Thursday, December 3, 2020

Hump Day and Pay Day

Paisley, On

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd was the calm after the storm. The snow plow had been down the main street and although snow covered, it looked hard packed. The problem was the pile up of snow at the end of everyones driveway. I watched Bill plow through it with his dual wheels and I knew I could follow his tracks. Between the time he left and Wes left, a tractor with plow had come down twice and completely removed that build up! Just for me! 😊 I don’t want to hear any different, no disillusions, please.

My first glance out the window at the morning
I think you can see the pile up of snow where the sidewalk
and laneway meet the street
A tractor plow heads north

Another view of the pile and yet another
tractor heading north

Here you can see this truck heading south
sanding the street
All nice and early for commuters

And here goes my commuter, pushing through
the pile

 I'd washed, had my tea and then went down to leave for work around 7:45, knowing full well that the car would be covered in snow. Duh, I didn’t think of that yesterday afternoon when I should have gone out to clean it off. Bill, that keeper, had given Ptooties a quick sweep off before he left so I silently thanked him and did some minor scraping with the motor running. 

Looking out at the lane to the street
Wes was having his 'guy' come in this morning to clean the lane

Bill had her nose cleaned so all I had to do was the sides and back
while she warmed up

It wasn’t a fun drive but it wasn’t a bad one either. The roads were white between Paisley and the turn to Walkerton but I felt confidence in my tires.

You're going to say 'yeuch' to these roads but I felt much
better today than my last day in the snow
This is the north to south Bruce County Rd 3

This is the road West to East heading into Walkerton
You can see the improvement here

Coming into Walkerton, put-putting along at 50 km/hr

The rest of the way was track bare or clear until I got closer to Durham. A line up of about 10 cars (including me) got slowed right down to 40 km/hr following the snow plow. No one should ever grumble about that. Remember those commercials “they’re plowing our roads!”? I do and it’s true. Once I knew what the hold up was, I relaxed but at first with a transport in front of me, I couldn’t see anything and I was thinking 'seriously?'.

This is for those of you who don't get to see
snow covered evergreen trees

Leaving Durham, in this sheltered area
the roads were not very nice for about 5 miles

It took me an hour this morning to get to Durham and I pulled in immediately to get fuel. We were riding at ¼ of a tank and I could hear Daddy’s words today and I quote “In the winter, don’t ever go below half a tank of gas in case you get stuck somewhere and need it for heat.” 😍 I filled her up and then hopped across the street to the Mat. It was quite clean, still, and upon checking the dryers for lint, they hadn’t been used much either. The storm played havoc with customers yesterday, I guess.

My afternoon walk was on dry sidewalks for the most part
When they became snow covered, towards town limits, I turned east
and walked the back streets

Jamie met me before 10 and after filling the coin machine and shoveling the entry ways, he paid us for the month. We’d discussed me continuing for December as he is actively looking for work. He knows that come January; I’ll probably stop for at least a month. That isn’t carved in stone either, it depends on him and the weather. I left town and drove to Hanover. With that gorgeous sun, a lot of the snow had melted but for about 5 miles out of Durham, the pavement was still white in spots.

Decorations I hadn't noticed before on a back street

I rather like how this picture turned out

And I love this one
Look at how Willow Creek (thanks Michele) transforms from smooth
to flowing as it encounters a rise in the creek bed (logs, rocks?)

TheFoundrey Chimney has a whole new beauty in the snowy

This pretty little house is for sale on Queen St. N.
Maybe we need to win some money?

I picked up a few things at Dollarama (for our Christmas), Giant Tiger and then had to nip into Independent for half & half cream. Darn! I should’ve gone to Walmart, I paid more for it at the grocery store! I hate when that happens but I didn’t feel like driving back for yet another stop. I was disappointed that neither store had the stickers I'm needing. I drove home the main way, through Walkerton, not wanting to take a chance in case Concession 8 had not been plowed. It was a good drive.

The dam on the Teeswater River makes a nice picture in the winter background too

But it makes me cold looking at it!

It was around 11 when I passed Con.8 and glancing down thought I'd made a good decision. It may have been plowed but there was still snow in spots. The wind had picked up and I’d watched the temperature rise from -5C/23F to a balmy 3C/38F through the course of the morning. My key for the garage door wouldn’t work after numerous tries so I had to ring the doorbell for Susan. We were expecting a Staples delivery and that’s who she thought it was. We laughed when she saw it was ‘just me’. 😊 She couldn’t get the key to work either so we would have Wes look at it.

At The Woollen Mill, I noticed this Gingerbread man riding
the reindeer that I hadn't seen before
Also, I notice the plaque that obviously was obscured from view
by cars that park along here
I'll go by and read it next time

The Staples truck never did arrive, I sat in the front room with my book, waiting until at 2, I walked up to get the mail. I actually went for a nice walk first and Susan suggested I leave the door unlocked this time. The wind was cold but I was dressed for it and had a nice jaunt through town. When I returned, I came upstairs to read for a bit and then went down to make my afternoon cup of tea. Oh, and I had to eat the last butter tart. Geesh! Now they’re all gone at least which means so is the temptation.

The Pharmacy window display has changed since last Friday night
This one has moving parts - toys coming to life when the
store is closed - Cute little boy and doggie too

I was upstairs on my laptop, watching a friend’s video on FB (she sells Tupperware), when Bill walked in just around 4:30. I wasn't looking to buy her sales items (no room at the Suite!) but it was nice to see her talking in person. It has been a long time since we've seen each other. Bill looked tired and it wasn’t long and he’d changed and was curled up for a snooze. We chatted a bit and then I let him sleep before supper. My mind wasn’t definite yet on what we were having. A joint decision. It turned out that when Bill suggested pork and beans, the cook whole heartedly agreed.

Poor man's supper tonight but it hit the spot

So, we had it on toast and that was it. I'll need to make some 'proper' dessert as we are out. After dishes, it was lunch for Bill, Jeopardy for me and another quiet evening. I’m feeling tired tonight so this will be a morning finish. It was a great day and we’ve each got some money in our pockets for whatever our 💓💓 desire. 😊

A special memory from 2014 or 2015 at our house
One of the last years we had our bigger tree
Little Clemmy had just had a haircut and I love how
his right ear is flipped back as was often the case
Good night (day!)

Thank you for stopping in today.


  1. Happy to hear the roads weren't too bad. Pretty soon you'll be proficient at driving on snow and will hardly give it a second thought.

    Little Clemson was so cute! Have a great day.

    1. Thank you, yes, hopefully you are right! It's not a bad practice to stay 'proficent'. :)
      Clemmy was indeed a cutie.

  2. Luv that Bill got the snow off your windshield, you're adapting to snow driving quickly,winter CAN be pretty,nice how you make the most of it since you cannot be down south. -Mary

    1. Thank you Mary. Hopefully I'll continue to adapt and then next winter I can put it out of my system!! haha

  3. Although there is more snow and slippery roads in the country, the pretty scenery can't be beat. Such beautiful photos of the snow covered evergreens and the Willow Creek. Postcard perfect!

  4. Okay, now I'm craving beans and weenies!

  5. Glad your roads were decent. Winter driving is not for the faint of heart.

    Our snow is almost gone, and perhaps our lovely weather will reach you next week.

    God bless.