Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Wet Friday, Parcel Delivery

Paisley, On

On Friday, Dec. 4th I didn’t think that snow was in the forecast, I guess I hadn’t really paid much attention. Bill was up, washed, fed and out the door by 6:30 as per usual and texted me within 5 minutes. “It’s snowing”. Hmpf! When he said only wet flakes, I wasn’t too concerned but got up and looked out the window. Nothing here. Yet.

Boy, was I surprised to see what the 'wet' flakes were doing
outside of Paisley
The road was clear and wet only

I got up then and washed and dressed myself and then went down for my tea. I chatted with W & S a bit before heading back upstairs to read some blogs etc. It had, by 7, started snowing here too. I left the house at 8 and the drive was fine. Well, maybe I was a little too cocky when I turned off onto Concession 8. And kept going, past Hwy 19 to County Rd 3. It got kind of yeuchy going through some of the sheltered areas and I had to cruise along (not on cruise) at 60 for part of the way.

Then I turned onto Concession 8 and missed the turn
onto the 'clear' highway - duh

Evergreen and other trees in the snow

From the Keady road (#3) to Durham was fine, just wet although my wipers were going more intermittent than off. It was mild between 1 & 2C/36F but that is usually when the precipitation gets heavier and sticks to the ground. The trees were covered in that period of time and there was snow to shovel (push out of the way is more like it) at the Mat. I didn’t mind doing that around the entrances and across the walkway as it was mostly slush. I sprinkled rock salt and that kept it clear.

We all see cemeteries in the summertime and they look
so well kept (usually)
Here, in snow, they look really clean and neat
There is something pretty about that

The laundromat started out quiet with just one customer. At first. He had to ‘pester’ (his words) me 4 times during the course of me shoveling and cleaning for various things and then it got busy. 4 more customers arrived utilizing a lot of the machines. That's nice to see. So, I left there after just a floor sweep again. The floors weren’t terrible but there wasn’t much point in washing them with so many people in and out with wet boots. 

The gazebo in Durham is decorated with
lovely Christmas lights

My plan was to stop at Hanover again to get Bill some Zero Coke (I wish I’d know yesterday that he was almost out) and pick up something for W & S. Giant Tiger had the better price so it was only a one-stop shop today. ๐Ÿ˜Š I don’t think I’ve ever said that before! I don’t think I’ve ever DONE that before! Haha

The bridge in Durham with garland

I came home partly the back way but this time catching Hwy 19 onto C8. By now all roads were just wet, the snow had stopped. Plus, all the trees were bare again in just a matter of 3 hours it was a brand-new view. Susan and I caught up a bit while I put things away and then I came upstairs to do some reading. I was so close to finishing Deadly Stakes by J.A. Jance that I needed to get that out of the way. It was another good book.

Headed out for my short walk

Around 2, I went down and got the mail key. My plan was to go for a walk, return my library book and go across to the Christmas Bazaar. I’m still looking for one particular ornament before they close for the season. I didn’t see Susan so thought she was resting in the front room. I was very careful not to bang anything as that would set Santa and his reindeer into a dance recital, hence disturb her. As I stepped outside, I was disappointed to see that it was a ‘more than light’ rain.

Both our Mom's are in heaven now

No way was I about to enjoy an afternoon walk in that. Because it is close, I went to the post office first, mailed another Christmas card, and was happy to see that MY parcel had arrived. I’d ordered 2 dvd’s from The Beat Goes On (a haunt in London for new & used movies etc.) and was pleased that they’d arrived. Just in time for the weekend. As much as Bill enjoys watching the new Christmas movies, he’s seen the old ones too many times. I haven’t. These are a couple of classics and favourite ones of mine.

Our Dad's are also watching over us

By the time I came out of the post office, the rain had turned more to snow so I knew I wouldn’t get quite as wet. So, I carried on and walked to the library, dropped my book in the slot and across to the market. I was disappointed that they didn’t have my ornament. They are homemade and the one she had made up for ‘brother’ wasn’t the one I wanted. Oh well, maybe one more chance this coming week and then I’ll have to go without or settle for second best.

