Saturday, September 1, 2018

No Chores Today! Tepid Day, Mom Visit, Water Fill, Late Night at the Casino

The whole family was awake and up at 7 on Friday, Aug. 31st. Last day of the month and although it zipped by like a satellite, August was a good month. 

It is pathetic, I know, but this was my attempt at capturing the moon
from through the window Thursday night
It was busy for us as September is gearing up to be. We’ve had typical Ontario weather, you never know what you’re going to get but we have certainly tasted a bit of 3 seasons up here on The Ridge.

Morning pond picture
We had our coffee and tea and Bill popped the furnace on for an hour to take the 58F/14C chill out of the Suite. It doesn’t sound cold but I had felt a bit of chill all night on my legs so I needed to warm up. Once the sun made its first appearance, we had soon warmed up to 71F/21C. We caught up on our reading online and I slipped into my hoodie and wind breaker for my walk. It was 8:30 so I was hitting the pavement and gravel later than usual. It was a great morning for a walk.

I figured Bill was going for water at the same time so headed towards the north instead of to the turbines. Oh dear! Poor Madame Butterfly was not going to see the light of this day, suffering an unfortunate demise.  

They're one of God's exquisite beauties
When I heard a vehicle, I turned to see a car at the corner instead of Black Beauty so continued on my walk. With a toot toot, Bill in the Rav let me know he was heading first into Durham, in the opposite direction. Oh yah, Home Hardware and the bank. When I got back, I got washed and dressed up a bit as I wanted to go see Mom after breakfast.
Going north this morning and got 1 1/2 miles walked
Bill returned from town and then went for water. While he was gone I began our bacon and when he came up the drive, I put the eggs in the pan.  I sit and wait looking out the window. The hummers are hungry, oh, I need to boil some sugar water for them, and the finches are emptying their feeder quickly too. I just remembered that I need to send Deb D. something, my brain is like a sieve! So, I went to Facebook and took care of that. If you missed it Deb, it is RVing Rocks!

I was being watched as I drove out to see Mom
I found Mom in her room, sound asleep so moved about quietly but making enough noise to rouse her slowly. When her eyes popped open, she soon moved quickly and sat up. She was so pretty in red. Her mood was wonderful and just said she opted to snooze instead of taking a walk down the hall. We sat and chatted for a while and then I suggested getting one of her puzzles out. Donna had done one with her last week and she enjoyed it. We couldn’t find her organ stand so had to do it on the poster board on her bed.

Mom was enjoying this
I just noticed she did it all without her glasses!
This was terribly uncomfortable but I’m sure it bothered me more than her, she was quite enthralled with the puzzle. We had 40 minutes to finish it and we just made it under the wire. At 11:55 we rode down in the elevator to her dining table. 

We did it!
It was fun, another memorable visit. I stopped briefly to say hello to Aunt Mary and then scooted home. Well, before I made it out of Durham, I convinced myself to stop at Bob’s Used. He always has used furniture out in his shop for sale and I've been meaning to poke around. I found an idea for Bill but will let him decide if he wants to check it out.

Cute picture and no pieces missing
Mom did great!
The remainder of the day went well. Bill jiggled his cargo trailer down to its location beside the Hangar. This is where it will sit for easy access to his winged toys and we will be able to use the car shelter for its original purpose, finally. 

Finding the best spot for it
I did some more reading, walking and lazing. I had my shower first while Bill tried to have a doze and then I walked outside some more so my hair would dry naturally. When Bill got up from his ‘rest’ (said he couldn’t drop off because he wanted to) he had a shower and I began supper.

Nicely tucked in together
Eventually we'll get this graveled or laid with chip and dust
I grilled us each a cheese sandwich, mine with the added goodness of sliced onion and tomato, and we had a yogourt cup and half of a cheesecake cupcake. That hit the spot and hopefully would fulfill us until the morning. Rob and Pat arrived around 5:15 and Bill showed Pat the completed Hangar for the first time. We loaded into the Rav4 and Bill drove. Rob has driven the last couple of times. We drove to Casino Rama in Orillia. Tonight, we were being treated to the Australian Bee Gees! This should be great!

Oh man! That sun feels great, Mom!

Our baby looking spiffy on his stool
and look who finally is back to hopping up on the bed in the afternoon
all by himself! Yay!!
The conversation, as always, was good and we had our many chuckles along the way. We met up with Sandra and Bill in the waiting area and split up to throw some money away. It didn’t take Bill and I long, as usual, to donate our $40 to the cause. I rubbed Sandra’s shoulders because she was HOT again, but I think I rubbed any possible good luck right back on her. She had a great night and that is terrific! The show was excellent. I liked our seats because we were at the end of a row near a wall. That meant no up and down as people needed to get by.

This was early but the place was packed when the show started at 9
Yes, a late show but it was worth it
We were out of the Casino around 11:30 and home by 1:15. There was some heavy metal happening on the foot pedal, I think. 😊 Bill wasn’t tired at all, which is great, but I had to fight in the back seat to keep my eyes open. This was a great day and evening. We were pumped and tired when we crawled into bed and I know we didn’t drop off immediately. LOL why does that happen? I wanted to be warm so slipped into jammies and that did the trick. I hope you all had a nice day too.

Waiting for the show to begin
This was my seat
thank you to Rob, Pat, Sandra and Bill for a great evening!
And this was "Maurice, Robin, Barry"
so to speak
Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are appreciated!


  1. Love the pic of the cows in the field. Mom looks great! Concert sounds awesome, what a late night but a great night with friends. Clemson seems to have enjoyed his day!

    1. It was a great day. The cows make me chuckle all the time. You can make up stories about what they're thinking.
      Mom had fun with the puzzle and Clemson has good days most of the time. Let me sleep, Mom. :)

  2. What a fun concert!! Course the grilled cheese made my ears perk up. I love doing puzzles on my phone all the time. Great brain work!!!

    1. I love grilled cheese fried with the onions and tomatoes. Hard to turn down. :)
      Brain teasers are good for us!

  3. Love the concerts there at Casino Rama, we have been to a few over the years, always great shows. 'Glad you had a fun night.