Thursday, September 20, 2018

Duvet Night, Ptooties Returns, Winter Reservations, Tidying Up the Ridge, Visit Cancelled

When I woke up on Wednesday, Sept. 19th I was snuggled down in the covers and noticed cooler air in the Suite. Bill let Clemson out at 5:30 and they both crawled back under the covers. I heard Bill trying to be very quiet as he slipped out of bed around 6:30 and thought I would be able to drop off again. Nope, so I got up just before 7.

A calm cooler but lovely morning to walk
Because I felt a bit chilled, I slipped my fluorescent t-shirt on with a jacket overtop and pushed myself to go for a walk. It was the only way I’d get warmed up the quickest. The air was still with no breeze this morning and it was registering 54F on the outside thermometer. The walk was lovely although I had to keep tucking my hands up in my sleeves to warm my fingertips.

I need to keep turning around to catch the sunrise
I’m glad I went because my coat was undone by the time I returned and it had done the trick. I made my tea and sat with Bill while we drank our brews and talked about our daily plans. We needed gas for the riding mower as the grass needed to be cut. Bill took the Mercedes into town to do that and immediately went out to cut the front field first.

A peek into the green forest
We were expecting a phone call from our friends, Jeff and Joan, regarding their visit tomorrow so didn’t want to miss that. With a couple of things going on, mainly the weather, we believe we are going to have to cancel. That is the big issue with company wanting to come in September. Seems like there is another leak in the line between the cold water and the hot water tank so we need have that looked after too. We’ll see what Marshall thinks when he arrives.

a Camouflaged Pop!
Bill finished out front and came back before 10 and replaced the cupboard latches that he picked up at Can Am while he was there. All fixed up and ready for the next round of bumpy interstate roads. We made ourselves a coffee and waited for the phone call. When Jeff phoned around 10:20 we all agreed that the weather over the next few days was not conducive to visiting and cancelled it for this year. It is too bad but that is what September does.

The funky tree still intriques my camera

It was around 10:30 when Marshall drove in with the Rav4 and we chatted for half hour or so and he was on his way back to London. Thanks Marshall for bring Ptooties home! Inside Bill communicated with Nicole at Can Am about last night’s adventure and then went out to cut the back field. I brushed my teeth and went out to cut some of the grass on the hill too before lunch.

Marshall had a nice drive with Ptooties
He left with the Mercedes diesel
It was 60f and the sun was beautiful. I got part way done and decided to stop to make us something to eat. It was already 12 noon so I fried up an egg omelette on toasted buns and we went back out to finish the jobs. I managed to get another month of pictures sorted before Bill came in for a snooze. I took our California Duster and brushed the Rav down, removing 90% of the visible dirt. It looks so much better.

all dusted down, looking pretty
At 3:30 we took Clemson’s food, a couple of green apples and some Caramel Dip, our laptops, travel folders and drove in to Rob and Pat’s one more time. We got right to it when we arrived and booked the membership parks that we know we want to stop at. There are ‘bookdocking’ sites in between where flexibility allows for the unknown. Once we’d gone as far as we could go, it was time to pack things up and order supper.

Clemson did well jumping up and down without the added
scatter mats
Today, Bill and I chose New Orlean’s Pizza and picked it up to bring back to the house. Pat and I shared some Spumanti Bambino wine, which I haven’t had since I was in my mid 20’s, and it was nice for a change. Clemson moved from one couch to the other, undecided which was more comfortable. 

Bacon, pepperoni, mushroom and olives
It was after 7:30 when we said goodbye and came home to watch the America’s Got Talent finale. The winner was one of my/our original 3 choices so we were pleased.

I went up to bed with Clemmy around 10 and dropped off pretty quickly.  It was a good day all around. We managed to get our grass cut on the property and things are looking nifty again. We made some confirmed bookings for the winter with our travel friends and we finalized about the visit for today, which is a concern off our minds too.

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Nice to get things taken care of and have your Fav 3 back home again. Reservations taken care of, our travel plans are written in chalk mostly, so hard for us to make reservations ahead of time.
    Nice to get together with Rob and Pat again.

    1. Lots of things done today so that feels good.
      We like to have reservations done when we know our route. One less thing to think about.
      It was fun to spend time with R & P. Always enjoy their company.

  2. Sunrise pics are awesome! Too bad about your company maybe next year they can visit when the weather is better. That pizza looks awesome! The wine sounds interesting for sure! Clemson looks so cute on the couch!

    1. Thank you, sometimes you can't go wrong taking sky pics. :)
      Not too bummed about the company, one of those friendships.....'nuff said.
      pizza was so good, it has been a while and I ate all 4 pieces on my half!!
      The wine was good and brought back memories. Clemson looks so cute anywhere, that is a Momma speaking. :D

  3. That pizza looks amazing!! I'm really hungry now. Too bad the weather is not cooperating for your friends visit, but hopefully it works out next year.
    Do you book all of your stops ahead of time, and do you change your route from year to year to see different parts of the country as you work your way south? If you happen to pass and stay near the OK, KS, MO border area, let me know. We are very close to the area when back in KS.

    1. The pizza was very good. The weather can never be counted on in September, we need outdoor weather when they come especially because of the huge dog.
      We did book all stops that are in parks, at least as far out as we could. Our route has been different so far each of the two years we've been and this time, different again. Heading to Memphis this time so not near the OK, KS, MO borders. Maybe another year!