’ past owner. We were looking for a gift for the local Toy Drive and thought shopping local made sense. We didn’t find what we wanted there, the choice for young people was minimal but we did find something for someone else.

I spotted this tree in someone's backyard
Use your imagination
Looks like a raccoon peeking out (to me)

Because up close, it isn't as exciting

Back home, it was lunch time so we grabbed something and brought it upstairs. For me, pepperettes and cheese did the trick. Then I took my diet gingerale over to the bed, crawled up (it’s a very high bed!) and read for a while. Bill dozed beside me and then I had to have a siesta too. Lazy afternoons together can be very nice. No pressure. I debated another walk this afternoon but got too slovenly. 😊

The last street along the river to the east

My first real Paisley snowman
"Is that you, Frosty?"
He needs his button nose and his magical hat

Once when I looked out our window a flash of red and white caught my eye. I hesitated and looked again. Santa Claus was walking down Queen St! I knew he was real and now it has been proven! He crossed to our side of the street as I watched and the neighbours took their two young children out to greet him. They appeared shy and only gave Santa a high five. Cute! Off he went, dodging cars, to the other side again where a couple of passersby posed with him for a picture.

High Five, Santa!

My excitement for the day now sated, I went back to my book. At 3:30 or 4, I addressed a few more Christmas cards before going down to make a cup of tea. I should only need one more book of Christmas stamps, the plain ones will just never do! The remainder of the afternoon was quiet and soon it was time to make supper. Madame IP sautéed then cooked our chicken thighs, skin on and bone in. We do like the skin. On the stove I cooked peas and, in the microwave, some mixed vegetables for Bill.

All masked up, it's a different Mr. Claus than the one
we all grew up with
but I like that he strolls through town and hope he does it
often for the little ones

Supper was a little late, we weren’t eating until closer to 7 so we started watching the Christmas movie “A Timeless Christmas” downstairs at the same time in the kitchen. 

Supper was yummy. I haven't had peas for a long
time so dished up a lot on my plate

After some creamy Jell-o for dessert we did the dishes and then moved upstairs to watch the rest of the movie with Wes and Susan. I actually enjoyed this one, it was a different type of story even though it was a typical ending. *sigh* girl gets guy and visa versa. Happy endings. 😊 Even I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Here are the no-bake cookies I made
Oh my, they are tasty!

At 9, before the second movie started, I returned to our room. Again, a delay in my blog but I wanted to spend a bit of time reading before my own eyes gave up on me for another night. I finished the writing and then crawled into bed with Joanna, well, er, she’s the character of the story I’m reading. This has been a good day. We will get our laundry done in the morning ‘after’ my walk and hopefully have another quiet one together.

The view from Ridgeview RV Resort, Bullhead City, AZ
on Dec. 5th, 2017
Good night!

Thank you for your visit today!


  1. Went through the backdoor to bring this post up.
    Nice to spend the day together getting out and exploring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the company.

    It's about time.

  2. We had a good day. Not sure what you mean by back door.🤔

    1. If you know someone normally posts their Blog by a certain time and they are not showing as recently updated on your sidebar simply click on their Blog Title (Chillin' with Patsy) and it should appear updated. Don't click on the daily title or that will be what appears which is normally the old post. When you return to your Blog it will still show as not updated. Thus the slang term of going through the Back Door.
      Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer temperatures.

      It's about time.

  3. A relaxing day for you two as well as me. You looked quite bundled and warm for your walk. I wish I could get back into reading but just never seem to get started.

  4. Sounds like a very nice day. Take care, stay well!

  5. Sounds like a lovely day and the no bake cookies look wonderful. Bet they taste great.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie. The no bake cookies do taste great. Too great!! haha