Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rough Night – Some Got Less Sleep Than Others, Hot hot hot is the order of the day, So Let’s Bake Cookies!

After being awakened 3 times through the wee hours of Wednesday, Sept. 5th, I was informed that my bed buddies were up 5 times. Clemson, for some reason, had urges at 11:30, 12:30, 2:30, 4 and 6 to go out. With his improved but still a bit loopy state, added to his obvious cataracts, darkness is not his friend.

It was a beautiful morning, albeit humid already at 7 am
Bill was a good Daddy and got up each time to answer the call by letting him out to do his business. There were a few minor accidents that we cleaned up and by morning, the little guy seems fine. I remained in bed and once I knew they were settled easily dropped off to sleep again. It was 7 when I got up to greet this hot, humid day. At that time, it was already 71F/22C.

Looking back, I'm glad he doesn't stop at our lane
Clemson isn't going to school today, he's been up all night
Caught this one with her lights flashing at the corner
I let Bill sleep and didn’t disturb Clemson on the couch when I went out for my walk. We had a job we wanted to do this morning before too much heat crept in so I only went as far as ‘Elvis's’ house and back again. 

I know I've taken pictures of this before but when the view doesn't change
it is one of my favourite sun/tree captures
I had a feeling Bill would be up and raring to go. He was, I could see him at the storage shed starting to get things out. Today was the day we set aside to ‘attack’ the laneway with gloves, clippers, hedge trimmer and bladed weed eater.

Notice how close the bushes are to the lane?
that is what we need to change today
All things went into the little wagon with the old generator behind the mower and we were off. No matter how much you prepare for the heat, even working in the shade, within the hour and a half it took us down and back, we were drenched and red-faced. I knew it was time to quit at 9:30 when I could feel my face burning up. Don’t check my blood pressure now, please! Good thing we were done as much as we were going to do today.

Around 10, Rob brought their Cedar Creek out for the weekend
set up and plugged in
We just pushed the clippings off to the side, off the gravel, and put things away. My, how much nicer it looks! If there was a blade attachment like a hedge trimmer that would go on the front of our riding mower and slide to the right and left about 30” and up and down between 6 to 12”, we would invest in it. That would be exactly what we need. It would have to be universal, of course, so it would fit old and new mowers. Okay, inventors get to work!

Such an improvement although until the cleanup
crew picks up the clippings, you might not be able to see it
I sat in the shade on our patio and once cooler, made my tea and Bill’s coffee. No sooner was I doing that when we saw Rob pulling up the lane with the Cedar Creek. Right on time! This was their offer to our friends from London who were looking for a place to stay overnight on Saturday, after the clothing exchange. I’ve said it before and will say it many times over, Rob and Pat are some very special people. Rob unhooked after doing the ‘swing around and back up’ into the spot and then sat with us with a coffee too.
It isn't often that we see transport trucks go down our road
We caught up a bit and he opened slides and was soon on his way. I watched him leave and Bill did a bit of trimming before putting his weed eater away. It was 11:00 and time to make us something to eat. I did the usual alternate meal to bacon and eggs and made us a toasted egg sandwich each. We worked for brunch today! 

Not a great picture but that blurry little blob
is Clemson on the bed
He stayed there for at least 4 hours!
Clemson has managed to jump on the bed again today and I see him up there curled up with my shirt. I feel so much better that he is back in his routine.

Our King chairs need a touch up

So, with Donna's palm sander, I set to work

They bought the can of stain and it will last both of us a long time!
 When Bill went down to his Hangar, after dishes were cleaned up, I got the palm sander, the stain and brushes that I’d borrowed from Donna. I moved the King chairs over to the shade of the Roost and followed her instructions as to how they did their chairs at the Acreage. One coat of the stain and already they are brightened up so a second or third coat on the rougher spots will make them look almost new! I took a break so they could dry and came inside with Bill.

