Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lost Post, Web Alert, Morning Walk, Gardening, Bill Gets Home Safe

(Warning: web overload)

I was ready for bed last night around 10:30 after watching a program I’d recorded on our PVR. I put Clemson on his leash before opening the door and turned the scare lights on. I am grateful for these lights on the corner of the Suite and our motion sensor outdoor light. I can step out in the darkness up here on the Ridge and see all around for a fair distance. Lately, Clemson has decided that he has to walk all the way down the corral hill to find that ‘perfect’ spot to poop. Not on my watch, hence the leash.
This got me started on my quest today
I detest spiders but I love these webs
He slept on top of the covers so must have been missing his Daddy but maybe he felt cool and that explains his 3:30 hop off the bed for a piddle. Oh darn! I put on my brave armour and used the leash again and lighting. It was surprisingly warm and calm out there and we ‘scurried’ back inside. Well, I scurried as I carried him in. There was no need for the heater and I kept the windows closed so felt quite cozy under the covers.

And from outside
This morning, Wednesday, Sept. 12th, it was 7:15 when I got up and texted Bill that we were available to take his call. When he called we chatted about our day and I was happy to hear that plans at work had changed a bit. That meant an earlier departure from London and an earlier arrival at home. Yay! Before making my tea, I wore my fleece jacket out for a walk. It was cool inside, at 64F, so I turned the blue flame heater on before I left. The sky was a gorgeous clear blue without a cloud in sight.

Here come the pictures, so walk with me, please

Across the pond, many small dewy webs are visible in the sunlight

No two identical

Love the dewdrops on the fence line and still more webs in the field and dewy grass

A solid web formation across the beans

Look at these little baby webs

They are unique in their own way

I got my shoes and pant legs wet but it was worth it

More baby webs through the fence

Beautiful and so perfect!

In our laneway, between the bullrushes and cattails
 Today was the day for web pictures and boy did I find a lot of beautiful creations. The dew was heavy and that just brought out the best in many cobwebs. By the time I’d turned and made it back home, my jacket was wrapped around my waist. The temperature had risen a few degrees and I turned the heater off quickly.

Outside, the dew had the Suite very wet and I wondered if I could use the wash brush and wipe some of the grime off the side that we frequent. So, I extended the brush and did what I could. This will not replace a good sudsy wash down, which Bill do before we leave for the south, but after wiping it with a cloth, it looked and felt better.

Now we can open the garage without getting dirty
Inside, I made my tea and read up on what our friends have been up to. I decided to go outside and work in the flower garden. Things would need to be clipped before we leave so since the irises and hostas were done flowering and leaves dying, I worked on those today. The easy part is clipping, the cleanup (like the laneway) is not as fun. The sun was hot on my back but it felt good at the same time. I worked steady until I’d clipped all of those plants and cleaned up some grass growing where it shouldn’t at the same time.
Our kid is after my own heart, find the sunshine
The wheelbarrow was full and I ran out of steam around 2:30, leaving 3 irises needing to be picked up after. Maybe tonight or first thing in the morning but I was quite done for the day. I sat outside with my Jack Reacher story and finished it off. The next story in the book was Bad, Luck and Trouble, which I’ve already read so I had to skip to the next one. Remember I’m reading a book of 12 stories on a Kobo and it is a bit frustrating skimming through guessing how many pages each story has. I got there though and started the new one.

The pond was pretty this morning too
It was 3:30 when Bill called to say he was on his way home so that told me he would be home for supper. I was happy about that although I didn’t quite know what he would feel like or when he ate last. I fed Clemson his rice and chicken at about the same time and he gobbled it all up. He has shown no signs of not feeling well today but I’ll keep up the special meals for a while.

At 5:30 he was telling me that it was his normal supper time, the little piggie, so I gave him his Cesar food with some of his Blue Menu crunchy stuff. That is what he needs for his teeth. He ate that well too, leaving only hard stuff in his dish so he should have a good poop tonight. We hope. We just want our little healthy pooch back again. Yah, we’re spoiled with him for sure.

The irises look unhappy at this stage
Before picture
I moved inside and typed up Excel spreadsheets for our winter travel expenditures and purchases as I did the first year. I had all the information, just needed to transfer it into a document. It is interesting to see the differences from 2016/17 and 2017/18. Bill pulled in shortly after 5:30, telling me that he made good time. We went out to greet him and when he brought stuff in from the Rav, I unpacked things and put them away.
After, much more tidy
This will make trimming easier too for the remainder of the summer

I knew he was buying eggs but didn’t realize he was getting so many so with a jam-packed fridge, I decided we needed to empty a carton tonight for supper. I made up a couple of toasted egg omelette sandwiches each and they went down really nice! We were both hungry. We cleaned up dishes and I sat down to finish my post. You can imagine how bummed I was when I discovered that I’d lost what I started earlier.

sorry for the blur, a couple of these egg omelette sandwiches hit the spot tonight
It has probably happened to the majority of us once. Fiddling around today with the documents on Word and Excel, I must have neglected to save it. Grrr. I also had a Windows update and that shuts things down and restarts the computer. So, I’ve done my best to remember what I’d written but starting over is never fun.

This was another morning picture, looking into our gated front field
I’m going to dish up some ice cream, sit with Bill tonight and download pictures to finish it off in the morning. This was a good day for many reasons, one of which my sweetie made it home safe and sound. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day too.

And one last web alert for you

Thank you for stopping in and feel free to leave a comment if you’d like.


  1. I think you have WAY too many spiders for me!!! Yes their webs are pretty ... but there's a spider attached to each one! YIKES!!!

    1. Haha but i don't see them and they aren't near my house!šŸ˜

  2. Loosing a blog post is never fun , I just write mine in blogger now and works for me.
    Also auto magic updates are turned off so we don't use so much data, we do the updates when we get free wifi.

    1. I'm sure we've all lost a post no matter what format we use. It is a bummer.
      We don't get free wifi so do many of our updates when they offer them. They aren't so bad.

    2. If we need updates we got to a store or somewhere that has free wifi, my last update was almost 6 gb. so very worth it.

  3. I have to agree with Nancy...way too many spiders ahhh...Glad it seems Clemson is on his way to feeling much better. I think he's really enjoying his chicken and rice and likes his "extra" meal.Your yard work looks really nice! Good job! So does the cleaning job you did on the Suite!

    1. Thanks Shirley. No poisonous spiders tho. šŸ˜‰
      It was a good day. Clemson is getting better and spoiled for 2 meals. Lol