Monday, December 28, 2020

Back to Normal – Kind of, Weather Pictures (what else?)


Paisley, On

On Monday, Dec. 28th we slept in again. No excuse, really, we were just tired and lazy apparently. We were going to drive to Durham to clean the Mat today and instead of leaving at 8:30, we left at 9. No big deal since we have no punch clock for check in. Plus, we have a very flexible boss.😊 

The vehicles are out of the lane
You can see Wes's van. Ours are in front of our building


Jim arrives almost immediately

After our tea and Bill’s toast, we knew that Wes had called Jim to come and clear the last bit of snow that fell on Boxing Day afternoon.  Knowing that, Bill moved our vehicles to the road and Wes moved his.  Jim arrived with his tractor and had the lane cleared in no time so Black Beauty came back in first, instead of Ptooties. We won’t be driving the truck for a few days.

And cleans the laneway, lickety-split

Then, we were on the road. The day was clear, cloudy but no rain or snow, and the roads were mainly dry. Some icy sections but we took Ptooties and Bill drove, watchful. He took Concession 8 to Hwy 19, into Walkerton’s TSC, oops, Peavy. Still no sand tubes here but he has a lead on some from Billy. Durham seemed busy with the stores closed (a usual thing on Mondays) and the laundromat was a-hoppin’! 

Just getting out on the highway

There were a few customers and it seemed most of them used more than 2 or 3 washers.  Loads and loads of dirty laundry! Some dryers were being temperamental and needed a nudge tap to get them to accept the quarters, a couple of others just plain didn't work. The back door seemed to lock each time it closed, which isn't good at all! I texted Jamie about all the things needing attention and we left an hour later. Bill cleaned the lint in the big dryers then dry and damp mopped the floors for me while I did the other stuff.

Note the time the snow hit us

We drove down to the Water Depot store and refilled our 5-gallon RO jug before heading for home. It was funny because we had just minor brushings of rain on the windshield until we turned north onto Bruce County Rd 3. At one point, it was like a mini blizzard and then within the next minute, it was clear again. LOL strange weather. That isn't just because we are up here, that happens all over south and mid-western Ontario.

Within the same minute

We had lunch when we got back home, as it was noon, poached eggs on rye toast. Yum, that was quite good. Then we came upstairs where I finished the last chapters of A Handmaid’s Tale. I wasn’t expecting that ending but don’t worry, no spoiler’s alert here. I’ll have to drop it off at the library this week one day. The wind felt really cold but I walked down as far as the post office around 2ish. Online they said they were open today, Boxing Day hours, but they weren’t.

Note the time again
Night and day  😅

I could have walked further to get some exercise and fresh air but decided to sit this day out. Literally.  I took my water into the garage and worked another couple of hours on my jigsaw. It is coming along nicely and I’m enjoying it a lot. Too bad the sun didn’t come out to help extend my stay but when it became difficult to focus on pieces, I made my tea and came upstairs. Bill had just finished reading so went down and made himself a tea as well.

The puzzle is entertaining and I got a lot of the grassy area done

Upstairs, I started a new book. This one is back to the mysteries of James Patterson. I know I will whip through it. They are short chapters, page turners and a good distraction from everything going on around us. We went downstairs around 6 and I began frying some mini sausages. I reheated the green bean casserole for me and the leftover mashed potatoes and gravy for Bill. He isn’t fond of the beans so I spoiled him by cooking some corn.

I didn't need potatoes with my Keto green bean casserole

Our non-Keto Christmas pudding was delish!

It was well-timed and everything was hot together. For dessert, we finished the last of my Christmas pudding with sauce, also reheated in the microwave. Yum! Bill reminded me that next year I will need to make my cake again. 😊  I usually make 2, one to eat and one in the freezer for the following year. I made my first one 10 years ago! After dishes, I came upstairs to work on my blog and then read. Bill decided to head down to the basement and see about doing some minor repair on an airplane. Wes had earlier offered him a bench to work on.

Bill was able to work a bit on his model

This was a good day and I’ve dappled with some work, getting back into the groove after just a short absence. Looking outside at 7 pm, the plow just went through and we see that it has started to snow again. Blimey! Have a good night!

Dec. 28, 2018
A group of us enjoying drinks at Los Algodones, Mexico
L to R
Bill, Ron, Suzie, George, Loree, Rob, Pat

Fun times!
Buenos Noches, Amigos!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. My sweetie had to get the tractor out to do the lane here too. It was sticky old stuff, kept plugging up the blower. I harnessed up the dog hoping to walk, but barely made it to the head of the lane when it started to rain again. End of walk. By the time I got in the house the rain had stopped so I grabbed a shovel and at least got the back porch cleaned off so I can get to the bird feeders. Weird winter weather we are having here too.

    1. It certainly is weird weather. Can't decide if it should rain or snow or both in one day!
      It is nice to walk when it's snowing but not in the rain.

  2. Looks like the Weather cooperated while you did your chores.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, and it really didn't do anything all day until after 7. It must have quite soon after as there is no new stuff this morning to deal with.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    That is such a pretty area you are living in right now. The pictures of the river with snow on the banks are so pretty and I always loved how the snow would cling to the trees after a snowfall. Looking at the pictures and the snow I can almost hear the squeaky crunch of the snow as you walk along. One thing I am not missing is the driving in snow especially blizzards even the ones you drive in and out of. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Yes, we did have a nice Christmas. Thank you.
      It is pretty here and I admit even in the white blanket. :)
      Driving in it is not fun, no way no how. I'm happy when Bill drives but still feel tense sometimes.

  4. I think my foot would be through the floor trying to brake the car from the passenger side. Still, it is beautiful!! Your Christmas pudding looks delicious!!

  5. Not like green bean casserole! I can't imagine. haha. That is a busy basement :) Gotta love the last picture, good times and great friends!

    1. My opinion exactly!! :)
      It is indeed a busy basement.
      the last picture says it all for sure.

  6. I was thinking that there wasn't a whole lot of snow left in comparison to what fell. The plows do a great job of clearing the street.

    Have a great day, take care and stay well!

    1. It doesn't seem to take long for the rain to take the snow away. It sinks right down, doesn't it?

  7. Sounds as if you had a little bit of everything weather wise. Nice day for getting lots done with no rush.