Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Brings Winds, Wasaga Beach Run, Just Plane Silly! Jello Plans

We were up between 6:30 (Bill), 6:50 (Patsy) and 8:00 (Clemson) on Friday, Sept. 21st. The temperature had risen overnight and through the early morning to 21C/70F. I slipped on my lightweight hoody and Bill’s brilliant neon t-shirt over top and went out for my walk. Heading in the northern direction, although it was very windy, I had a very enjoyable 2-mile jaunt. Before I returned home, my hoody was off.

I was ready for my tea when I returned. We didn’t have much on our agenda today other than Bill doing a favour for an RC flying friend from Aylmer. Keith had purchased an RC model airplane with an 80”l fuselage and 110” wing span from someone in Wasaga Beach. We are only an hour away from W.B. and it would be a nice drive today. I’ve never been there at all so wanted to go along.

This was morning wind..........
I've probably shown you this tree before
Wouldn't it be a fun one to climb (40 years ago?)
We left around 10 after securing the Weber and the table and making sure all chairs were stable and shed doors latched. 

Bill dressed appropriately for today's run to pick up a plane
We had no room for Clemson after Bill checked the inside measurements of the Rav 4. We’d need to put the seats down to get the plane in but it actually had more room than Black Beauty with our hitch in the bed. So, it was another straight forward drive and we only hit construction when we got into the tourist town.

Wasaga Beach and cloudy skies
Following our gps to Ted’s place was easy and I snapped a picture of his Countryman Mini Cooper. Bridgette would like the red colour. It didn’t take too much maneuvering at all to get the fuselage and the wings in the back but it was comical to see the nose and propeller poking out between our seats. I took a picture from my seat view and sent it to Keith, informing him that we got it in! It looks just 'plane' silly, doesn't it?

And a nice little car
The fuselage is in, now just the wings to go
From his place on Golf Course Road, I bugged like a child for Bill to take me down to the beach. It certainly wasn’t a beach day but I hopped out and took a few pictures at the Banana Beach Club. 

It is a little silly having a propeller at your elbow
A couple was sitting in their chairs, with their backs to the wind (and the blowing sand) as I slipped my sandals off and walked across the soft sand to the water. I stepped in to test the water to conclude that it was indeed wet and also cold. There were 2 people out in the water, playing in the waves.

on the far left, a couple sitting on the beach
on the far right, dust white outs and people walking through it

I'm sure this place is hopping in the summer

Yup, I'm on a  beach
We zipped back through the construction, much easier this time, and headed home. The sky had clouded over the closer we got to Wasaga Beach and then on the route home, dissipated again. Things were jostled here at home, the car shelter had shimmied some and the recycle bins were on a tilt but everything else was secure. With 80 to 100 km winds expected today, we weren’t looking forward to the remainder of this wild day.

A very plain looking church, for once
I like it!
a beautiful Wasaga Beach home
Neat how this building is painted
For some reason, we felt very tired so went up to the bedroom, all 3 of us, for a snooze. It didn’t last long but I know I dropped off for 20 minutes and that was all I needed. We got up and made up an egg salad sandwich and I’m happy that we are cleaning things up from the fridge. I hate having to throw things out because we neglect to eat them on time. It wasn’t a day to work outside so I moved from my laptop to my chair with Jack Reacher.

construction right in town
The trailer rocked a bit but not as much as the car shelter and the trees. I often wish we had an anemometer or something that gave us wind speed up here. When they forecast 80 to 90 kmph winds and it is crazy windy, I’d like to know if this is the worst it will get, or will it gust even more. I’m just very grateful that Bill is home with me, otherwise I would be freaking out much more.

The busy town of Staynor
We’re not having a lot of luck with the plans for company this weekend. It isn’t our ‘fault’, no one’s fault actually, but the weather was the reason for cancelling Thursday’s guests. We were expecting a couple from London to arrive tonight with their tent trailer to stay for the weekend. With today’s winds and warnings, this is no place for a tent trailer to be set up.

the closer to home we get, the clearer the skies
Unfortunately, going back and forth with this busy couple, we all decided to postpone the visit for another year. We were looking forward to seeing Megan and Neil but these things happen and for working couples, your free time is not always as free as you’d hoped. At least I don’t have to worry about them arriving late tonight, setting up a tent trailer in the dark and ending up in Kansas from the wind. Not that there is anything wrong with Kansas, Cheri! 😊

North Line towards home
We were just having leftover meatloaf for supper so I warmed it up and we had tomatoes and olives on the side. We really didn’t need anything else tonight after our sandwich earlier and we may have ice cream later. After we cleaned up the dishes, Bill sat in his chair and sewed a button on that had popped. All he needed help with was threading the needle. I wrote more on my post hoping to get it sent off early tonight.

The shelter was really dancing
Our flag dropped
This has been a very quiet day with a nice drive to Wasaga Beach and the rest of it was just hanging out together. I hope your day was equally enjoyable.

And the trees are bending and swaying too
Have a good night from the windy Ridge!

Thank you for checking in to see what we’re up to!


  1. Nice that you got to Wasga beach I enjoyed my childhood there for many years in the 50's and was so much nicer, then . in the summer the beaches are amazing.
    Glad that Bill was able to help out too.

    1. Bill said he was young too when he was there in his late teens. I'd never been.
      Keith is a good friend and person so we didn't mind the favour at all.

  2. What a cool plane!! I’m sure Clemson didn’t mind. I’m not a big fan of wind either. Probably a good idea to cancel the tent trailer. It might fly better than the plane!!

    1. It is a very pretty plane! Wind does scare me more than thunder and lightning.
      The tent trailer could indeed fly with the wings out!

  3. Haha...I had a really good laugh about the wind blowing the tent trailer to Kansas. Good thing you cancelled - that would be a long trip by wind! Lol!
    I'm glad too that Bill was home so you weren't alone with all of that wind. It's a little unsettling when the wind is blowing the RV so hard you can feel it.

    1. I thought you'd appreciate that comment, Cheri. That would be a long trip for sure!
      I'm glad it worked out that Bill was here. :)

  4. I'm sure its been 15 years or more since I was at Wasaga Beach, but it was terribly windy then too. I think that's pretty much normal around Georgian Bay.
    Nice plane. Amazing what will fit in a small SUV.

    1. Too bad for the wind on a sandy beach. You always get sand in the most unusual places anyway !!! but you don't want it in your eyes and mouth.
      The plane is nice, Keith bought it w/o seeing it in person. It has clear red sections where you can see the inside construction. Very sharp.

  5. Wasaga Beach looks beautiful! Good pic of your hubby in that shirt :) I love simple churches, seems the way it should be in my opinion. Probably a good decision about your company, but again when you're looking forward to seeing them it's disappointing. Nice plane!

    1. We might have to go back in the summer sometime. Bill looks good in his shirt, I agree!
      And I certainly agree about the simple churches. I don't want to see money spent on extravagance when I see a church.
      I hope Keith likes his plane, I think he will!