Saturday, December 26, 2020

♪There’s Got to be a Morning After♫

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Dec. 26th, first thing I remember was being woke up out of a deep sleep with Bill’s hand brushing my face. Well, it was more than a ‘brushing’. 😊 We were both on our backs and in his sleep he spread his arm straight out right across my face. “What?”, was my remark as I half sat up in bed. “Oh, sorry dear”, his mumbled sleepy reply. LOL

Ealy morning in Paisley
Street plows have been through

And then later in the morning

Unfortunately, that was it for me. I tossed and turned and couldn’t drop off again. It was only 4:30 or something like that. He was also up and down, in and out of bed like a yo-yo, checking the goings on out the window. Remember, we don’t often see this white stuff let alone the ‘excitement’ of street plows, sidewalk blows and industrial size blowers cleaning right outside the house! Even if we were at the Ridge, there wouldn't be this many plows going up and down our road. 

Here you have the yellow sidewalk tractor plow
Then the larger blue tractor and blower cleaning up what the yellow plow pushed out
The dump trucks take turns moving beside the blower and the boxes get filled
Repeat process
I took these pictures from inside the front room window

I know if we’d chosen the other bedroom, at the back of the house, we would have a quieter sleep and a view of the river (through the trees) BUT we wouldn’t see all this! Anyway, at 6:30 I got up to take a quick picture which wasn’t very good through the screen. Then I crawled back in bed with Bill and I know I dropped off to sleep for a blissful hour.

Bill went out with Wes and they cleaned off vehicles
and shovelled walkways etc.
Bill took these pictures

When we got up, I slipped into my new jammies, they’re so soft, and Bill got dressed. “I’m going to shovel the sidewalk”, he informed me so I went down to make my tea. He and Wes decided to have something to eat first with a coffee and they’d go out together. They were out for at least two hours, cleaning the walks, the vehicles off and shoveling out around the vehicles to get them out on the street.

This group of pictures was from his camera and his view

The sidewalk plow does an awesome job leaving a width cleared enough to get a car down if you have to. We know because Wes told us he had to do that one day when he had to leave at 5:30 and the end of the lane was filled in. How handy is that? We are amazed at the diligence of these plows. Not only is it plowed, but they return with a big blower and dump truck and haul the snow away.

That's Bill out front clearing along the fence
The tractor can only get so close

Susan and I kept our eyes on them and were happy
to see them take rest breaks
The snow is fluffy but it is wet and heavy too

You can see the jacket is now undone
and soon ends up being discarded

Susan said I’ll see it all dumped where I walk, at the end of Water St. where it can flow into the river. Smart! Once the boys moved the 3 vehicles out on the street, Jim came in with his tractor and cleaned the laneway out. Bill was well-dressed when he went out but I noticed his orange coat hanging on a shovel about an hour in. Too hot, he said. The snow never stopped and they had to go over a couple of areas twice because of it.

the decorated tree looks pretty with a snowy blanket

A favourite Paisley building, now in the snow
the Pump House and Hose Tower

I stepped outside to see where they were at one point and within a minute or less, I was covered in the wet white stuff. When they came in shortly after 11, they were both soaked but felt they had done a good job. The snow seemed to have petered off a bit but hadn’t stopped yet. It looks like it could be an all-day snow. Around noon hour we went down and I made scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch.

And another favourite
The Grand Central Hotel

Upstairs, I can’t recall what we did until around 3 I went for a walk. The snow had temporarily stopped and I knew I’d kick myself later for not taking advantage of a nice day. I bundled good, even putting on my ‘snow’ (water repellant) pants over top of my stretch pants. Maybe a snow angel would happen today! Ha ha 😊 As it turned out, the walk was a tough one.

The Saugeen and Teeswater Rivers look cold

At our section of town, main area, the sidewalks were cleared but over the bridge to the north, they weren’t. I had my ski poles so wasn’t concerned about the slippery ground but it was just more difficult to walk in the 3 – 4” of fresh snow. It was so nice out, even though only -3C/27f, because there really was no wind to speak of. The snow started again and coated the parts of me that had cloth coverings.

