Thursday, September 27, 2018

Meeting a Personal Goal, No Mom Visit After All, Durham Library, Change in Bill's Plans

Let me just say that it wasn’t a great night’s sleep but that is par for the course. The course I’m talking about is that Bill is in London and he is usually the one who has his night disturbed, so it is only fitting that I get a turn. Clemson has been up once if not twice in the wee hours to go out and last night was no exception. It is what it is and he is a little old man now and has little old man needs. We still love our little bum and will cater to his needs as best we can.

Looks like a nice start to the day
I woke up at 7:30 on Thursday, Sept. 27th to the sound of my phone chirping. It was Donna, on her walk, and there I was still asleep! I texted Bill that I was just waking and he called to chat. His day was already started and he was well in the throes of finishing his breakfast dishes. I caught him on time before his work day started. I got out of bed, leaving Clemson under the covers (he sleeps now!) and bundled for a walk on this 46F/7C morning.

I start walking towards the moon in the western sky
At least it was relatively calm and the sky was mostly clear of clouds. What there were in the sky, were pretty and I snapped some pictures of what I’ve recently learned to be mackerel clouds. 

Mackerel clouds
The others could be cirrus. I felt rejuvenated after the rough night and with a walking stick I turned north on Baptist Church Road. Donna was right, I needed my little gloves this morning and with the layers I had on, I was quite comfortable.

Kind of cirrus clouds
Once I got to Turbine Drive, I was silently telling myself ‘go to the corner, keep going’. From there on, it was going to be downhill for the most part, down past the horse farm and then a bit of an incline up to the Stop sign. I’ve been saying I want to walk to the corner of Baptist Church Road and Hwy #4 (that leads into Durham) and after seeing that couple do it yesterday, the inner pressure was on. So, today was the day and I feel so pleased with myself. Like that cat with the canary.

The gravel pit
Shall we think Arizona and call it Five Gravel Mountains?
A pretty stream goes under the road

this property has an entrance but it only leads to a pond

There is a house to the left as you go in the driveway but all I know is that
The Judge lives here :)
I couldn’t raise both arms like he did and take a picture at the same time but I felt like Rocky Balboa when he ran up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial. Yes! I turned around to look at the inclining hill now on my way back. As I lifted the camera to take a picture, these seagulls or terns, whatever they are, were scrambling to scavenge the freshly plowed field for breakfast and flew into view. I undid my jacket and slipped off a glove, feeling pumped. It took me an hour and a half of pretty steady walking to cover 3.48 miles/5.5 km.

I made it!
Needless to say, when I returned home it was 9:30. I had yet to have a tea, which I do slowly, and I still haven’t had the shower I'd thought I would have yesterday. Time wasn’t going to allow me to visit Mom this morning so it will have to wait until tomorrow. After my tea, blog visits and shower, I made myself another poached egg on toast and tomato. I enjoyed it too much yesterday. I poured a coffee and started this post before doing up dishes and heading into Durham.

One arm raised is the best I could do

The road leads back home
It was 12:45 when I drove to the new library with my laptop. I didn’t get here at all last year so I’m anxious to check it out. At least I have my West Grey card. When I walked in the door, I was immediately wowed. I’d been in the old library at the other end of Garafraxa St. and loved the quaintness of the old building. Loved the creaky hardwood floors and although short on space (I’m sure it drove the staffers crazy), it needed to be the home of the library. At the time.

I’ve not had a reason to go to the new one since it was erected in the spring and early summer of 2017. I kept saying that I should stop in and see it but it seemed an odd thing to do when I didn’t need books to read. Today was the first time I’d stepped foot in the doors. It is beautiful and I’ve already forgotten about my love affair with the old library building.

There is brightness all around from the many large windows, a wonderful long reception desk and on the left and right great wide aisles of alphabetized books. I’m still not in need, having many pocket novels from our winter in the Q (thanks Deb and Riley) and now my Kobo with many books for reading. I got the information I needed to sit with my laptop and make use of the library’s free wifi. No sooner had I sat down in a room to myself, plugged my laptop in and bingo, I was connected. No mussing with passwords or anything.

