Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Smokey Walk, Protein and Potassium Breakfast, Shuffleboard and Swim

I was awake at 5 am on Wednesday, Dec. 19th, waking from a family dream with the main event being my oldest grandson, Taylor. I haven’t seen Tj (as he is known to his friends and on FB) for a very long time other than in pictures and we’ve chatted on Messenger.

The rv's in Pilot Knob blm look to be getting the worst of the smoke
 The cyber and emotional connection is prominent on both sides, but we just haven’t made the physical connection work for a couple of years. In my dream, I saw him, hugged him, kissed him and laughed with him. It goes without saying that I miss him dearly and live vicariously through his visits with his Mom when she posts pictures with her boys. 😊

And through the trees, the sun rises
Finally, at 6, after lying awake for and hour, I got up and hopped in the shower. Bill and Clemson were still sleeping so I hoped that I didn’t wake them. By the time, I finished up, I slipped my housecoat on and came downstairs to make my tea and read blogs. By 6:45, Bill joined me with his coffee. I wanted my hair dried before I went outside for my walk so quickly used the blow dryer. I seldom do that, preferring to air-dry my hair.

As I stepped outside, I could smell smoke and when looking to the eastern mountains, I could see a thick layer brushing across where Pilot Knov BLM campers are sleeping. There was a slight breeze though so it was moving off fairly quickly. I chatted with Dorothy (yes, we finally exchanged names) for a bit and another gal up at the front who was walking her dog.

Now that is a big grapefruit!
On the walk, I could see something out in the roadway ahead of me and when I approached, saw that it was a huge pink grapefruit. I do believe that was my name engraved on the side so I tucked it in my pocket and brought it home. My jacket pocket was bulging – are you happy to see me? Unfortunately, Bill is on Lipitor and it is a fruit that he can no longer enjoy so I’ll enjoy it by myself. 

At 7:30, Loyal was hard at it already trimming palm trees
When I returned, I started frying up a couple of eggs for breakfast. Let’s skip the bacon and bread this morning. Bill had a cherry yogourt cup and I had half a banana. There, our protein and potassium fix has been satisfied. The yogourt is a new brand that I’ve never seen here before. It is called Carbmaster and only 2 grams of sugar, 4 grams of carbs and 7 calories total. Perfect, just enough for a snack.

There were 8 of us but only 4 played at a time
Bill has pretty nice form!
Rob mentioned to Bill last night that this morning there is organized Shuffleboard so we have all decided to walk up and join in. I’ve never played it before but have expressed an interest to learn since last winter. No better time than the present! Bill got washed up and ready and I did a few searches on Google. So, at 9:15, we went up to the pool area where the court is to meet with Don. Wish me luck!
It does just the right 'oomph'
while the main game was going on,
Bill and I played each other for practice
Before the game or before heading back, Bill and I needed to pop into talk to Cathy in the office about some friends who are curious about coming to the park. I pulled my favourite Christmas Cake recipe out of the cupboard and double checked the ingredients to see if I was missing anything. Darn it! I am missing dates so will have to wait until Saturday to make it. No problem, I am in no rush.
there is the winning team, right there
This game was Pat and I against Bill and Rob
Shuffleboard is an easy game to learn and play, it just takes skill and, in my case, luck. Bill and I were beat out by Rob and Pat in the first game. They won their second game too against Judy and Eddie. Then Pat and I took the guys on and won by a nice margin. Thanks Pat, you brought out my better game! We meandered back before 11 and after making tentative plans to play Bocce Ball in the morning at the gazebo.

and this little gecko was in the shuffleboard cue box
I made us each a cup of coffee and I had my other banana half and Bill had a couple of pieces of cheddar cheese. We both changed into shorts and Rob and Pat went into Yuma to Christmas shop for each other before it gets too busy. We declined and just hung around home until it was time to go to the pool. It always puts a spring in my step when my hubby offers to do something that I want to do.

Some real concentration going on here
Today, he came up for a swim and a hot tub with me. He doesn’t usually hang around to sit with me afterwards, but today we spent a lovely hour and a half together before he walked back at 2:30 and I returned at 3. 

In the shade, the pool thermometer was reading 76F
Now that is a nice day for a swim
Haven't done a selfie for a while so thought I'd show off my floppy hat
We are expecting more friends to arrive tomorrow and Friday so decided to have a 4-some Happy Hour today and get a selfie. At 4:45 Rob and Pat walked back to their site to receive a phone call and we moved inside for a few minutes.

A Fun Happy Hour!
Almost on cue, at 4:30 the temperature drops and sends us in to change into warmer clothes. Bill bbq’d 2 pollock filets on our grill mat on the Weber while I prepped a vegetable. Mine is broccoli and Bill will have mixed veggies. We were eating shortly after 5 and had dishes done before 6. It means more of the evening to read or watch tv.
Yummy supper too!
I remembered that I have 6 daily jigsaw puzzles downloaded on my phone that are waiting for me to complete. Thanks, Rob for the tip to find these each day. Today I didn’t get my puzzle fix at the library so this will suffice nicely. I’m starting out with just 64 pieces and will improve as I get better at it. 

Bill sent me to the fence to take a sunset picture
This has been a wonderful day with the temperatures rising to 76F/25C even with the 10 mph winds this afternoon. These are the days we like and why we come here.

And another great moon tonight getting ready for the full moon
Good night everyone!
I hope you’ve had a great day too. Thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you if you’d like to drop a comment.


  1. Shuffleboard is an old persons game they say, but Sue and I fell in love with it 2 years ago at a park in Florida. I'm ok with being classed as old if I am having fun!!! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. I guess we are kind of old, aren't we? Otherwise we'd still be workaholics still! :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed the shuffleboard we have played it a few times. Gotta be loving this wonderful winter weather for sure. Keep on having too much fun there, See you guys shortly.

    1. It was fun even if it is mostly luck and a wee bit of skill for me. :)
      See you soon!

  3. I love Carbmaster yogurt..seems the only place you can get it is Smith's/Kroger/Fry's. I don't get there often but it is so yummy! Love both your selfies! Shuffleboard looks like fun so does bocce ball, never played either yet. The pics of you guys in shorts are really making me jealous! Great days!

    1. I'd never heard of this yogourt before, always trying to find one I like enough to buy. So far, we like it just fine! :)
      We had fun yesterday and stay tuned, bocce ball this morning!

  4. Cute picture of you! I'll try that yogurt ... never heard of it before. I hate to admit it, but I really do feel better when I don't eat all those carbs!!

    1. Thank you. The yogourt was a surprise. I agree about the carbs but it is very hard to 'get there' again.

  5. Great pictures of what sounds like another perfect day.
    Will have to try the Carbmaster yogurt. I am always looking for something low carb that will work for breakfast besides eggs. Thanks for the information.

  6. You are in a great location if you need dates. Those beautiful Medjool dates they have there are soooo good.