And we heard that this place has now SOLD
along with the Fisher Mill
You've all seen pictures of it

I couldn’t walk the hill top trail along the river, although I tried, as it was almost knee deep ‘where no man had walked before’. I followed one trail in the opposite direction just to get back to a main street. The old heart was pumping today and it was a great hour-long workout. I managed just over 3 miles so I’m glad I got myself out there. When I got back, I was very hot and sweaty and couldn’t wait to get out of my outerwear.

Top left, a portrait of a tree - I love the way the snow sits on its sturdy branches
Bottom left, hidden splash of colour
top right, a closer look (my ski poles came in handy)
Bottom right, a snowy bush along the trail

It was after 4 and Bill was beginning to be concerned for me. I slipped in and upstairs which surprised him when he called “where are you? Are you okay?” My answer was “upstairs”. 😉 I’d missed his text a few minutes earlier probably because I was in the garage disrobing. I didn’t want a hot drink so instead poured myself a Disaranno on ice.

The library is snowed in - they don't open until Tuesday
and then it is by Porch pick up only (minus the porch)

The Museum is looking pretty surrounded by mature
evergreens and a happy gingerbread family

I wasn't kidding about the snow, a step further and I was up to my knees

Bill and I stretched out on the bed, he dozed from his morning workout and I read. After a few chapters, I curled up too and had my own doze. For supper tonight, I had Madame IP reheat our turkey, dressing, bean casserole and potatoes while I warmed up the gravy and corn for Bill in the microwave. I had way too much food, neither of us that hungry so dessert wasn’t required tonight. After dishes, we retired to our room until Bill went in to watch a movie at 9.

I was warm but it certainly was white out there!

These snowcovered propane tanks look like little aliens

I plan to finish my post and then pop in a movie to watch in here. I missed out on Miracle on 34th Street and now that Christmas is over, it will wait until next year. Instead, the next one in line is The Devil Wears Prada. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Boxing Day today as we did. This morning I texted Jamie to inform him that I would not be over to clean as I originally had planned. The weather just made it too ‘iffy’. He understood. We’ll go or I’ll go on Monday as usual.

First time in a long time that I couldn't eat everything on my plate
It was good but I was stuffed

Our second winter south, we had dinner with George and Suzie
on Dec. 26, 2017
good night!

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  1. A real snow happened! And you were intrepid and took photos to share. Thank you! Glad you have a warm and cozy place to come home to.

  2. Always nice to get out into something different just for the experience if not the exercise. It's interesting that George just keeps on giving even though he has passed eh.

    1. It is nice to step out of the 'room' and get some fresh air. The exercise sure doesn't hurt either.
      Always nice to relive George's smile. :)

  3. Wow, you folks sure took a hit! We had a light dusting but my BIL just south of us on the "mountain" got six or eight inches.

    1. Yes, I'd be happy for it to go away now and be done for the season! hahaha Funny, aren't I?

  4. Love the snow. It sure is pretty, but moving it around gets old. Still, it makes for some beautiful pictures.

    1. The snow is pretty, makes everything clean and bright. Shovelling it isn't fun, I'm fortunate that the men do it. :)

  5. Thanks for the picture, Pat. I forgot we had that dinner. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. You're welcome. I'd forgotten too but it is one good reason why we take all the pictures we do, isn't it? :)

  6. Love the pic of the four of you! :) Beautiful pics of the snow in your little's so pretty! Dinner looks so yummy once again!

  7. Oh wow, you sure got a lot of snow at once! It was good that Wes and Bill shovelled together - that would have been a lot of work for one person.

    I'm impressed that you went walking in all of that too. Take care and stay well!

  8. pictures. Good to see the picture of the 4 of you.

  9. That's a lot of snow! Hopefully that will be it for the winter. Haha.

  10. My you have lots of white stuff and it looks beautiful. Always good exercise to walk in and to shovel 😀

    1. Yes, so as I walk, Doug, I'll pretend I'm hiking the mountains like you are! :)

  11. It truly was a Winter Wonderland. Looks like you still had time to enjoy yourselves.
    Love the picture down memory lane. He is missed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.