Monday, September 10, 2018

Cool Winds Stick Around, Lane Way Clean Up, Empty Nesting, Work Prepping

It was 7:20 when I stretched and crawled out of bed on Monday, Sept. 10th. That was an interesting sleep. It was good, I was warm and Clemson didn’t wake us up at all. Yay! It was interesting because I dreamed the whole night. Well, that’s what it felt like, it was probably just early morning. I was dreaming of my Dad and as I type this at 11:30, it is still vivid, which is unusual.

I forgot to post this picture from yesterday morning
I'm so glad Bill took this without me even asking!
I love 'Daddy' dreams although they do make me realize just how much I miss him in my life. This time, he didn’t look the same, odd, but he’d just had a brush cut, which he never had, so that justified the different look. My sister, Audrey, was in the dream and Bill too. I couldn’t get to my Dad across a crowded room. The whole thing was kind of frustrating as, in many of my dreams, I got separated from Bill. Must be a hidden fear of mine that I’ll lose him but it was funny that when I called Bill’s cell, my Dad answered!

Yesterday, I took pictures of wildflowers on my morning walk
This is the Snapdragon in different stages of opening
I’m always curious what triggers our dreams, especially the weird ones and I can’t for the life of me think of anything over the weekend that might have done that. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t the best dream of that special man, he was there, very prominently. I woke up smiling. Bill and I had a coffee and tea and bundled up against the 52F/11C and took the truck down to the end of the lane. We HAD to clean up the now dried/dead branches TODAY!

chicory, 2 pics of cornflowers (?), buttercup,dandelions with a bee, clover
It wasn’t an easy job and after loading the back of the truck box, we were grateful for the break each time we drove up to dump it in the brush pile. It took 4 loads and it looks much improved. There are a few weeds that we’ve missed trimming, noticeable now that other stuff has been picked up, but so much better. I can take the rake down this week and tidy it up with my wagon. No sooner had we finished when Rob drove in to pick up the Cedar Creek. Good timing.

Asters, cornflower, Queen Anne's lace, goldenrod
Bill starts at the end of the lane
I sat in a lawn chair outside just until my body cooled off. To step inside the warm Suite probably wouldn’t be good for me. My back was sticky from that exertion, it was a tough job for sure when you’re not young anymore! Rob offered to transfer the fresh water from his fiver into ours so we took as much as we could and that would keep us going for a few days. Rob came inside and had a coffee with us before pulling out of the Ridge parking lot.

Can you see the difference?
doesn't matter, we can!
I came inside and made Bill and I a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. His on whole wheat and mine on rye bread. They were good! Bill was ‘invisible’ most of the day, either in the Hangar or in the storage shed. He has 2 or 3 projects going on at one time and he can tell you about those things. With the exception of one, I tried not to get in the way unless he needs an opinion or some assistance. I was being lazy inside with Clemson. I was into my book and between that and catering to Clemson, needing to go out many times, the afternoon sailed by.

Clemson comes out to see Rob before he leaves
"Well hello little buddy"
The temperature never rose above 56F and the rain made occasional appearances, mostly in the form of an annoying mist. Stand outside too long, watching your dog, and you come in wet. That kind of rain. Bill finished working out in the sheds, and it was 4:30 when he came inside and found his chair. After feeding Clemson at 5, he soon drifted off. I’m glad because he won’t sleep well tonight with an early wakeup call on his mind. Never fails.

Clemson felt cold this afternoon so he curled up beside me while I read
in my recliner
With NCIS and Corner Gas reruns on tv, I boiled up some rice and got some cooked chicken out of the freezer. Clemson is eating but his tummy still isn’t right. I’m going to try what readers and bloggers, Nancy and Contessa, suggest with chicken and rice. It is an inside cooking day so I prepared some potatoes to mash, something we haven’t had in a long time, and prepped ground beef and onions. This I will make into a gravy with corn and dumplings. A real fall-type meal. Clemson enjoyed his 'new' food too, although he didn't eat all of the rice. I hope that helps!

One last shot before Rob pulled it out
It was a windy day
Supper turned out good, we were eating it by 6:30 and cleaning up dishes by 7. Bill is scheduled to leave for work in the morning which means planning a supper meal away. There is a grilled sausage and with potatoes on the side, that will do him for Tuesday night. I helped him get a few things ready for his time away and then wrote more on this post. The rains have been stopped for a couple of hours so I took a walk down the lane while Bill made his sandwiches for his lunches.

A nice hot meal today that Mom used to make
The rest of the evening was quiet, spent together with our pooch. This was a good day with not much going on for me but we did manage to get the brush picked up. I hope you enjoyed yours, whatever you did.

"What are you looking at?"
We have a clearer view of the pond now with brushes cut down
Good night from our place to yours!

Thank you for taking the time to check in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Throw in some of those potatoes for Clemson, even a tiny bit of scrambled egg ( not too much chicken). Coop is back to normal but I’m keeping him on that diet. Hope Clemson is better soon!!!

    1. ok, thanks Nancy. Do you mince the chicken? Clemson ate some of the rice last night but mostly picked out the chicken pieces. The little bum!
      It is his 'poop' that we're checking now, so that means following his tracks down the yard. :)

  2. Nice to get the laneway cleaned up and hope Clemson is feeling better soon.

  3. I love when I dream of my daddy too! Last night was a night of dreams..weird dreams..oh well. Those are cool items for sure. Our mornings are really cool, but afternoons around 92 still. Cute pic of you and the girls! Hope Clemson's tummy gets better..poor guy. Dinner looks awesome! love simple comfort food like that!

    1. Aren't they wonderful dreams? Seems like a visit. :)
      Finally again, we're getting the warm afternoons for a while.
      The girls and I always have fun together.
      Working on getting Clemson better.

  4. He should get about 50/50 rice & chicken. I just cut the chicken into tiny pieces so that the girls would eat more rice. Maybe try giving him a few smaller meals thru the day. Sending healing thoughts.

    1. I added some mashed potatoes tonight so hopefully his tummy is better soon.
      thank you Contessa. ;)

  5. One thing our vet always encouraged was to withhold all food for at least 24 - 36 hours and then just feed a bit of rice, a tablespoon or two a few times over the day. Then on the next day add in the chicken. I always kept the water that I had boiled the chicken breasts in and poured that over the rice which got them eating the rice. The rice is what calms the stomach. I was very difficult for me to not feed them for a day. Even harder when one could eat and not the other.

    1. That would be tough with one dog needing it and one not. Thanks for the tips!