Thursday, September 20, 2018

Windy Day, Cooling Off, Cheap Water Leak Fix, Mom, Post Office PickUp, Visit from Cousin

I woke up at 6:30 on Thursday, Sept. 20th and noticed Bill had already got up and closed the bedroom door. I was warm and cozy under the duvet and so was Clemson. Woops, spoke to soon, he got up 5 minutes later to go out and then return to the bed with me. When I realized I wasn’t going to sleep anymore, I got up and immediately got my fleece lined jacket on for my walk. No point in dawdling or I’d talk myself out of it.

It was 57F/12C and actually a warmer morning than yesterday even though there was a brisk wind this morning. When I returned from walking past the ‘Doghouse’, I was anxious for a nice cuppa tea so made that right away. Bill was finished his coffee and was upstairs getting washed up. Between he and Marshall yesterday, they came up with a suggestion for Bill to try regarding the water leak Bill noticed. It will be nice to get it fixed because as of yesterday morning, we turn the pump off unless we’re using the water. Off and on off and on.

the turbines have a pretty nice back drop this morning
Bill drove to a couple of places, one being Pratt’s in Durham and the fellow there recommended trying Mount Forest to pick up the part we needed. Kind of an ‘o’ ring thing but not really. I can’t recall what Bill called it. Anyway for .75 per, he picked up 2 and replaced both. Voila’! No more leak. Yay! That was easy. We spent more time thinking about it then it took to repair it. Perfect resolve!

After he returned, I made us bacon and eggs and another coffee. I got washed up and drove into town to see Mom. No disappointment there either, she was resting but very chipper to see me. We chatted about the book she was reading, a blank journal type book that Donna had picked up for her 91st birthday celebration last year. We were all supposed to write in it on the day to wish her a Happy Birthday, which most of us did. We slipped up this past April and forgot to put it out again so there was nothing added for 2018.

What a coincidence that it was Bridgette's note she had the page open to when I arrived 
The page she just happened to be reading was the note my daughter left her, so that was special. She read it over 5 or 6 times in a row, forgetting each time, of course, but thought it was so special that everyone said nice things about her smile and her piano playing. 

You'd think we were dressed for Christmas!
Time went by fairly quickly in her room, talking about sending birthday cards and the prices (she was shocked when they rose to $2.50), looking for the puzzle box to put the completed puzzle away (which I never found) and her new watch.

she showed me her watch and we said
"Oh! it's lunch time!"
After saying goodbye at her table, I chatted with Aunt Mary briefly and complimented her on her pretty blouse today. I wonder if Rob and Pat gave it to her and was that was she was trying to tell me. It looked very nice on her, nice bright flowers. From there, I drove uptown to the Once, Twice Again store and I picked up a couple of greeting cards and some sticky shelf paper for $3. Now I’ll have it for my Kobo cover if I want to ‘pretty’ it up.

Driving from Durham, I saw this flock of turkey buzzards
Can you see all their gray necks sticking up as they shuffle off?
Back home and inside, I made myself a Dulce de Leche instead of another tea or coffee. I had a few Keurig pods of it left. When the weather turns cool, sometimes I feel like a hot drink at odd times. This was one of those times. Bill came in from working on his barbecue wind screen. It isn’t going as easy as he’d hoped. He’ll figure it out as he needs to make adjustments for the side ‘wings’. He had a snooze and I added to my blog post.

We took a drive to Priceville Post Office to pick up a parcel that we’d received a notice for. We had ordered our rv cards on Monday, the 16th, got an email that they’d shipped on the 17th and they arrived yesterday, the 19th. That is crazy!! What great service Vistaprint offers and our tip for you if you are ever using them is to NEVER pay anything more than the lowest shipping cost offered. We could have paid $12.99 for 3 to 4 days, $10.99 for 5 to 7 days or $7.99 for 7 to 10 days. We paid the $7.99 and got them at the post office here on the 3rd day.

Our Vistaprint parcel
After we got in the Rav, we immediately opened the boxes, anxious to see our new cards and they are wonderful! We did good! 

we treated ourselves for our birthdays
New pens and mugs too
We drove home and because it wasn’t raining hard yet, Bill went to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. The rain would hit at some point and he wanted to get this taken care of. It is 64F and with a bit of a breeze, feels chilly to me so I changed out of my ‘fancy-go-to-visiting-Mom’ top and slipped a warm and sloppy top on. I like my inside days here in the Suite.

When our fresh water tank was full, Bill came inside and we relaxed together in front of the tv. I read some of my book with Clemson beside me. At 5:30 I began making a meatloaf for supper. It takes just over an hour to bake and we had leftover rice and a couple of cobs of corn to clean up. With sliced garden tomatoes on the side, it was a really nice inside meal. Just as we were cleaning up the table, my cousin Harvey pulled up the laneway.

It was a delicious supper tonight
Harvey is on the council for the Literacy Association in the area and he is tutoring 3 students this summer.  They meet on Thursday nights so it was nice that he stopped in tonight. Clemson took to him right away and shared the recliner for most of his visit. When we stepped outside an hour later to say goodbye, the winds had really picked up. It was around 59F but it felt colder than that.

We cleaned up the dishes and relaxed for the rest of the evening. It hasn’t been a tough day by any means but we are getting really good at taking it easy. At least I am! It was so nice to have another great time with Mom today. This summer has been great for my visits and the memory of those visits will help me get through the winter when I won’t see her.

It was nice that my cousin, Harvey stopped in for a visit
Clemson cozied right up beside him
It has been a good day and I hope you can say the same.
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It’s such a relief to get those little RV problems fixed!!!! Your mom looks great in her red sweater.

  2. Glad that you got that water leak fixed and such and set fix too.

  3. Love your outfit you wore to go see mom! You both are too cute. Love love love the cups and pens! How nice what your cousin Harvey is doing! Great he stopped in to visit too!

  4. Pat,
    Those turkey buzzards that you photographed are in fact wild turkeys, just thought you would like to know.

  5. I love the pens and chips you ordered. Such a great idea.
    Your mom (and you) takes a wonderful picture. She always seem to be smiling. That is wonderful.
    How nice for your cousin to visit. I love seeing my cousins and we try to make time with them along the way in our travels. Always a special time.