Sunday, September 2, 2018

Late Start to the Day, Warming Trend Again, Labour Day Weekend, Memories, Good Friends

Neither of us was surprised to see 7:55 reading on the clock when we first woke on Saturday, Sept. 1st.  We slept quite well for 6 hours. I know I dreamt of gambling, I wonder why! I probably could have dropped off again but when I saw the blue sky, I decided to get up with Bill and Clemson. We had our drinks after opening the shades and I skipped my morning walk today. Maybe later.

Traffic back up in Durham during the parade
We read friend’s blog posts and patted ourselves on the back for ending the month of August with about 6 gb of WiFi leftover this month. Maybe we’ve learned to be more moderate with our usage. We’re all different and have different requirements so there is no comparison to anyone else and the data they use. Bill went down to his cargo trailer and Hangar for a few minutes while I made scrambled eggs and bacon.

When the dishes were cleaned up, we drove into Durham. It was 11:10. It is important that you know the time because we had forgotten it was the weekend of the Durham Fall Fair. Bill and I have long since outgrown the hustle and bustle of town or city fairs but we soon found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a traffic jam. The parade was meandering slowly down Garafraxa St./Hwy#6/aka Main St. and onto Hwy #4/Lambton St.W.
I'm sure the parade was great but we just wanted to get in and out of town
For those unfamiliar with the town, this is our main intersection, the only set of traffic lights. Our RBC bank is right on the corner……………..way down there. So we took back streets to get us to the south of town and into the busy Esso gas station to top the car up with fuel. As we zigged back towards the bank, on back streets again, I walked to the bank and back so Bill could avoid the congestion. It was finished when I got back to the Rav and we followed #4 out to Bob’s Used.

These cupboards should work to hold Bill's hobby stuff
They have adjustable shelves
Bill considered the cupboards I’d found and for $10 ea. Figured they would work just fine. Yay! I did good this time! They loaded them in the back and Bill unloaded them on the Hangar porch. By the time we came inside, I felt beat and we all had a bit of a siesta before our afternoon drive. At 1 we took our cameras and our water and drove to Chesley Lake. These are roads that are familiar but only because of the small-town names of the area.

So many familiar names for me
I lived in Elmwood for a few years around the mid 1960’s and around Paisley prior to that. I can remember our parents taking us to the Chesley bridge to swim but we moved so much when we wee young that I can’t recall the exact years, 1963 to 1967 maybe. 

This orange beauty captures my eye
Anyway, today was the grand opening of the new clubhouse at Chesley Lake Camp near Allenford. 

Through the small town of Allenford
What a pretty sign
Bill’s parents used to own a cottage at the camp and in 1968 & 69, Bill worked there as a teenager. We all know what it’s like being a teenager. Some of the best and most long-lasting memories of our lifetime. You can read a bit about the camp which started in 1948 by following this link.

It was a tragic and sad story last July 1st, 2017
The clubhouse was burned to the ground on Canada Day, 2017 and this has been a year of hard work and dedication for the committee members. Today was the Open House and celebration of their new building. Bill didn’t want to miss it. A lot of it was foreign to me even though he had brought me here to show me their former cottage a few years ago. I was never part of a ‘cottage/camp’ atmosphere but I’m sure I would have loved it!
And from a lakeside view this is as it stands today
There was an amazing turnout

A few pictures around the clubhouse and camp
As we walked around the inside of this beautiful building, we veered towards the table where the ladies were serving cake. Awesome! There were at least 5 choices of slab cakes and although they all looked delicious, I skipped the yummy looking Red Velvet and went to my all-time favourite, double fudge chocolate. 😊 Our plan was to get a piece and find a couple of chairs before there were none left.

