Friday, September 14, 2018

Finishing Yesterday’s Garden Cleanup, Bill Finishes Projects, Happy Hour, Travel Plans with Friends

I slept well and woke up on Thursday, Sept. 13th from more dreams, Bridgette, Bill’s sisters and a bunch of other stuff I can’t recall. It was just a couple of minutes before 7 when I stretched and crept ‘sneakily’ out of bed. Bill was still in deep slumber and I assumed Clemson was too, tucked next to him under the covers. I got dressed and went out for another wonderful country walk.

This walk wasn’t as exciting as yesterdays with all the webs. I enjoyed taking those photos, I hope you enjoyed some of them too. It was a warm morning so I was able to wear capris and no socks today. When I returned just under 2 miles later, Bill was up making coffee and tea. I had to finish my post from yesterday so downloaded pictures with a much better frame of mind than the previous night and got it published.

A very still morning, flag and turbine both motionless
I didn’t even read any other blog posts as I wanted to get out and clean up the mess I left yesterday in the garden. There were 3 huge irises that were the last things I clipped up at the top area near the fence and I had petered out by then so left the clippings for today. I slipped gloves on and loaded the wheelbarrow and then dumped it over the edge into the brush pile. Good thing that stuff composts, however slowly, or it wouldn’t work as a dumping spot.

Good morning, sunshine!
Bill went down to work on the inside latches on his Hangar doors and said he was getting anxious to ‘finish’ a few small projects. Time was running out. I fried up bacon and eggs shortly after 10 and after eating, sent him off to ‘get back at it’ and I did the dishes. I don’t really have much on my agenda today. Bill has been noticing the blue jays making an appearance and I’ve been missing them. This morning, while eating, one flew into the tree right outside the window but I only caught one photo.

Not the perfect capture through the window, but he is posing briefly for me
Later, I noticed a flash of blue on the tail and body of another visitor. I think it must be a female blue jay or bluebird? The picture I took is not too revealing. 

You birders will be able to name this shy one
I wanted to do a sweep through the Suite and put my head around putting another book together. I enjoy doing them, it just takes a commitment on my part and some self-encouragement. I thought today might be the day to start focusing on that. So outside with my laptop, I typed up my written notes, transferring them onto a Word document. I'll work on pictures later.

My shadow partner walked beside me this morning
instead of in front of me
Ellscott is more visible now, showing off a little leg
The rest of the morning and early afternoon was lazy, chair hopping as Bob says. 

I've missed turtle sightings this summer so was pleased to see these guys on the log

This hummer is lost, looking for the feeder
At 3 I fed Clemson his chicken rice meal and we drove into Rob and Pat’s for Happy Hour, trip planning and supper together. 
Oh-oh, something is not right
This black steer is on the road side of the fence
We don't know who has black cattle in the area
We sat outside for a while on their front porch and eventually all trooped inside, Clemson too, to get the note pads, laptops and Google maps working. It went well, all 4 of us with input but Bill and Rob basically mapping the route.

No smoke but a lot of thinking going on here
This makes me feel excited about the upcoming winter, we look forward to travelling with our friends. We ordered fish and chips takeout for supper and the boys picked it up while Pat put a salad together. 

Clemson makes himself at home
in his 2nd home
We shared a bottle of wine and toasted to friends and travel. Before we knew it, it was 8 and we scooted out of there. Rob and Pat have an early morning drive so needed to relax for the remainder of the evening.

Another poser on the wire
this busy Monarch did everything BUT pose
It was a warm night and it was 10 when I went to bed. I hope your day was as pleasant as mine was.

The view behind us through my side mirrow

Goodnight, says the Moon and Jupiter
The red star, Antares, was also visible to the south
Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Love all the hutches and cabinets in Pat's dining area, reminds me of my mom's :) It did look like there was a lot of concentration going on in there! Little Ellscott is adorable! Clemson does look totally comfy there! The last pic is gorgeous.

    1. We had a good day. Pat would have a really hard time cleaning those hutches out if she ever decided to sell her house. It is a lot like Mom's used to be. :)
      Ellscott has been hidden in the hosta leaves.

  2. It’s so much more fun when you travel with friends!!!

    1. We are looking forward to travelling with these guys. We are on the same page for a lot of things. Sightseeing will be so much more fun.

  3. Great pictures as always especially as the days get shorter.
    Nice that you are already planning your trip south for this winter.
    Clemson appears to know the drill and made himself comfortable.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. thank you. It feels good to get plans in place and will start booking campsites this week.Clemson feels right at home there.

  4. Those spider web pictures just capture the season so well. What process do you follow to write your books?

    1. The spider webs do define this hot summer and morning dew. In the past, I've downloaded pictures on and then added captions and words after. This time, I'm writing the outline first and then will go into Blurb to place pictures. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to get it the way I want. :)

  5. Nice that you can get things together, spinning a trip with Rob and Pat. we have done that a few years ago and had a great time as I know you guys will as well.

    1. We had fun last night and I'm sure we will have a great time this winter with them.