Saturday, September 8, 2018

Grandson's 21st Birthday, Last Minute Preps, Grass, Vacuum, Laundry, Happy Hour, Weekend Company!

It was another sleepless night in Priceville for all 3 of us. Our little boy still isn’t feeling good and was out 2 or 3 times between 2 and 4:30. Poor thing and poor Bill, the one on ‘overnight duty’. We woke and got up around 6:30 and 7 and wow, was it chilly!

Beautiful foggy, misty pond this morning
It was a cool 48F/9C at that time of the morning so we popped the furnace on. Something wasn’t right, it shut off after 10 minutes. With some brain-storming on Bill’s part, he discovered that he’d forgot to turn the reserve (2nd) propane tank on so when the first one emptied, it died. Once he figured that out, we had heat and because of the overnight temperatures for the next few days, Bill brought our Blue Flame heater in from the bunky. May as well use it since it is much more efficient.

Before I get too far into this post, today is my middle grandson's 21st birthday. How did that happen??? Jacob is a determined intelligent young man making his way in this world. Living on his own, he has always made us proud of what he accomplishes. Happy Birthday, Jake!

Bill and Jake in 1997
growing up over the years
Jake and his Mom today
Yes, that looks like a choir gown
You just never know with this young man! :)
After our first coffee and tea, I drove into Durham with the dirty laundry. 3 loads washed and I nipped into Foodland to pick up some eggs. I didn’t actually forget them yesterday, I was just trying to get a better deal. Think about this, especially for someone who eats a lot of eggs. Costco: 24 eggs/$4.99 (.207 per), Independent: 18 eggs/$4.79 (.266 per), Foodland: 18 eggs/$5.39 (299 per) AND Foodland: 12 eggs/$2.79 (.232 per). They are just eggs but guess what I bought?

While I was gone, Bill had a couple of visitors in our little cherry tree

He's feigning indifference here

And the hummer visited too
Back home, I almost had a head-on with Rob in his new Edge. We are both about the same size so it would be undeterminable who’d get the worst of it. He was coming out of our lane and I was bee-lining it in. It would have been my fault. We just laughed at the story that would have been to tell our spouses. Bill was down in his Hangar and I went up to the hill to hang the clothes. Not much breeze for the most part but hopefully the sun will dry them quick enough.

I like it when they share the feeder
with their friends
I went inside and changed into shorts and went back out to cut the lawn. I worked steady and managed to complete the main area, moving chairs and the hammock as I went. Clemson was outside with me as I didn’t want him stuck inside with his upset tummy. He seemed quite happy, up on his stool in the shade and my chair in the sun and then a couple of trips down to see how Daddy was doing. I stopped before going down the hill beside the corral. I think that can be left for another day, it isn’t that bad.
and family
We walked down to the Hangar and I told Bill I’d make us lunch. He’d just had toast earlier and I hadn’t had anything yet. I made us an omelette, no toast today, and we cleaned up dishes. 

Bill works down in his Hangar, making a stand for one of his tools
The day is going by so quickly and already it was 12:30. Bill went upstairs to have a snooze with the already slumbering Clemson and I got in the shower. When I finished, I put my mower away and moved chairs back into place. We were expecting Brenda and Randy around 6 for supper and we had an invite to Happy Hour at Rob and Pat’s.

Our geese families returned and stuck around all day
Bill vacuumed the Suite and I dusted through the downstairs and cleaned the bathroom. Once he had his shower it was 3:15 and we drove into Durham. Some of the clothes were dry so I brought those in, but most were still damp. I want to bring them in before the cool air hits later. It was a nice visit with Rob and Pat and we were able to make a few more rubber coated plans for our travels south. Every chit chat gets us closer to having route.

The chairs are looking great!
We left shortly after 5 and came home so Bill could make Clemson his supper. I closed the windows in the bunky and in Rob and Pat’s fiver while Bill went to start bringing clothes in off the line. Within no time we had them folded, brought in and put away. Clemson still isn’t himself as he didn’t touch his supper tonight. We put his dish in the fridge, maybe later he’ll be hungry.

