Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Spending Time with my Sister, Shopping and Lunch, Pics of My Morning Walk & Drive

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Dec. 8th after Bill left, I was up at 7:30. I don’t think I dropped off after my goodbye kiss but perhaps I did. So much goes through my head (everyone’s heads) that some of it could have been in a dream too. Anyway, I got washed and bundled. There was frost on Eddie’s windshield out the window causing me to check my phone for the weather forecast.

The Saugeen River looks cold today
You can see the Baptist Church and my trail across the way

From this direction is the Community Centre and the lighted 
stage coach and horses
they turn them off at 8 am

The town Fire Hall
We want to get an unwrapped toy dropped off

It said -8C/19F but I couldn’t tell if there was any wind or not so prepared for it. There didn’t seem to be any but with everything covered except my face, I headed out at 8 for my walk. This was a wonderful morning, calm for the most part and I blindly followed my nose, like Clemson would if he were with me. πŸ‘ƒ The fresh air had me moving at a brisk pace and that kept me warm the whole way. Back at the house, I made a cup of tea and brought it upstairs.

We've seen the Presbyterian and Baptist churches
Here is the United Church
This street isn't so interesting because the sidewalk ends
and i have to turn back the same way I came
but the church is nice and has a backyard view of the river

Behind the church, the Saugeen River
If you look across, that is where I walk to the campground

Donna and I were venturing to Value Village in Owen Sound this morning so once she texted that she was leaving, I headed downstairs. It had warmed up a few degrees to -3C/26F and the frost on Ptooties only needed a light scraping by then. The sun was starting to peek down through the opening of the building next door so that helped a great deal. I didn't need boots nor did I need my heavy coat. I dislike the bulk when shopping for a long period of time so a lighter coat was perfect.

I thought this was just a newer house along the river
but today I realized it is an older brick home painted blue
Made it more appealing to me

I followed directions between Google maps on my phone and on our gps in the car and had a nice drive. The paved roads were in good condition and there was hardly any traffic. I’m getting more and more comfortable on the roads in this area. Donna and I are each coming from different directions so it didn’t make sense to meet anywhere to travel together. It took us each 40-45 minutes. Donna texted me when she arrived at V.V. and I was 2 minutes behind her. Great timing!

These plants are pretty in the stark grays and browns of winter

They are tall stalks but I don't know what they are

I walked the short verson of the trail today

There was no line up to get in but since it was seniors’ day (30% off) the place was very busy. No matter, we went about our business, masked, and found a lot of what we were looking for. First and foremost, at a commenter’s suggestion, I found a good pair of ski poles right off the bat. I snatched them up and dropped them into my cart just in time as another lady was watching my every move. Right place, right time. She hovered and then finally went on about her merry way when she realized I was keeping them. They will be great help walking in the snow.

I found the other playground today

Easton would like this one too
on a warm day

The Teeswater River, Dam, Fisher Mill and Canoe & Kayak
It all just looks so cold

I found a banana rack, a small blue sauce pan, a new dvd (Message in a Bottle), a pair of heavier leggings, a like-new bedside lamp and a pair of cargo pants for Bill. That’s all I can remember. Donna had some good luck too. We were both very happy with our purchases and drove across the parking lot to Michael’s (craft store, for those who don’t know it) and Princess Auto. She went to P.A. and I went in search of my stickers - with no luck. πŸ˜• They have every kind of letter sticker but not the ones I was looking for. So, I grabbed some that will work and even got 30% off those!

It was a good day for a drive and for shopping

I met one horse and covered wagon today

Two pretty horses in the field
I don't know what they're finding in the hard ground

Back at our vehicles we thought we’d try the Mission Store (like a Goodwill) but the parking lot was jammed full so the store would be too. It seemed that someone opened the gate to SENIORS, of which we were two. Ha ha. Nope, we didn’t need to go in that badly so headed off to a place for lunch. Donna was leading and we had to follow a detour, through a couple of jammed intersections with police directing traffic to find the place. She knew where she was headed. 

County Rd. 16 was a good road once you got past the first couple
of miles

I watched for deer, it looks like a nice setting to see one
But I didn't

We weren't lost, there's the LCBO!

The European Bakery Cafe was right beside LCBO. I teased that it was a good place to be lost at but she knew her way around pretty well. We were seated right away, even though it was right at lunch hour. We had tea and a breakfast/brunch kind of meal. I had Eggs Benedict with homemade cheese toast and it was delicious. We debated searching for a new thrift shop at the west end of the city when we left the bakery but decided rather than braving the detours downtown, we’d part ways and head home.

Lots of choices and on the flip side was a luncheon menu
with a variety of choices

My meal was great
I'd go back in a heartbeat

Bill had texted earlier saying he was done for the day and at home. There was no rush for me but by 1:45, I was ready for home too. He’d had a snooze and was still dozing when I crept into our room. I had a great time with Donna and found a few things I’d been looking for. I’m not giving up completely on the stickers but worse case scenario, I can use what I’ve found and make do. It isn’t imperative that they be perfect.

Wide open fields of snow and clouds

Even out in the country, homeowners
decorate their property

Bill and I got into a fair bit of online stuff at home and around 5:30, I picked up my book. I had so few chapters to read to finish it that I knew it would happen tonight. I’d totally fallen off the wagon for supper so at first, we said burgers and fries. When we got downstairs, Bill said how about something lighter. So, I had a noodle soup and he had toast w/peanut butter and cheese. It doesn’t take much to please us at times.

I like the name of this business

An old clunker truck left to die
They were such a unique shape back in the day

We watched NCIS reruns while we ate and Bill cleaned up the dishes while I kept at my book during commercials. Upstairs while he had his shower, I finished it. He hasn’t read this one so it will be next on his list, I’m sure. We'll watch the last episode of the 'new' NCIS tonight, while they take a break for the season. 

Sunset from Bullhead City, Az
Dec. 8th, 2017
Good night from Paisley!

This was a fun day. I really enjoyed the time with Donna. We have a new thrift store to find at the west end of Owen Sound so maybe when Gayle wants to tag along, we’ll all go together. I hope you enjoyed your day as well.

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. It was a perfect day of shopping and bonding with my sister! It's always nice to find some bargains.;-)

  2. You and Donna sound much like me and my sister Cindy - although we live in the same town, so we don't have to meet up. We enjoy shopping together and when we go somewhere, we often have a list of places to stop. It's always a fun time! I guess I need to look closer because you always come up with some great finds! I continue to enjoy pictures of your walks - such a nice community. I love the "Goodbye Junk" name - how clever! My granddaughter loves Michael's and Hobby Lobby! We have to visit both when we go to Joplin together. For the most part we just walk through the store looking but it makes her happy, so that's all that counts.

    1. It never fails for me, I always find something in most stores. I guess I'm an impulsive shopper!! LOL
      Thank you Cheri, I am enjoying the little town we're living in.

  3. How fun to have someone to hang out with. I do love the river. It makes for a perfect hiking location.

    1. I do wish Donna was closer so we could walk together in the mornings. :)
      I know, never satisfied, right? haha

  4. Sounds like a good day, and you found some interesting items at V.V.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. It was, and yes we both came away with some good stuff on our lists. :)

  5. Fun day with Donna and goodies to boot! Love the pictures along the way!! Your brunch/lunch looked yummy!

  6. What a beautiful fun day for you and your sister.

  7. We've been to that restaurant for lunch ourselves!