Sunday, December 20, 2020

Dreary Sunday, Drive to the Ridge

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Dec. 20th we slept in. Totally unsurprising for me since I was up last night until 11 pm! Unheard of! 😊 Anyway, it was 8 o’clock when we woke up and dragged ourselves out of bed. I feel like I’ve wasted the morning! I sorted 2 loads of laundry right away and we both went downstairs to make our coffee and tea. I got one load started before returning to our room. In between laundry trips up and down, we were on our laptops upstairs.

First picture of the day is lunch.

It was a morning of Googling and reading some blogs for Bill and once I finished my blog, I did the same. I played with my online pictures, meaning I put the last 7 months into folders and also transferred them to my external hard drive. I have a folder entitled “Summers” where April to October folders go, plus I have one entitled “Snowbird Trip …..” dated for the specific winter. Hmm, so what do I do with October, November etc. this year? I made a new folder titled “Winter at Home 2020-21”.

Ahead of us on our drive to the Ridge, we had to slow
down behind a buggy filled with 6 passengers and 2 horses
It was more slushy than icy which was better, I'd think.
We couldn't pass until we got over the hill

With that done, time was passing so we went down around noon to make lunch. Today it was pancakes and bacon. Wes and Susan were eating at the same time so we shared the table together. After dishes, Bill and I took a drive to the Ridge. He was looking for a manual for his RC hobby stuff that he thought he’d brought here. Unfortunately, it isn’t here so he wanted to check at the Hangar. It never hurts to keep an eye on the Ridge either, something Donna and Gerry normally do for us when we’re in the southwest.

Driving on highway 4, haven't gone this route in a couple of weeks

Baptist Church Road

Things looked finep there on the hill. We parked outside the gate and walked up. It’s sad to see everything so abandoned but it isn’t a pleasant place to hang out right now, at least not in the Suite! Bill had no luck with his search but has an idea where his manual is now. We poked our heads in the Bunky and storage shed before walking back down to Ptooties. The reason for the drive didn’t pan out but at least we had an outing that took a couple of hours. It is a dull drizzly day, rain only. A milder spell has moved in our direction for a few days.

North Line, our road, was the only one snow covered

there was enough snow in the laneway but we could have
driven through it
The gate is heavy so why bother opening it through the snow?

Back home around 3, Wes and Susan were out when we came upstairs. I’d felt really tired in the car, from the late night, no doubt, but at home I seemed to come wide awake. I was sure I'd need a snooze. Unlike me, Bill dozed. I played games on my phone beside him on the bed. At 4:30 I made a cup of tea and then relaxed for an hour until it was time for supper. Because of our big lunch, it was going to be soup and appetizers from the freezer.

Walking up gave us an opportunity to check things out along the way

It's a winter wonderland up here, no animal tracks today

Looking down to the Hangar and end of the lane

Looking back up at the turbine

By 6:15, we were finished supper and dishes plus Bill had his lunch packed. There are movies tonight in the other room so this way Bill can relax a bit before going in. 

An easy tasty supper tonight

I’ve decided to stay put tonight and watch my next dvd. Looks like it will be Charlie Wilson’s War with Tom Hanks. I worked on my blog in the meantime and Bill and I read feedback on our FB profile pictures and messages. All in fun.

Not that anyone will be flying (or going out of their homes this year!)
but I thought this was a fun filler

Hope you had a good day. I didn’t get my full exercise today, just a mile and a half altogether! Geesh!

Today's memory is special
Dec. 20, 2018
Our shaggy little 'in need of a haircut' Clemson received
his Christmas coat from his #2 Mom and Dad
Good night!

Thank you for your visit on this last Sunday before Christmas. Ho ho ho!


  1. An excellent photo of your Clemson. We all miss him.
    Don in Okla.

  2. Cute picture of Clemson in his Christmas outfit. I remember the first time I flew and I actually did have a plated meal with real silverware. I had to laugh when I realized that was over 50 years Nice pictures of Bill's daughters and families, yesterday, you are right he gets bragging rights. That little green patch of grass did pop. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you Deb. Isn't that funny about the flight food? I never flew until 1996 so never knew the luxury! :)

  3. Interesting to see horse and buggy on the highway. Doesn't happen in our area. Lots of slush after your pretty snowfall. Too bad you can't build an insulated cover cheaply so you can live in your 5th wheel in the winter.

    1. Yes, I suppose that would seem odd. They travel on the highways here, some have lights on the buggy. It freaks me out to see them in the dark though. Yes, it is too bad we can't have a cover over the 5th wheel!

  4. Brrrrr it just looks so COLD!! Love Clemson in his sweater. Such a sweetheart he was.

    1. Compared to what you have, it IS cold! haha
      thank you, he liked his sweater. :)

  5. Love the pic of Clemson! Your pancakes look oh so yummy! I agree those were lovely pics of Bill's daughters and families! Definitely looks cold there on the Ridge..don't ya miss it though?! Hope Bill finds his manual!

    1. Thank you. Clemson never took a bad picture. haha
      Yes, we do miss being in our Suite and on the Ridge. :(

  6. Cute picture of Clemson. He must have been a patient dog. I've tried to dress my cats on occasion (Santa Hat) and it doesn't go well. :)

    Take care and stay well.

    1. thank you. He was very patient with us and loved putting a sweater on. Nothing on his head though.

  7. The Ridge still looked like a Winter Wonderland.
    Clemson looked cute in his outfit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the upcoming week.

    It's about time.

    1. I like Dougs idea of an insulated cover and we'd still be there. Maybe. :)

  8. Nice to get back to the Ridge, even briefly.

    1. Yes, bittersweet for sure. Too cold to stay but nice to see anyway. ;)

  9. Glad that you got back to The Ridge to check it out, and that Bill has an idea of where his manual is now.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. :) Soon we'll not be able to get up to the Ridge - maybe. :)