We tried to direct Brenda and Randy to our place, their gps was taking them on a wild goose chase. That is unfortunate and we hope it doesn’t discourage future visits. I have supper ready to put on the Weber and when they arrive, we’ll get it lit to warm up while they relax a bit. It isn’t fun getting lost, at no time, for anyone. They arrived before 7 and it was hugs all around. Always fun to see these guys from London.

Just caught them saying goodbye late this afternoon
We sat inside and caught up while they had a ‘stress-relief’ drink from the drive. At 7ish, Bill lit the barbecue and at 7:20 put the salmon on. Trying another one of George’s recipes, Salmon with Dill Sauce. I mixed the Caesar Salad inside and set the table and our Hi-low coffee table up for Bill and I. This works well without getting the 2 chairs out from under the bed.

30 minutes tops and they were done perfectly
Supper was delish if I do say so myself! It is basically all about the prep and timing on the grill. You don’t have to turn the filets or anything. The meal was a hit and after clearing those plates away, I served a Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake for dessert. I didn’t make this one, it came prepackaged from Independent but it was thick and very good. The dishes went into the dishwasher and we turned it on and gathered around the roaring fire Bill had going.

Brenda and Randy arrived from London safely
Clemson thought this table setting was for him
Daddy gives him an etiquette lesson
The night had cooled down but there was no wind at all. In our warmer clothes it was a nice evening. We conversed until 11:30 when we warmed our backsides and went to bed The‘kids’ should be warm with the heater going in the bunky and an extra blanket at the ready if they need it. It was dropping to 7C tonight. Brrrr. This was a great day!

Beautiful sky and notice the pond reflection

Goodnight all!

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  1. Good morning Patsy! A busy but nice day for you two. Getting lost isn't nice, but now they know how to get there, should be no problem in the future :) Poor Clemson ;( hopefully it's just taking a few days for his system to get back to normal after that bad water you were giving him..just kidding...Happy Birthday Jake! Handsome young man and his mom is a beauty! Love the pic of him and Bill. They do grow so fast don't they?! Dinner looks awesome and how nice to have the company. When you talk about the Bunky it sounds so comfy and warm :)))

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for your nice comment. It was a great day prepping and worth it for when they arrived. :)
      Hopefully Clemson is better soon. Jake is a cutie and no wonder. I agree about Bridgette.
      I think our friends love the bunky so that's good too!

  2. How fun to have dinner with friends. I think I need a coffee table like that!! Glad to hear the weather is cooling off. Same is going on here, thank goodness. Hope Clemson's tummy gets better soon. I always give my kids bottled water .... or water filtered from the fridge. Maybe try my vet's suggestion ... chopped up chicken with a little rice or potato mixed in .. if he will eat it that is. Sure fixed up Cooper and Jessie.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I have to admit that I'm not keen on the weather cool down. Too soon for us but it is going to warm up a bit for a week or so. :)
      Clemson is eating his food but if his tummy isn't better tomorrow, I'll have to cook some rice and do that. Thank you for the suggestion. :)

  3. Nice to see Brenda and Randy again, too bad they got delayed by the GPS. I never trust one.
    Glad you enjoyed the salmon and dill sauce so easy and very tasty.

    1. Nice that B & R could come for the weekend. We love having them. We do trust a gps, sometimes it is the handler and what is put in. Brenda admits that she wasn't sure what address she entered. :)
      The salmon and dill was wonderful, thank you for the recipe! I'll do it again.

  4. You sure do a lot in one day. Yes do try some rice with boiled chicken for Clemson. He might be happy to just drink the chicken flavored water once it cools.

    1. Thank you Contessa. He's eating but seems to have the 'runs'. tomorrow, I'll try that if he is up through the night again. :)

  5. That sure looks like a chilly morning!