Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Well-Deserved Rest on Sunday, Splashes of Red

Paisley, On

It was 20 minutes before the bewitching hour of 8 am when Bill and I got up on Sunday, Dec. 13th. A nice easy day on the horizon. We went down for our morning tea and coffee and then I put in the first load of laundry. They weren’t very big loads today but we did have a separate load of sheets. Upstairs, I finished my tea and then got the dust mop out to do the floors. Lastly, before I felt I could relax, I brought the upright vacuum cleaner into our room and did a final cleanup.

My walk was after our lunch but this is the picture I'm starting with
I don't know if you can tell that it is snowing here but it was

We noticed that there was a skiff of snow outside, on the vehicles mostly, which didn’t matter to us since we weren’t planning on driving anywhere today. At 11:30 we went to get some brunch and decided on grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Mine on rye bread with tomatoes

Bill's is a regular grilled cheese
He adds the tomatoes after, in the form of ketchup

Wes and Susan had the same thought ‘it was a grilled cheese kind of day’. We each had one and then we did something we never do for lunch – we had dessert. The carrot cake needs to be eaten so we each had a piece. We’ll be roly poly come the new year.

It was good and we were all ready about the same time to eat
so shared the kitchen table

Oh my, the forbidden carrot cake

After dishes, I decided it would be a good time for a walk. It was snowing lightly with winds from the west so I wore my new boots, scarf, hat and long coat. The temperature was only -1C/30F. However, once I got out there, it didn’t feel cold really at all. When the wind was in my face, I agreed with the forecast but other than that, it was beautiful! I had the last 5 Christmas cards (?) to mail and 3 of our books to drop off at the exchange box.

One of Paisley's pretty homes
you've seen it before but I just really like it

Walking up the lane to the trestle train trail
for some reason, the fence has appeal in the snow with one red

They've blocked the bridge off to 4-wheelers
I hope it is only because it would be slippery?
Makes me hesitant to walk on it so I turned around

It is snow covered today

I found two books to bring back with me and because I was so warm and comfortable, I carried on beyond the trail taking me further into the back streets. I think I’ve walked them all now, at least once. It was a great walk and when I returned, I still wasn’t ready to come inside so I lifted the wipers on our vehicles and brushed snow and ice off the windshield. That will help a bit in the morning even if we don’t get any more precipitation.

Heading back towards the book exchange box

Lots to choose from depending on your taste

I couldn't remember if I'd read this Tami Hoag book
so brought it anyway

Inside, Bill was working on charging his batteries and when he curled up for his snooze, I resoaked our homemade dryer sheets in Fleecy. I noticed the bed sheets were a little static-y so it was time. Then I sat beside Bill on the bed and crocheted a few more rows. It was 4 o’clock, tea time so we both went down and made one. It is a nice quiet Sunday and I think we’ve deserved the rest. The day will be over soon enough.

Bill sat at his laptop this afternoon and we called our London friends, Kathy and Derrick on Google HangOuts. We had a great visual chat with them, something we've talked about for a few weeks. It was wonderful to catch up and wish them a Merry Christmas.

I crossed the street (jay-walked actually) to continue on the trail

A cute little tree growing into its roots

The back side of an old home through the brush
It doesn't look so impressive in the photo

Bill helped me set up the tv monitor with my laptop, so I could watch a movie tonight on a bigger screen. It was a matter of hooking up the HDMI cable and finding a place to set it. Space is limited but we can make things work to our advantage if we just put our minds to it. At 5:30, my sweetie hopped in the shower and then we went down to make supper. Easy peasy tonight. Baby sausages fried, reheated mashed potatoes and peas and mixed vegetables. No dessert necessary.

A splash of red again in the wintry photo
shows the westerly wind blowing our flag

Took this trail back towards where I'd come from
but on a different path

The manure spreader has seen better days
but I love the wheels of the wagon underneath

Upstairs after dishes, Bill, Wes and Susan had 2 Hallmark movies on their agenda so I came in to finish posting and then I’ll watch The Bucket List on my BIG(er) screen. 

We got my tv hooked up and can tuck it under our table
when not in use

I’m excited because I can set it up on the table across the room and sit on the bed to watch it. 😊 Thanks to Bill, Patrick and Krystal for making this happen for me. The winter months just improved by a slight margin again.

My favourite picture of the red splashes

This supper plate belongs in a magazine
and it was delicious!

And we each had some wine to top it off

This was a really good day. Slow pace, great walk, time with my guy and some time to myself as well.

We're kind of missing our home these days
Look out the windows at that weather!!
Dec. 13, 2017
Good night all!

Thank you for poking your head in to see what we’re up to. Comments are always welcome.


  1. I grew up in a house identical to that lovely brick home in your post. My teenage bedroom was up there in that sweet dormer with the round top window. My brother and his partner still live in the house.
    We got rain this weekend, whew, wasn't looking forward to a big dump of snow.

    1. Isn't it neat to remember our childhood homes? What a beautiful home and the funny thing is we propably didn't appreciate them as we wish we had. I know that is true for me. :)
      Yes, we're glad for the rain too!

  2. Frank and I crashed your party at Pilot Knob Resort in December, 2007! We really enjoyed meeting you, Bill, cutie Clemson, George, and Susie. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. I sure hope you can come back to soak up the Arizona sunshine next year!
    Peggy in Buckeye, AZ

    1. Hi Peggy. I'm sure you mean 2017 since that was our second year of going south. Thank heavens for the picture of you two, it is hard to remember everyone we meet without it! That is awesome and isn't it fun meeting up with new friends. Thank you for your comment! :) Stay well!

  3. Grilled cheese ... YUM! It would be fun if you kept a few of your gorgeous pictures aside, then went back when the snow is gone and take another from the exact same spot, then post them on your blog just to compare. That carrot cake looks divine.

    1. See? That's the way a true photographer thinks! I love it and I'll TRY and remember to do that. Maybe I've already taken some before the snow, I tend to repeat my pictures of the same thing. haha

  4. Glad you had a quiet day, you deserved the time to relax and just enjoy your down time.

    Take care, stay well!

  5. That cake sure looks good. Lunch is probably a good time to eat cake because then you went for a walk. Love the Christmas tree picture from 2017. I wish we had room for a tree inside the motorhome. We have a small one outside.

    1. Hey1 I never thought of that! Dessert at lunchtime. :) Clever thinking, Elva.

  6. Looks like an Enjoyable day of rest and relaxation.
    Those Cement Barriers are to keep Non-Authorized motor vehicles off the paths as a Safety for pedestrians.
    Wise cleaning the Windshields and raising the Wipers. Such a pain when they are frozen and you are on a schedule.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. it was a good day. Yup, I do know why they use the barriers but they were just put up since the last time I was there. I was hoping pedestrians could still walk there but wondered if there was damage. The snow would make it more dangerous for 4-wheelers and walkers.

  7. Great that you got your own TV in the room. I had been wondering why that wasn't possible. As always your posts are interesting even if nothing happens. Stay warm and healthy!

    1. Well the tv isn't hooked up to anything but my laptop. There's no input for it in our room. I use it for my movies when Bill is watching his in the other room! haha
      Thank you, Marlene.

  8. Grilled cheese looks yummy! Haven't had one in a long while. Oh that carrot cake!! YUM! Love the name of the wine! Glad you enjoyed your Sunday!

  9. Looks like Paisley is a nice little town to walk around. I save your blog til the end 'cause it's one of the best!

    1. I can't imagine what I'd do if Paisley was a 'dud' town. haha
      You are too kind, you could say you leave my blog to the last as it puts you to sleep! Thank you FG your kind words mean a lot. :)