If you can see the arrows in the back corner
We had the best view of the lake but not of the speakers
Left arrow to right: Debbie, Bill, Patsy, Ken, Grace
Another friend of Bill's from the camp
Lorne and Bill catch up on things
Grace standing in the background
As we moved down the line, Bill’s eyes were scanning for one person in particular, Debra, a camp girlfriend from those teen years. Debbie was serving cake and it was cute to see the reunion. No camera in hand, of course. As a matter of fact, I graciously took Bill’s plate so he could give her a ‘proper hug’. (Blind Side w/Sandra Bullock) What a lovely lady and I’m sure she was a beautiful young gal too. Thank goodness that broke apart for obvious reasons!

Don took us on a tour of the new building and facilities

Bill checking the Boat House to see if his name was still carved in the rafters
Unfortunately, everything in the building was new
We met Ken, Debbie’s husband, and hit it off very well. I still wasn’t in my element. It was very loud and I couldn’t follow Bill and Ken’s conservation so chatted a bit with Grace MacIntosh and come to find out she was the sister to Bill, a camp buddy of my Bill. The way Bill tells it, they were the only two boys working at the camp those summers. That would be interesting! 
Bill drove around to see the family cottage
A few changes since they owned it
Bill enjoyed the cottage for sure and re-visited after he was first married and had children of his own until 1975 when his Dad sold it.

Bill reminisces at the family cottage
 Bill and I went on a tour of the new building and then drove to the trailer park where Debbie and Ken have their Pilgrim travel trailer on a seasonal lot. Lucky 13, Debbie says. 
What a great spot and a lovely summer home for them
This is such a cute picture
Debbie was so thrilled for the reunion, I couldn't capture her eyes open!
I really tried, Debbie! this shows what type of person you are
and I love that!
Debbie and Ken in the top pictures
We had a drink together in Twisted Sister (Ken!) glasses and toasted to old and dear friends. We all hope this is a long-lasting friendship again. I felt so at ease in this atmosphere, sitting around a trailer, I wonder why? Ha ha, that is my life and well I fit in best. We left at 6 and drove home to our little house sitter.

A collage of pictures around the Ridge
My rhubarb has started to grow again (!)
The farmer moves his fodder down the road from the field where the cows hang out
My mint plants on the left are thriving now!
So are my petunias again 
I didn’t know what supper was going to be but fried up some sausage and a cob of corn each to end with a banana split for me and just ice cream for Bill. 

Simple but filling
If I wasn't so tired, I would have made up a salad
At 10, I was dropping my Kobo so knew it was time for bed. What a fabulous day!

The clouds were awesome on the drive home
The top right pictures looks like the Genie coming out of Aladdin's lamp

Before we turned onto Baptist Church Road, we encountered wet roads
and puddles but it was dry at home
Thank you for reading of our adventure today and thank you for any comments you feel obliged to leave.


  1. What beautiful new clubhouse and open house celebration always nice to go back in time and hook up with old friends. For years Suzie and her family camped at Chesley lake and her mom and dad used to rent a cabin there and go fishing with friends up until a few years ago. What a beautiful area. nice that you could get there again.

    1. It really is a nice clubhouse and they've kept some of the 'old' features which is kinda cool.

  2. It was an amazing blast from the past and Ken and I Absolutely loved this connect and reconnect. I think that Ken has a best new trailer chat friend and I feel like Patsy and I are kindred spirits. So glad you made the trip to CLC. Time marches on and you will be heading to Arizona in a flash. Hope to stay connected (And maybe you'll dine our trailer more guest ready next time. I have to remember ... It's our holiday trailer...and it works for us. XOXOXO Debra/Debbie/Deb and Ken

    1. It truly was a great time, a blast in the past for Bill and a new bond for me. I'm so glad it worked out that we could go and the spent with you and Ken at the Pilgrim's site was very special.
      it sure threw me for a loop, wondering who is Tegan! ??? :)

  3. I have no idea why my comment showed as Tegan (our daughter) good grief. Next time we will have more than just a beverage. Ken really is a wonderful cook

    1. We would never object to Ken cooking for us!
      Plans for spring for sure!
      xoxoxo back at ya!