Sunday, September 16, 2018

Congratulations but No Toast, Nice Visit with Daughter, Hot and Humid Day

Last night, Jess and Matt arrived in their ‘new to them’ 2013 Chev Avalanche around 8:45. It seems so sudden that it is pitch black and all you see are headlights coming up the driveway at that time in the evening. Wasn’t it just 2 weeks ago, it was daylight until 9:30? Bill got them set up in the bunky after we greeted them with hugs and they tied Domi to a tree and came inside.

This picture was taken in the morning, it was too dark the night
they arrived
Domi is a lovely large pup and has a whole lot of excitable anxiety so unfortunately, our Suite is not compatible. Items would be swept off the table and Clemson traumatized. He had to stay outside while we visited inside. He wasn’t ignored completely; Jess and Matt took turns attending to him. He has a whole lot of settling down to do before I’m comfortable with him.

We're going to be grandparents again!
Inside, Jess handed us our birthday cards with instructions to wait until the special day to open them. Okay, we can do that. Then, she handed us each a white gift bag overflowing with tissue paper, and another card.. She told us we had to read the card first, together, and then open the gift, together. I told her that she was very bossy. 😊 Before I finished reading the handwritten note, I had tears in my eyes.

Our ‘little’ Jess, Bill’s youngest daughter, a young lady who has been in my life since she was 5, is expecting her first child. We are very happy for both of them and other than a few obvious questions, can see that Jess is quite thrilled. The planning of any pregnancy before a wedding throws me off, but mainly this time because of the destination wedding in the wings for next year. Not my decision and she is healthy and ready to take the next step forward in her new life. Congratulations but no alcohol for you, Missy!

We watched a bit of a PVR recorded comedy show, 'Them Idiots', with Bill Engvald and Jeff Foxworthy before they said goodnight and retired to the bunky. There would be no closed windows or outside doors this night, ours were all left open as well. It was very warm for sleeping. We woke and rose around 7 on Saturday, Sept. 15th and I’ve never seen such extensive fog over the area. A walk was out of the question at 7, at 8 and even at 9 there was no sun to burn it off.

Crazy fog indicates the humidity level
It didn't burn off until 9:30
The kids got up around 8 and came inside while we discussed a few more things regarding their lives and plans. Bill lit the Weber at 9:45 I think and began grilling mini sausages. I fried eggs inside and we shared a late breakfast. Matt had a game this afternoon, not hockey as Bill thought, but baseball and something to do with hockey……..I don’t know! They packed things up and after a quick ‘family’ picture (Jess, Matt, Domi and invisible Baby), we waved goodbye. We would see them on Oct. 20 for our family dinner before we leave the province/country.

A cute picture of the happy parents-to-be
After they drove off, Bill lit a fire and burned pieces of a cardboard box and I hopped in the shower. I drove into Durham to the Movie Store first and left my name with a couple of inquiries regarding an old movie and a dvd series I’d like. I walked from there to the Liquor Store and picked up a couple of bottles of wine to have on hand. Bill left soon after and drove Black Beauty to the Acreage to fill the water bladder.

See you guys soon!
Back home, I soon decided it was time to close windows and turn the a/c on. I plugged in and turned the inverter off. Bill glued a couple of things on his Stinson down in the Hangar and joined me inside. Catching up on the evening’s and this morning’s events for my post, I made myself a coffee while Bill had a cold drink instead. Now, I believe it is a good time to work on photos for my next book. Clemson, well, he is back up on the bed with my hoodie, sound asleep.

I was sitting on the patio and had a visitor
She/He was banded so I'm sure it was lost.
Distractions, distractions but that’s okay because they are good ones. Checking over our rough travel itinerary I wanted to Google some of the new and old parks to check out possible campsites. So, I didn’t get into my pictures at all and soon I headed outside again. No sooner did I get ready to catch some rays in my lounge chair when I saw a small red car pull into the lane. I was dressed in tanning clothes so hi-tailed it inside and told Bill. Some things strangers or friends just don’t need to see!

She allowed me to get quite close as I tried cooing noises to offer some seed
We don't know anyone with pigeons in the area
It was a couple who were house-sitting down the road asking for directions to the Maple Syrup farm. We were happy to oblige, giving them the fire # and very clear instructions. Then, I sat in my chair while Bill dozed for a while before going back to his work station. He seems quite happy with the Hangar and enjoying the quiet days. He even set up one of our electric fans on a stool outside the door to create his own a/c. Well, air flow, at least.

Waiting for supper to cook

At 6 he lit the barbecue and I got the farmer sausages prepped for him. 

almost ready
Inside, I made a Caesar salad for each of us and I’m feeling ready for a nice meal and sliced a fresh tomato on my plate. 

It was delicious with sauerkraut and tomatoes on the side
The sausages were done to perfection and once we had dishes cleaned up, we drove over to the Acreage for a night cap or two around the fire with Donna, Gerry and Mike. The clouds were a beautiful pink, blue and is that purple? So pretty.

Before we left for the Acreage, the sun dropped
It was a warm evening and the fire was just there for the ambiance. The clear night blossomed with stars and we followed the paths of jets across the sky from Shanghai to New York with Mike’s phone app. Very cool! Of course, we had to have the app installed on our own phones.

We headed for home around 10 and watched some Live PD before heading up to bed at 10:30. We were both ka-pooped. This was a lovely quiet day in the neighbourhood. I hope yours was too.

Goodnight from the Ridge

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  1. Congratulations!! What a great way to get good news. I think nothing is done “in order” any more. Suits me cuz I never could keep track of the order anyway!!!!! Lol

  2. Congratulations Bill and Patsy!
    How many grandchildren do you have? We wish that we had one.
    I enjoy reading about your busy days.

  3. Congratulations the grand children count is climbing, think we could be topped out with 8, they keep us busy enough.
    Love your sunset.

  4. What a lovely surprise and such a fun way to share their news.