Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fall Brings Cooler Days, Busy Morning, Clean Suite, Happy Hour Fun

It was 6:30 when I woke but remained in bed until closer to 7 before stretching and getting up for the day. Yesterday was the first day of fall, and today, Saturday, Sept. 22nd, it arrived with gusto. The strong winds from Friday brought an overnight temperature of 6C/44F and yet we were feeling quite cozy in bed without any heater. It was still 64F when I went to bed with Clemson.

Bill slides his flag back up where it belongs
I pushed myself to bundle up more than usual and headed out the door at 6:55. Because the winds had kind of blown themselves out last night, it was a nice calm morning for a walk. I walked past Turbine Drive to the top of the hill and back home again. I was warmed up right proper and was ready for my cup of tea by the time I returned. Bill was outside in the Hangar waiting for me, so came in and made his coffee as well.

The clouds are tripping over themselves this morning to get out of the way
We read a few blogs and then got down to business. First on Bill’s agenda was to go into town to get propane and then drive over to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. Today, with an expected high of 60F/15C and full sun, it would be a good day to work outside. Bill set to work with the pressure washer, pump and water bladder and began washing the Suite. Inside, it was around 10:30 when I started to make breakfast/brunch.

It was a good day to have bacon and pancakes for a change so I made the batter up while the bacon was frying. Two pancakes and 2 strips of bacon each was just the right amount and so easy to fix. This is the best recipe for pancakes ever, Shirley, and I shared it with Donna for her breakfast tomorrow. She is feeding a couple of men and I know they’ll all love them. I sent Bill back out to continue with the wash job and I cleaned up the dishes.

I deflated the air bed in the bunky and put the clean sheets and comforters into vacuum bags for winter storage. It didn't take as long as I thought it would and they are all neatly stored up in the rafters.

Yummy morning food
Bill cleans under the awning first
While he worked away, pulling slides in and out, he asked me if I would sweep and paint the Hangar porch for him. He had bought the Water Sealer in an Acorn colour but the main idea was just to protect the wood over the winter. 

Bill worked on the Suite wash while I painted

By the time I finished that, he was finished the Suite and with the extra water was washing Black Beauty. It was around 2:30 when I suggested we invite Rob and Pat out for a Happy Hour this afternoon. They accepted but we had one more job to do first.

Bill wanted me to help him put two 2 x 4 joists up in the Hangar so he could lay things up there for storage. We did that and then were ready for company. 

Two joists up at one end
They arrived around 3:30 and we had a nice drink together while chatting it up. I don’t think we solved anything because today’s happy hour was all about relaxing and just enjoying the time together. 

when company arrives, we don't need to move to welcome them
Clemson does that for us
Can you see his little legs under the door as he is greeting Rob?
such a responsible little guy
Clemson went from lap to lap as we sat on the patio taking in the warm sun. When they left at 5, it was time to come in and get Clemson his supper.

Pat, Bill, Rob and Clemson enjoying time together
At 6, Bill lit the Weber and took the salmon out on tinfoil. I made up the dill sauce and when there was 5 minutes left of cooking time, poured it over the filet. On the side, I just had tomatoes and Bill had corn. The filet were large and filling enough. We didn’t have ice cream last night so that will be dessert tonight. Supper was delicious! I never used to care much for salmon other than in the can but now I enjoy it very much.
5 minutes left, they smell so good!
This has been a really good day. Great weather, a few things crossed off our lists and a nice visit with good friends. I hope you have enjoyed your day too.

this and ice cream filled our tummies tonight
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  1. Cooler weather to get things done, before heading south. A nice Happy hour and we do love that salmon and dill sauce.
    And a Happy birthday today !

    1. A great day for working and for happy hour'ing. :)
      Love the salmon. :)
      Thank you, one year older and lovin' life!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Nice paint job! When I get home, rig washing is on my list. Not my favorite pastime!!

    1. thank you Nancy. I can understand why rig washing is not high on your list. Look at how high it is!!

  3. Happy Birthday Patsy! Hoping you enjoy your day today (like every other day)! Your home is looking all nice and shiny! The Hangar looks great with the job you did! Weather can be brutal on the unfinished wood. Clemson is so cute in the Happy Hour picture! Nice that Rob and Pat came out to join you three!

    1. thank you Shirley. It has been a great day.
      Things are getting done, bit by bit.
      Clemson enjoys H.H. too. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it is extra special.