Sunday, December 23, 2018

Clear Sunny Skies Return, Swim, Happy Hour, Games Night

On Saturday, Dec. 22nd I was awake at 5 and did the toss and turn dance in bed before giving in and getting up at 6:45. I prepped the Keurig and just as Bill was getting up at 7:15, I was heading out for my walk. I met Dorothy on the last bend of my walk so it was a nice wave and “Good morning!” in motion. Perfect. Back home I made my tea and sat with Bill to read blog posts.

So,my side of the bed didn't get made until mid morning because of someone
who decided to sleep in the sun late
We sorted the laundry and Bill vacuumed around and he never budged until 9:30 or 10
At 8:30 we drove up to do laundry after first tasting my cake. Hmm, I blew it by adding too much fruit, more than it called for so it is drier than normal. No problem though because it is now Christmas pudding. I just need to make the sauce when we’re ready to have some. It still tastes great to us. Bill helped me set up 2 loads of wash and then he drove back to shower and vacuum the Suite. When he joined me later, things were dry and he helped fold and bring them home.

George and Suzie are settled a hop, skip and jump away
We each had a coffee when we got back and sat outside with our books. You wouldn’t believe that it is only 64F with that Arizona sunshine doing its number. I love it. Short shorts and skimpy top, not to mention pool weather. I had my leftover fajita omelette and fried Bill a couple of eggs on a toasted sandwich. We needed to eat and that hit the spot.

I tried to get a selfie with the sun through the trees this morning
but it wasn't focusing this morning
I see now that there are clouds rolling in but I’m off for a swim nevertheless. I enjoy reading in a lounge chair with water close by in case I need to cool off again. So, I hopped on my bike and took my bag up to the pool. Two hours later, it was time to return to home base. I’d swum, hot-tubbed , read and sunbathed to my hearts content. Nothing like it, doing what you love and enjoying it to the fullest.

And speaking of loving something to the fullest......
Clemson cuddles up to Daddy in this picture
When I returned, Bill was sitting outside reading with Clemson and I asked about Happy Hour. Nothing had been said yet, so I changed, hung my suit and towel on the line before joining Bill with my book and a glass of Mango Margarita wine. At 3:30, Rob and Pat were thinking the same thing – “what about Happy Hour?” Rob came over and asked if we were hosting so we said yes. The other 4 were invited to join in and soon again, it was a happening place. Freddy and Clemson were also in attendance. No picture today by me so I borrowed one from George’s blog.

happy hour in the warm sun today
Many things were discussed and I watched the sun go down behind the storage trailers against the fence. When it was time to prep individual suppers, George and Suzie and Ron, Loree and Freddy took their leave. Rob and Pat hung around and we chatted about going to Mexico again as a group and made plans for a game of Wizard after dinner. This is a fun game and we’re catching on much better now.

Freddy poses for me
Bill lit the Weber to grill chicken thighs and I got asparagus and corn out for our side dish to cook inside. We were eating shortly after 6 and it tasted very good, as usual. Of course, I love chicken. 😊 With dishes cleaned up, we relaxed until we got word that Rob and Pat were done and ready for us to join them. I texted back and forth with Donna for a bit, exchanging temperatures and supper meals. Hers was done 2 hours earlier though.
Happy Hour sunshine is dropping behind
the rv's to the west

supper was good, those little chicken thighs look small
until they are cut up
Lots of meat in one 
We took a drink over to the neighbours at 7 and Rob had their folding table all set up, ready for the game. We got right into it. I remained at the bottom of the score pad from beginning to end of the game and Bill pulled out into the lead early on. For a newbie, not a games person, he sure latched on to this one. I think he is pulling the wool over our eyes, don’t you?
Such a beautiful red in the sky tonight
Before packing it in for the night, Bill showed Pat and I the general idea of Texas Hold’Em, which he learned last night. I understand poker and would eventually catch on but it was a little confusing. Anyway, it was after Pat’s grandmother’s card trick that closed up the night. I’m going to nominate her for America’s Got Talent. It was a great trick, Pat!
Rob dealing for Wizard
Back home just after 9:30, I finished writing this post and downloading my pictures. I think I’ll finish it in the morning though. I went up to bed before 10:30 after sitting with Bill for a while in front of the tv with my book. This has been a fun day. I’m glad you stopped by today, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

The full moon last night was not my best shot
So, Winter solstice was yesterday, the shortest day of the year
I wonder if we'll notice a difference today?
Your comments are always welcome!


  1. I love Winterhaven. Looks like the weather is perfect. I'll call ahead and warn Algodones you guys are on your way. Have fun!!

  2. I've never heard of Mango Margarita wine but sounds delicious. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Elva Shannon. .. .

  3. We will have happy hour today!
    Thanks for letting Freddy join in.🙂

  4. Another fun day in paradise , you got your pool time, we relaxed in the shade, a fun happy hour and yummy dinners.

  5. Looks like a wonderful crowd. Glad you're having fun!!!

  6. Quite enjoy seeing what the three of you are up to. It seems like a wonderful life. I have just finished a month of Christmas donation exhausted and looking forward to a chance to breathe. Take care and merry Christmas

  7. Nice day! Dinner looks delicious, love our chicken too! Beautiful sunset! Great Happy Hour!