Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Dull But Very Special Day, Durham Run, Hockey in Owen Sound

Bill and I both woke and rose around 7 am on Sunday, Sept. 30th. September 30th? Hey, this is a very special day for someone in this household. I couldn’t reach him for a hug because there was a furry sleeping lump between us, but we touched feet and I squeezed his hand “Happy Birthday, Sweetie”. After I got up and got dressed, I took the opportunity to give him his present. Just a kiss, don’t get excited!

I had this picture blown up for Bill's 60th and love it so much
You get to see it
Happy Birthday, Bill!
I got dressed for the out-of-doors, while he made his coffee and settled at his laptop. It was a calm Sunday morning and for the whole 30-minute walk, there was not a vehicle in sight. So quiet and peaceful, my thoughts were not disturbed or distracted by anything other than nature. Aaaah. Perfect. When I returned, I walked up to the garden plot and uncovered my happy pepper and tomato plants. “Thank you” they whispered as they woke up.

Breakfast was yummy
I made my tea and read a few blog posts from our friends. Everyone is busy doing something. Some things involve prepping for south travels, others attending hockey games, others exploring beautiful park lands and still others sight-seeing in our provinces. Oh, and one family in particular preparing for a brand-new batch of baby daschunds. There is quite a variety of hub-bub going on and it is all fun to read about.

Bayshore Community Centre
Bill got a couple of phone calls early this morning, one from Carol, his sister, and the other from my daughter, Bridgette, with birthday wishes. I’m surprised she didn’t sing to him. 😊 His phone was non-stop pinging with new birthday wishes from friends and family across the land. We are so blessed. Yvonne, his oldest, told us that the twins had an afternoon hockey game in our area, so we decided to spend his birthday afternoon in Owen Sound. We had no other plans on this dull Sunday.

The Zamboni does its job
We had our omelette sandwiches before getting washed up and then drove into Durham. Black Beauty needed fueling up, we needed to stop at the bank and we also had to drop a prescription off at the I.D.A. for Bill. Back home, we bided the time preparing some birthday cards and then got bundled for the arena atmosphere.

The huddle around net
Zach is #1
I don’t like to be cold so it has never been my favourite place. Come to think of it, the only time I enjoyed any arena was when I was a teenager in Lucan. I never noticed the cold then, when I was joining my girlfriends for ice skating. Of course, there was some ‘boy-watching’ going on then as well so we were quite distracted. Those days are long gone and my body can’t handle the cold the way it used to. I’ll be taking my Mexican blanket along today.

Zach in net and Carter #7 is on the right in this picture
Sitting here at 1pm it is only 48F/9C. Brrrr. The game starts at 2:45 so we left at 1:45 and drove to the arena. It was a cool day, cloudy and the odd drizzle every once in a while. We arrived at Bayshore Community Centre at 2:30 and saw Yvonne as soon as we walked in. This is a new place for them and the boys only play here once. It is a 2-hour drive for them from Tavistock but quite an impressive venue.

Lots of action and Zach holds them off
They look so small in all this gear
Bill and I enjoyed the game very much, we had a bird’s eye view of young Zach in goal and he played an amazing game. Carter was also very active with his team on the ice and made a number of shots, although unsuccessful today, on goal. We are very proud of these two young fellows. They will have a birthday on Oct. 13 where they will be turning 12. Already! I was quite warm throughout the game with my blanket under and around my legs. The seats are always cold.

If it wasn't for the penalties the Huskies got, a couple of goals wouldn't have happened
We chatted with Yvonne and Dennis while we waited for the boys to change out of their gear and join us. 

Bill, his daughter, Yvonne and Dennis
It is always quite the sight to see them proudly lugging their huge hockey bags with beaming smiles on their faces. I love their hats. Such handsome boys. I got a couple of pictures and then we said goodbye, with the hopes that we see all of them on Oct. 20th.

Zach and his heavy bag
I love this picture of Bill with his grandsons
Three handsome guys!
From there, Bill wanted to drive to the Bayshore Community Boat Launch to see the memorial that honoured his Uncle Kelly. We did that and I took a few more pictures.