The children's area is cozy
The site I was working from has changed since the last book I created (of course, it has!) so it took some valuable (time) minutes to figure how to move forward. I need to do some serious trimming or my book is going to be costing me a fortune, but that will come in due time. After two hours, I had made some progress, the biggest being to understand the Blurb system and its new changes.

I packed up and thanked Ann (I think) and told her I’d be back. Before exiting, I wandered around and my jaw dropped at the Lee Child, James Patterson and Lindsay Barclay books. Yah, it’s a fully stocked library. While there, Bill called and he knew where I was when I whispered “hello?”. The good news is that he might, I emphasis ‘might’, be home tonight after all! Yay! That would be nice but he’ll confirm later this afternoon. You know I never relish him being away for two nights but for as seldom as it happens, I can live with it.

Lots of James Patterson on the shelves
At home, Clemson had missed me, needing out when I wasn’t here. No problem, his accidents when he is feeling better are few and far between and easy to clean up. Poor little bum, he didn’t have to go out before I left, naturally. I made myself a tea and prepared myself to be pestered for 30 minutes while he tried his darnedest to tell me his tummy was empty. I wrote a bit on here and then moved to my chair to sit with him and Jack Reacher for a while.

It was about 4:45 when I gave in and fed him his supper. He is certainly unsettled and I don’t think it is all about Bill being gone. That doesn’t help though. Instead of reading, I went through yesterday’s flyers and started on the crossword that comes in the paper. They are usually difficult but I do what I can, it is good for the brain. Makes me reach into those memory cavities. Bill texted at 6:45 to confirm that he would be home tonight, but late. Yay!

Had to pass this truck on my way to Durham

I'm not sure what he is spraying on the beans
They are ready to be harvested
I warmed up the last of the leftover spaghetti for my supper. There is a little rhubarb crisp left over too but I’ll save it for Bill. I don’t need it tonight. I did the dishes up before sitting here and finishing my post. It is going down to 7C/45F tonight so I won’t need to worry about covering my tomatoes. Looks like we're good until Saturday night and I'll the old sheets out then. It has been a good day with a bit started on my new book. I hope yours has been good too.

Without entering private property, I tried to snap a photo through the cedars
at the horses
It didn't work

and a couple of days ago, I showed you this tree with only one
bright red branch of leaves
My, how things change 
Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to. I love hearing from you if you care to leave a comment.


  1. I like your cloud pics. We've some pretty neat ones here on the East Coast. Not like at home in Alberta.
    Won't be long before we get to see some awesome leaf pictures. I'll be waiting to see yours!

    1. Thank you! Clouds are pretty amazing.It is like scenes in Arizona. Everytime you look, it is different. :)
      Yes, the leaves are gorgeous too, starting to drop in our area.

  2. Nice that you made it down to the stop sign at number 4 a nice morning walk, I have walked the block here at Rock glen a few times a good 3 mil 5 km walk,. The free wifi at the libraries is always a bonus something we use occasionally as well.

    1. I'll have to see how often I do this walk, it felt great but not everyday.
      I remember that you walk around the Rock glen block. Great steps!
      The wifi was so fast and I know I'll go back.

  3. The trees are turning quickly...I love when that happens! I love your library..seems they are almost a dying breed. I remember spending hours and hours at ours as a child and teen. Our is small in our town, but still there is one. I admit with my kindle I don't get there much. Great walk!! The stream pic with the changing trees is so pretty!

    1. I can't believe that it is nearing the end of September already. No wonder the leaves are changing, fall is definitely here.
      The library is beautiful and friendly staff makes it great.
      The stream is nice too and I used to love having a stream on our property as a child.

  4. Good for you on your long walk this morning. I really miss doing our 3-4 mile walks. Hopefully we'll get back to it soon.

    1. That is one of my longest walks and I hope to do one every week at least.

  5. You're becoming an athlete! I just hope Maria takes good care of this 'little old man and his needs' as you do of Clemson's.

    1. You are too funny, F.G. :) I'm sure Maria does exactly that but you're not a little old man yet. Clemson is in a category much older than you.