They already look better and this is only the first coat
I'll do a second and maybe a third on the worst spots another day
He was stretched out on his recliner for a much-needed snooze. My lower back was proof that I’d been in a position this morning that my body wasn’t familiar with. That told me to stretch it out and go for a little walk before settling into my own chair. 

Can you smell them?
Donna and Gerry are headed out to the Acreage after lunch and have invited us for a swim on this crazy hot day. I’m not complaining by any means but it sure is nice to get an invite to take a dip. I think we’ll stay put though and just putter around here for the afternoon.

Up close, you can almost taste them
Bill went back out to the Hangar and I decided to do what everyone shouldn’t do on a hot day, I baked cookies! We are finding that being strict with our attentiveness to avoiding sugar and carbs that it eliminates a lot of snacks that we enjoy. We aren’t buying potato chips, no chocolate bars, no licorice so at night when we feel like ‘something to munch on’, we have nothing. That isn’t a good feeling, I don’t care who you are. Cheddar just doesn’t cut it unless we have chips along with it. At night, I mean.
A nice plate of cookies to snack on
So, I’ve been collecting Keto recipes. No sugar, low carbs, gluten-free, that kind of recipe. And right now, Bill, who use to grumble at my keto recipes, is quite open to many new things. The cookies are Low Carb Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter, Protein. Hmm, sounds good. I first made one batch of 12 cookies and when they actually turned out good (how can they stay together without flour?) I mixed up a double batch. I should have about 48 cookies by the time I’m done.

At 5, I turned the boob tube on, because that is one of our late afternoon, inside routines. It is 86F/30C on our thermometer and that is outside. Inside, it is staying around 80F/26C and it is surprisingly comfortable, even with the convection oven baking up a storm. So, the cookies are done and approved by Bill. Yay! That recipe gets a check mark for ‘Easy’ and ‘Tasty’ plus ‘Healthy’!

Bill came in before too long and we chilled in our chairs until 6. My lower back is giving me grief so moving feels like a punishment. My left tricep is also showing signs of not being used very much, the muscle hurts when I extend my arm. Such as it is, we are pleased to have the hardest part done down the lane. At 6 I boiled us each a cob of corn, only 1 left for another night, and fried Tilapia loins for supper. Bill set the table and it was another good dinner.

The sky was looking threatening in places at 8:30
After cleaning things up, we relaxed for the remainder of the evening. I think I took a walk and then closed up the bunky for the night. Storms were coming, according to both our weather networks so we wanted things ‘battened’ down. The rains began around 9, heavier at times but it seemed to filter off to just a gentle downpour. The winds had been strong all day, off and on, and were much appreciated if you were out-of-doors.

I went to bed with Clemson at 10 after watching a recorded program on the PVR and Bill followed at 11. This was a bit of business and a bit of relaxing kind of day but it was all good. I hope you can say the same about yours.

Good night all!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. There's nothing like baking on a hot day. It takes the sting out of all that trimming work when you sit back and enjoy both the view and the chocolate chips!!!

  2. I could smell the nice aroma of the cookies all the way here. How about the recipe? I know exactly how hard it was to cut those branches in that stifling heat. Hope Clemson has a better night ahead (and you two)

    1. :) I'll have to email the recipe to you. It is so easy and they are very good and healthy! Yes, you do know about cutting branches in the heat! I saw what you did!

  3. The lane does look so much better..and I believe there are makers who make exactly what you described for shearing the lane. My brother in law Don may know something about that. I know there are bigger ones. Those cookies look delicious you know I want the recipe! Could you put the link or email...pretty please! :) How nice of Rob and Pat they are special people for sure! Love the sunset pics, and the rain as long as you are inside. Hope you get beautiful weather for your weekend!

    1. Thank you Shirley. I will have to email it to you. With a Word document, I don't know how to send a link.
      Rob and Pat are terrific people, hopefully you'll meet them this winter. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yesterday was too hard, F.G. I'm not as young as I used to be. LOL