Memorial to Kelly Mothersell because of his dedication
to promote the launch
The last time we were here was July 22nd of 1995 to witness the dedication. We weren’t even married yet, it seems like such a long time ago! A couple more pictures here and then onward to Durham where we filled the Rav with gas. Now both vehicles are set for a few days. Bill will be taking Black Beauty to London in the morning so I have the Rav for the time he is away.

Adjustable docks so they can be lifted up above the water so the ice doesn't damage them
It was a misty day so no one else was about
Looking south towards downtown Owen Sound

At home by 5:30, Bill fed Clemson and I started supper. We had some roast beef to finish up and I cut up some onion, pepper and zucchini in the fry pan before adding hash browns. We each had a sliced tomato on the side and it was a filling meal. Two of Bill’s daughters called after supper so we were able to make plans with Krystal about dinner before we leave since she won’t be home on the 20th

Looking across the harbour at the Museum where my sister, Wendy, works

We also got to hear about what Charlotte’s family is up to and how school started for the girls. 
Bill made his sandwiches for the next couple of days and packed his cooler.

It has been a nice birthday celebration for him, even though it was a miserable weather day. We had a good day together.

Thank you for checking in. I enjoy reading the comments you leave.


  1. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bill!!!! And best wishes for many more!!!
    Don in Okla.

  2. Glad you had a good day for Bill's birthday, watching the grandsons playing hockey is always fun, we got to enjoy 5 games in the cold arenas, but sure was worth it. The Tavistock arena was busy with more teams from our tournament too.

    1. Bill enjoyed his day despite the dreary weather.
      This O.S. arena didn't seem as cold as I remember them. Of course, I was well bundled. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Bill! It looked like the perfect way to spend your special day.

    1. thank you, Loree. I'll pass it along to Bill. He enjoyed watching the boys play and seeing Yvonne and Dennis.

  4. I'm with you Patsy when it comes to being cold.....I don't like it at all. When the boys were playing football and baseball we always carried lots of blankets in the car. Baseball was always worse... those nice warm spring days would fool you... the temps would drop and I would be freezing half way through the game. I learned fast.... better be prepared. Fun to watch the grandkids too.
    In your post from yesterday looks like we were within 20-25 miles from you when you visited Bill's stepmother. We were at our son Matt's in Grand Island, NY. I'm glad you and Bill had a nice visit with her.

    1. Ever since I can remember (past the raising young children stage, of course) I've hated being cold. I've learned to be over dressed rather than underdressed. :)
      Interesting, Grand Island popped up on our gps. We were that close!! One day, we'll meet for sure. :D

  5. I'm so glad Bill had such a great birthday. He is special, you know. I just love the pictures of him with his daughter and the grandsons. He must be proud of them all. Say hi to him for me. joanne

    1. He did, Joanne. He reads the comments so but will be sure to tell him 'hey' for you. :)
      Those pictures turned out really good, he is very happy and proud of them.

  6. Brrrrrrr ..... those ice rink pictures make me shiver. Happy Birthday again to Bill. You can sure see the family resemblance!!

    1. I know, brrr, but surprisingly it wasn't too bad. My blankey helped. :)

  7. Glad you had a Happy Birthday Bill, celebrating it with family.
    Counting down the days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Bill says thank you both for the wishes. It was a great day.
      Yes, the countdown is on!!

  8. I remember the Lucan arena! Played pick-up hockey there while at Western.

    1. Ice skating, watching the games but especially the dances upstairs!!! I was a teen would pick beans or wash Daddy's car to earn the entrance fee. It is where I met my children's Dad. Good memories.

  9. Sounds like Bill had a great birthday! The twins are just adorable! Grow up fast don't they?! I love hockey because of the fast pace, but sure sounds cold in there! Breakfast sandwich and dinner looks so yummy! Those potatoes! The memorial is very special!

    1. He did enjoy his birthday, thanks. Yvonne has 2 older boys as well, just as heart-breakingly handsome. :)
      I'm glad Bill saw the memorial again, he has wanted to find it for a while.