Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Chilly Morning, Great Hike, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Slow Afternoon, Fun Evening

I don’t know what it is that makes you dream for nights on end and then you get a lull of peaceful sleep for even more nights. At least that happens to me. Last night, or early this morning I had very vivid dreams until I woke up at 6:30. I was so relieved to be able to find Bill’s hand by my pillow on Monday, Dec. 3rd. He was absent in my dream, making it even more weird since I was with the CanAm group.

Pretty sky to the north
and to the east
southeast - just gorgeous!
We were up out of bed by 6:45 and had a tea and coffee together. I’d read blogs last night so caught up on the few new ones this morning. The clouds were heavy first thing but ‘pretty in pink’ as we opened the blinds. Clemson was up soon after so went out and did his business. This meant that after our drinks were done, we were able to bundle against the brisk 47F and go for a walk together. Bill was keen to walk and we invited Rob to join us. He walks anyway so may as well have company.

Heading off towards the Hand

My walking partners
It was a different path we took today but a great workout again. Down, around, along some beautiful red rocks with animal caves and then back up again. The old heart was sure pumping and we stopped a couple of times for a breather. Next time, we’ll go back to the water reservoir and we’ll take Kleenex and water. You never know how long you’ll be once you get out there.

We love the colours
That is actually green right in the middle of the photo
Wonder who lives up there?
Today, we didn’t take any chances, like Jill and I did 2 years ago. We had plans to be on the road into town at 10:30 so headed back in good time to have our bacon and egg breakfast and get dishes and ourselves cleaned up. The sun was persistent, yay! and finally, the clouds moved off somewhere. Wherever clouds go. I guess they dissipate into the sky since I don’t see them sitting on the mountain tops.

A fork in the road - hmmm, we went to the left (closer to home base)
I chatted a bit with Donna on text this morning and she sent an email with a couple of pictures yesterday. My Christmas cactus back home has decided to flower this year! Donna is plant sitting it for me and last year it did nothing so I’m happy about that. On Dec. 1st she helped Mom decorate her room at Rockwood and sent a picture of that too. Not only are the decorations lovely but Mom looks so beautiful and happy.

Climbing the steep hill, I kept my eyes on the ground and the feet ahead of me

A nourishing breakfast
I'm enjoying the salsa on my eggs
At 10:30 we left Clem in charge and Rob dropped Pat and I at Hobby Lobby. I’ve been in one before but knew Pat wanted to browse so took more time checking things out. They have a lot of nice things, it is similar to a Michael’s store back home in London. Pat steered me towards downloading the free app and it got me 40% off one item today. I found a couple of wire wreath frames for under $3 and a couple more paint colours at 30% off. She has created a monster with the crafts! 😊

Happy Hour
We walked to Big Lots! along the strip and then a quick pop into the 99¢ store. The boys were back from checking out the Classic car sales and getting propane. Too bad the propane was right beside Dunkin’ Donuts. LOL I was happy with my purchases and we didn’t need to go anywhere else. Rob drove us back to our site and I made myself a coffee before settling outside with my book. The sun felt nice as long as the wind remained minimal. I had to be seated in the perfect spot.

My Christmas cactus is blooming at home
Thanks sis for looking after it for me!
Bill poured me a diet ginger ale and came outside for a while. Soon, Rob and Pat brought their chairs over for an early Happy Hour. The air gets cooler still around 4 so we get our outside chats taken care of around 3 instead. We made plans for a game of Double Series after supper so went our separate ways around 4:30. Bill lit the Weber to warm up the 2 pcs. of leftover pollock we brought home from Black Bear Diner. I put salad out on our plates inside and we were eating by 5 and cleaned up by 5:30.

Mom in her decorated room and red sweater
She looks so relaxed, doesn't she?
For some reason, our batteries were reading low so we made use of the new generator we’d bought last winter and fixed this summer. Bill started it to get the batteries up at a more comfortable reading. I snuck outside to get a picture of the sunset and it was just going down behind the mountains. Supper was good but of course the fish wasn’t as good as the night we had it in the restaurant. Oh well, a nice easy meal, regardless.

supper hit the spot tonight
We walked over to Rob and Pat’s around 6:30 and taught them how to play the game. Soon enough we were all playing it comfortably and the boys beat the gals 5 games to 4 so a close challenge. 

A little embibing - a reward sip for each "Good girl!" from my partner

The game was a challenge and fun
We packed it up and walked back home around 9ish and read our books for a while. By 9:30 Clemson was dancing his jig trying to tell me that it was time to go to bed. That meant ‘time for you to come to bed with me, Mom’, so I took my book up and read for 15 minutes until I was ready to sleep. Don’t even think that he controls us!

And the sun set on another great day in Paradise
It was a fun day and one to be repeated down the road, I’m sure. I hope you had a great one as well. Thanks for reading along!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day you had ,
    Lotsa walking and shopping and a game with good friends.
    Enjoy your time there.

  2. Your Christmas Cactus looks very pretty!

  3. Cactus looks fantastic. Donna is doing an excellent job! Looks like you had an excellent day. Great photos.

    1. Thank you. I'm happy it is still living. Donna was pleased yup see it mom too.
      It was a fun day.

  4. Wow your neighbours look like they are parked close to you. I'm jealous. lol

  5. Another great day in paradise! Love hobby lobby! Haven't been in Big Lots for years. Your walk in the am looked lovely. Great pic of your mom and the cactus, so pretty. That game would do me in i'm afraid..hahah.