Sunday, September 16, 2018

Laundry Business, Drone Pictures, Another Perfect Day, Rv Card Update

It was just around 6:30 when I first stirred and noticed some light peeking around the blind perimeters. Bill was semi-awake and with Clemson in between us, we did the foot shuffle “good morning”. At 7 I looked out my window and said “good, it is a good walking morning”. We both got up and Clemson crawled under the covers on Bill’s side. He hadn’t been up yet but we took a chance anyway and both of us went for a walk.

More purple clouds this morning

It was 65F so in capris and a sleeveless top only, I slipped on my windbreaker in case I felt cool. Bill was in his bright neon Safety t-shirt from his days working the London and St. Thomas airshows. That is what I need to wear on my early walks and he told me he had an extra one! No safety vest required! We walked to Turbine Drive, as it shall now be known, and on the way back espied 4 deer way out across the bean field, at the edge of the bush.

And another little battle going on up there this morning
I don’t always carry a camera, but I do always carry my Samsung. They were too far away to capture a photo though with just a 4X zoom. By the time we returned to the Suite, I was ready for a tea and Bill made me one in my Route 66 travel mug and his coffee in his regular cup. I went upstairs to sort clothes and Bill loaded the Rav with the basket. Today, because I hadn’t posted yet, I took my laptop instead of my Kobo.

Still pretty and the sun won out today
I was the second person to arrive so got my choice of 3 machines. I don’t mind doing our laundry at the ‘mat but I will be looking forward to the savings by doing it in the U.S. $10.50 here and I have to dry them myself whereas in some parks it would only be maybe $7 all dried. Not a huge savings, I guess, but every little bit helps. Either one still beats having a washer/dryer unit in our Suite considering the water usage, electric usage and weight in an already heavy 5th wheel. Many people have in-unit washers and dryers and love it, but it is just not for us.

I felt very safe walking with this bright guy!
I hung the clothes out and Bill parked the Rav in its spot. Taking a look at the garden I was surprised to get another 6 medium tomatoes and a pepper with about 4 tomatoes ready in a day or two. I love having the garden fare. At 10:30 I fried up bacon and eggs and we cleaned up the dishes right away. Bill had vacuumed the Suite while I was gone and Clemson was back asleep on the couch, not bothered by it at all.

More signs of fall
Pilot Bill went out and got his drone out for a flight. First time this summer, I think!  He missed the opportunity to get a picture of our ‘campout’ over the July/August long weekend. 
Waiting to turn onto Main St. in Durham
I first saw this yellow car go by

Soon followed by this orange one
I'm sure you car guys know what it is, but I don't!
We need to get a good picture of the Ridge for new ‘rv’ cards so that was the plan today. The next step will be to get them designed and ordered leaving enough time to have them delivered here. I know Vistaprint is very fast so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Bill gets his drone out this morning
We are expecting more Bunky company Thursday overnight, if the weather is decent. Another couple with a big dog, a great Dane, and if the weather is wet, we will likely cancel rather than them leaving the dog in their vehicle. That just isn’t right. We’ll play it by ear and see what the forecast looks like on Wednesday before they make the drive.

Bringing it home
Then on Friday, our last visitors will arrive in the evening with their tent trailer. After that, it will be time to start packing things away. We sat outside under the awning for a while. Bill played with his winged toys and I started this post. When the wind dies down, it is a scorcher but up here on the hill, it was quite lovely.

I think Clemson was on the trail (scent) of Domi from yesterday's visit
He hi-tailed it across the parking area to the hill for his piddle
The afternoon went uneventfully and yet Bill reported making good progress on his Stinson Reliant plane. I made progress on my book and my tan so no complaints there! At 4:30 I brought the clothes in off the line, folding them as I went. They dry nicely and have a nice fresh air smell to them. Bill had taken some pictures with his drone and other pictures of his work on the plane so brought those in to download.

Took care of business ...............
and scooted back again
At 5, I fed Clemson his regular supper and other than his normal mooching, he seems pretty much his regular self. Still wonky legs at times when he walks and he tips over occasionally with the slightest provocation but he is doing well. Thank you, Doctors Nancy and Contessa for your help with his diet. 😊 Bill lit the Weber at 6 and grilled a couple of burgers with bacon and melted cheese. Yum. I made up a salad and got all the condiments out. These burgers are always loaded, messy just the way we like them!

I was obviously hungry and jiggled when I took the picture! sorry.
Bill washed dishes and I dried before he made his egg salad sandwiches for work tomorrow and Tuesday. We have a 12 v Coolatron that he takes back and forth. It plugs into the Rav (or Black Beauty) and keeps his drinks, meals, yogourt etc. cold for the drive. When he arrives at CanAm, he is able to move it into the trailer that Nicole has set aside for his stay. They do look after him while he is there. It is the only way that this job works for him.

this is how the inside of my Kobo cover looked, stuff rubbing off it all the time
We’ve had the a/c turned on all day and when it heated up to 76F around 11:30 this morning, it kicked in. It was time to close the windows. We have no regrets at all about running it, at 7:30 it is still 78F so plenty warm outside. 

Bill used some of his tape and covered it for me
that should preserve it for a while longer
thanks dear!
This has been a good day. I managed to get a few pictures put into folders of our last winter and can continue with that while Bill is away. I do have some more laundry to do, sheets and bedspread from the Bunky, but can do that one of those days too.

One more beautiful morning sky picture
I hope you have had a good day. Thank you for reading about our day! You can leave a comment if you wish.


  1. Great minds think alike about getting things clean.
    We'll all be glad when the high Humidex days are gone but so will we.
    Glad Clemson is doing better.
    Nice that Can Am helps with Bill's stay.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Good to have the laundry done with just bedding to do tomorrow.
      The humidity is definitely not fun but it is so much worse for others so I try not to grumble. It will be cold too soon! :)
      thank you, Clemmy rules the roost again and we are grateful to CanAm. If they want him to work, they need to make it worth his while to stay there.

  2. Enjoying more of this wonderful weather, Outside, laundry and Bill playing with his toys. Good to hear Clemson is feeling better as well.

    1. It really was a nice day and more humidity for a couple of days. Trying to soak the heat in for when it changes to cold. :)
      Clemson is doing much better.

  3. It's always a relief to get the sheets done ... and so nice to sleep in them!! So happy Clemson is getting better every day. BTW I've switched from rice to baked potatoes chopped up. Less chance of allergies for my kids. Enjoy the day!!

    1. Clean sheets always make me say 'oh wow, I need to wash these more often' and then I never seem to. LOL

  4. The walk is so pretty! Love when there's clouds like that. Glad Clemson is doing better. I couldn't comment yesterday but CONGRATULATIONS on the new grand baby on the way!! Love the little outfits Jess bought for the announcement! Too cute!