Thursday, September 6, 2018

License Plates, Driver’s License, Health Card, Grocery Store, Meat Market, Liquor Store, Oh My! (now you don’t need to read my post!)

It was 6:30 when I got up this morning, Thursday, Sept. 6th. My body was achy and I stretched out the kinks but I needed to move. I slept well until 2 when I heard Bill letting Clemson out again. Oh dear, not another night like that! Turns out it was only a couple of times and all is forgiven in the morning when we hear his little tummy gurgling. He’s not feeling like himself, that’s for sure.

A cloudy sky but a peaceful surrounding
I went for my walk at 6:45 and was back in 30 minutes. It was a cloudy start to the day but very refreshing and ‘not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse’. I’m sure a lot of creatures were but I just mean it is so very peaceful at that time of the morning. It is getting easier and easier for me to make that part of my daily routing. I’m not talking myself into it anymore, it seems. I wake up with the desire to walk.

I've seen this rock many many times. It is at the base of our mail box post
Today, I saw a face
When I returned, I turned the Keurig on and opened the outside door to let some fresh air in. Bill was getting up by the time I made my tea so I made his coffee too. We read some blog posts together and Bill gave Clemson some loving. He couldn’t get settled on the couch and I should have got a picture of the two of them, but missed the window to do that. We had to leave him alone while we drove to Hanover’s Service Ontario office so hoped that there were no surprises upon our return.

Service Ontario at 10:00
It was time to renew vehicle plates and my driver’s license and health card needed renewing as well. And I needed to have my picture taken this time. This is so wrong, getting our pics taken with these rules. They aren’t like my ‘selfies’ where I put on my best smile. No smiling, no glasses……..basically, 'look like someone else'. LOL We renewed the car plates for 2 years but can’t do the same on the truck for some reason. Oh well, it made a big enough dent in our account as it is! 

this is a great sign
We did all those things listed in the Heading of this post and came home with everything purchased for the weekend and month, in some cases. It's good to take care of some things that needed to be done by month's end. What a change. The air is much cooler today, 69f/20C making it a good day to work outside. At this point, I don't know what I will get into today, bending over is not a pleasant experience right now. 

I do like the view up the hill
Pretty much straight on
It was lunch time by the time we got home again and I made myself a coffee. I even had a cookie dunked in it! That’s a treat for me, I seldom eat cookies. Bill needed something to eat as well so made himself a sandwich when I said I wasn’t keen on bacon and eggs today. Clemson’s tummy has settled down and he is sound asleep on the couch. Inside, we started looking at things to put on a list for our next Costco visit. Things for heading south. We all know there are brand name things that we can’t get south of the border.

And a little to the left, you see the full Suite view
When Bill went out to the Hangar, I thought I would stay put but instead went out and stained the chairs one more time. The stain only takes an hour to dry but it is recommended you wait 8 hours before a re-coat. They look better and I’ll check and see if a 3rd coat will be necessary before giving the stain back to Donna. Since I was moving and active, my back was easing up. I’m sure the 2 Advil, that I took before I went out, helped too. Something I seldom take.

Bill actually enjoys cutting the grass because he gets to ride his tractor
I fiddled around with the train clock that has made the rounds from Aunt Mary’s house to our house to Dad’s house and back again to the bunky. I couldn’t seem to get the time to work even after replacing the battery. Weird. I spoke too soon about Clemson’s tummy upset since even though it isn’t gurgling, something is not right. He has had more accidents in the house, always on the carpet (darn!). Pretty soon, the whole living room area will have been scrubbed by hand. good thing we have plans to shampoo it before heading south.

this guy must have dropped from the tree onto the chairs

I think he was lost so I used a leaf to move him out of my way
When Bill was done in the Hangar he hopped on the riding mower and cut the grass. It was the perfect day for it but mine would have to wait until tomorrow morning. I followed him down the laneway to empty the mailbox since I knew the mail lady left something in there. It was the statement for our vehicle insurance so I left it on the table for Bill to open. I know, I know! I should be more involved, my name is on the envelope and the insurance too!

I actually spooked a couple of ducks but they were too fast
leaving behind a whirlpool
Inside, I saw Clem drinking and a light came on. Hmm. Maybe his problem is the change in water. Every once in a while, I give him water from the tap but since we got the filter to take the iron out, I decided 3 days ago to give it to him more regularly. That is probably what the upset is all about, it would cause diarrhea. So, I dumped his dish and will get him back on bottled water for a while. Poor little guy didn’t know what hit him. I hope that is all it takes to resolve it.

I went out into the Cedar Creek (Rob and Pat's fiver) and pulled out their sofa bed to make it up for Saturday night. Rob had told me it was a double bed but I didn’t have any double sheets. No problem, my queen sheets will work just fine. It was warm in there so I opened a couple of windows and made the bed before folding it back up again. I closed windows again and will open it up in the morning if it is hot.

Wiggle wiggle
When I finished that, the sun was nice on our patio so I poured myself a Cherry Soda Water and sat outside. I was curious whether I could steal some more free WiFi from the neighbours but no luck. It wasn’t even showing up which makes me think it was a special for August that they were trying out and decided not to buy into it. I got my book and thought I’d get into the next Jack Reacher story, The Hard Way. Now that sounds like J.R. to me, does he ever take the easy way out?

On the way back up the lane tonight, Clemson was not waiting for me
As soon as I got comfortable, the sun went behind the clouds and the temperature dropped a few degrees. It felt chilly in my sleeveless top and shorts so when Bill finished the berm and both fields, we came inside. The temperature is dropping as we speak, already down to 69F. With the exception of the door screens, I have closed all windows in here. After the heat we’ve had, it actually feels cold. My goodness!

No, I don't need kisses

we need to have a talk
Bill lit the Weber Q at 6 and grilled 4 small chicken thighs. I made up a garden salad and a packet of Swiss Chalet sauce. Yum. We were eating by 6:30 and had supper and dishes all cleaned up by 7. Just reruns were on tv so I took a walk down the lane with Clemson. Well, I walked, he first trotted in front of me, wiggling his little bum, and then he took off at a run. He never stopped until he got up on our patio mat. I think he’s feeling okay.

supper was good
The supper he showed very little interest in before we went out all of a sudden must have looked quite appealing when he returned. Bill and I still had some stewed rhubarb to eat up so he heated some up in the microwave. I had cream with mine and a couple of peanut butter cookies. Double yum. 

sky pictures to end my post tonight

across the field to the north

to the north west

Back inside, I settled down to finish this post. Once I sent it off, it was time to get into my book again. This has been a good day here on the Ridge. How about yours?

Good night from the Ridge
Thank you for stopping in to check us out today. Your comments are always read and appreciated.


  1. Got things taken care of and enjoyed a cooler day, looks like you had a wonderful sunset as well.

  2. Wow what a day you had..tired me out in reading about your morning! Sure hope the water solves the problem for Clemson..he's spoiled and his system likes the bottled water and that's fine (just be glad it isn't FIJI water he likes) that's the best water ever but oh so expensive! Love the "we need to have a talk pic" so cute! The sunset is gorgeous!

    1. Busy days are good because you get to relax afterward! :)
      I hope it is just the water too and glad it is a cheap fix.
      I love that picture too!

  3. I hope Clemson is feeling better. Fabulous sunset.