Wednesday, December 26, 2018

And So This Is Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
December 25th falls on a Tuesday this year. I know if Bill and I were still working at our former jobs with the school board, we would have been off on holiday yesterday, today and tomorrow. Chances are, we would have taken Thursday and Friday off as well to make it a nice long 11 days off. I woke up this morning thinking, ‘so this is Christmas day’. I smiled.

Christmas morning in the neighbourhood
It was 5:30, then 6:20 and as we lie there awake with our child sleeping between us, totally unaware of the special day, we heard our phones ping downstairs. A chirp for me and a musical chime for Bill. We figured someone forgot the time change but heck, it is Christmas and we are always anxious to see who is getting in touch with us. It was my sister-in-law, Liz wishing up a very Merry Christmas. She was first and if there were gold stars for that, she would get it. 😊

Clemson in his new coat
 We got up, dressed and I sat at my laptop to finish yesterday’s post. I was lazy last night, just needing to add pictures, and decided again to wait until morning. We had our coffee and tea and immediately got into making phone calls to the kids, siblings and parents. I missed Mom, I think the phone ringing confuses her so I may try later, going through the office instead. Before 12 noon, we’d reached everyone and heard the excitement in at least two little voices.

A nourishing breakfast early this morning
Olivia and Nathan were all chatter when we asked about Santa coming and it was wonderful to hear those voices. We debated on video chats but that is harder to get everyone together so voices through the phone lines were almost as special for us. Okay, the rest of our day could now begin with a full heart. We oohed and aahed over our own gifts “How ever did Santa Claus know?” even though they weren’t wrapped this morning.

Pretty little stones for a little jar
The calls took place instead of my walk this morning but I didn’t feel slighted in the least. I started cooking toasted omelette sandwiches for a change, it had been a while since we had them. While eating, our buddies tap tapped on our door with a Christmas wish and card. We invited them in for a coffee and we sat for a nice half hour or so before they moved on to deliver the rest of their cards. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, having such close friends so close to us this winter, this Christmas.

Bill and I each had our showers after doing up the dishes. I slipped our little elf’s coat on and took him for a nice walk over to the desert but even though I could have let him off the leash, I kept it on him. I let him go where he wanted and as fast or slow as he wanted. He had so much territory to sniff and explore that I felt it was his gift from me today. I found stones, some smooth ones for painting and other pretty little ones for my jar. There are so many here to choose from.
He enjoyed his walk with Mom out in the
open desert
Back home, we just relaxed until 12:30 when I paid some attention to what I was going to wear today up to dinner. At home, I would dress up. It’s what I love to do, on special occasions and sometimes on any occasion. What better time than Christmas to slip into something pretty and get a bit ‘dolled’ up? The weather today is quite warm again, at 20C/68F but the winds are playing havoc with our Richards sign and are registering around 25 mph at times. Hold on to your hat!

Bill had a wee cat nap and then got up and dressed as well for our early 2 pm dinner. Boy, we clean up real nice! Pat came over to show me her outfit and she looked terrific! Then when we picked them up in Black Beauty to drive up, out of the wind, I noticed her and Rob matched perfectly. Very sharp looking couple! We gathered at a table of 8 and added 2 chairs plus 2 place settings for our group of 10.

After the blessing was said, tables were randomly chosen by Joe to line up for food and we were the 3rd table called. What a meal! Ham, turkey, dressing, mashed white potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, home made cranberries and rolls – OH MY! I skipped the roll but everything else went on my plate. Yes, a full meal and I cleaned up the whole thing! Gordon came around with a cart offering pumpkin or apple pie for dessert. Yes please, apple for us!

We took our own bottle of wine and shared a
couple of glasses together
We were all stuffed and very grateful. Bill walked up to the front to give thanks to the cooks and staff for preparing such a wonderful meal. He does that kind of thing very well and has the voice to reach the back of the room. A lot of what Joe said and part of the blessing was so soft, I didn’t catch it all at our table. My suggestion would be that they give announcements from the middle of the room…….or call on Bill. 😊

I really didn't need it but it was Christmas
I had taken my camera and tripod so set it up to take a picture of us at the table. Bill suggested a portrait photo of us in front of the tree and the rest followed suit. We couldn’t talk Jean and Skip into posing but we won’t hold that against them. I figure that it ‘is’ Christmas and how often do we get the chance to dress up and have a picture taken.

That's Bill up there thanking the staff for the wonderful dinner
What a great group of friends sharing dinner
Skip, Jean, Pat, Patsy, Bill, Rob, George, Suzie, Loree, Ron
Bill drove back and then because we’ve travelled thus far this winter and are still friends, ha ha, I wanted a foursome picture. The rest of the day was quiet, in the Suite, listening to carols, reading and snoozing.  I was hoping the wind died down some before dark so I could take a walk and/or bike ride. But that didn’t happen. We sat together and had a cup of tea and a couple of Nutter Butter cookies later on while watching the movie ‘Hidden Figures’. What a great show!

Bill and I

Rob and Pat

George and Suzie

Loree and Ron
At 9:30, that was it for me and I went to bed with Clemson. Slipping his Christmas coat off, he curled up beside me for warmth. This was a wonderful Christmas Day, chatting with our close family back home and hanging out with our good friends here in the park.

And a nice picture of the 5 of buddies and travel mates
Merry Christmas! I hope you had a fabulous day as well. Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful photos in front of the tree. Festive indeed! The meal looked yummy as well. It's great that the park does a Christmas dinner....the taste of home for sure!

    1. Absolutely, we don't need snow to make it 'feel' like Christmas. All the same, family is missed so our friends are a perfect substitute. :)

  2. It was an excellent day enjoying the Christmas festivities and tasty meal, with good friends on a warm sunny, but windy day.

  3. Excellent photos in front of the tree. You folks dress up well!! The meal looked good. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the day with your friends and chatting with family as well.

  4. Looks like you had an Enjoyable Christmas celebrating with good friends.
    Did you know, Christmas Calories don't count?
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. We did, indeed! You are absolutely right! No calories on Christmas day!

  5. Nice Christmas gathering and a great meal!

    1. We had a lovely gathering and the food was awesome without us lifting a finger. :)

  6. What a wonderful Christmas you had. Wishing you the very best for 2019.