Sergui wears Clemson's Christmas sweater
a gift from his 2nd parents, Rob and Pat

Back home, Susan met me in the garage. She didn’t hear me leave but did see me walking ‘in the rain’. At least I got a few steps in today and some exercise cleaning and taking care of business here at home. I made a tea and brought it upstairs. I don’t have to worry about supper as Bill suggested we do take-out at Marty’s again tonight. Yay! I pulled up their menu and wrote down my choice and when Bill decides, I’ll call and order.

I'm into this one now and it's a good one
and will be another fast read

Around 3:30, I went down and made up a batch of no-bake cookies. Different ones than the ones I tried before. I say tried, because even though they taste good, they don’t stay hard once you remove them from the freezer. Ooey gooey all over your fingers. The recipe for this batch doesn’t say to put them in the fridge or freezer so they are sitting on waxed paper on the counter. We’ll see how they end up, there were no substitutions this time. I also whipped up the whipping cream and cream cheese for the Jello and blended that altogether.

When I walked across for our food, I noticed in the upstairs door 
window, our little tree shone bright
Sorry, it's blurry so I'll do it again another night.

Bill was home by 4:30 and we came upstairs. He made his choice for supper and I called Marty’s. No rush, I’ll pick it up at 6:15 again. That timing is good for us. I got into the new book which Bill has already read. It’s another J.A. Jance story, Field of Bones with Sheriff Joanna Brady. At 6, we went downstairs and Bill set the table while I walked across the street at 6:10. I could smell his fish in the bag as I walked back home. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Wes was working late tonight so we sat at the table with Susan while we chowed down. I ordered Chicken Fajitas and Bill had fish and chips. For under $20 each entrรฉe, this was another awesome meal. I ate 2 fajitas and still have 2 left for another day. The nice thing is, the staff is all very nice and perhaps one night we’ll eat in the restaurant and maybe learn a little more about them. We did up the few dishes, since we ate right out of the containers.

It was messy but my oh my was it delicious!

There was an NCIS episode on so I watched it until 8 and then joined Bill upstairs. He doesn’t always work a full day Friday but they were making good progress so worked until 3 or so. I had a good day and a good evening too. I hope you did!

A good memory from our first winter at Bullhead City, 2016
We met Lori, Roland, Oscar and Judy here
for the first time
Good night!

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  1. Oh gosh it's so pretty in the snow..but glad it's not lasting long for you. We have a plaque that says almost the same thing except it doesn't specify mom or dad..makes me smile every time i look at it. Every time I take a picture of our tree it doesn't do it justice or the lights outside. They all look white and blurry to me and they are all different colors..weird. Oh your dinner looks fantastic! My favorite thing to order if fajitas! Always left overs too!! Thank you again for the text this am :)

    1. It is pretty, i hate to admit but prefer there desert. ๐Ÿ˜
      I know what you mean about the tree lights.

  2. That's really awesome to have that restaurant right across the street. I wish we did!

  3. Sounds like you two live within walking distance of everything you need. That's great. I hate it when the weather is caught between rain and snow. Rather just have it snow and stay pretty. Don't like slush.

  4. Our snow is almost totally gone. Christmas won't be Christmas without a bit of the white stuff on the ground.

    Glad that you live so close to everything you need.

    God bless.

    1. Ours too, now.
      Well, we thought that about Christmas our first year away, 2016, but were proven wrong. At least for us, after 62 & 64 years of snowy winters, but the warmth and sand at Christmas is lovely too!!

  5. Snow is so pretty, but I don't enjoy the slushy mess afterwards. How convenient to have a restaurant across the street - and fajitas to boot! YUMMM!!!!! I love your ornaments! I've never seen any like that before.

    1. It is pretty for pictures and viewing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      The ornaments are hand made here.

  6. Another busy day for the both of you.
    Tasty looking meal.
    Your Blog didn't show up until this morning. ???
    Be Safe and Enjoy the winter weather.

    It's about time.