Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Laundry and Christmas, Early Happy Hour and Quiet Evening

Last night, we were both so tired that when we found ourselves falling asleep in front of the boob tube at 9:15, we packed it in and went to bed. Unbelievable, for Bill especially, but we slept through until Clemson got up to go out at 5:40. Bill was able to drop back off for a couple of hours but I was up at 6:30. I opened blinds and prepared our drinks before slipping out the door for my walk.

Sunrise over the mountains
One of my favourite things here
It was a chilly morning for sure at 52F but with no wind, it made it easily bearable with my hoody. I made it around the park and chatted with a couple of staff about garbage, recycling and tree trimming. Last winter, we had Mary and Loyal come around and so when I saw Loyal scooting around, I asked if he’d mind doing it again this year. Back home, I made my tea and immediately after that my sweetie got up. He slept well!

When we returned from our morning laundry,
Mary and Loyal were at our site trimming
and cleaning up
Bill and Loyal chatting
Rob popped over to let us know what they were up to and asked ‘did we want to go along on their trip into Yuma?’ There was nothing we needed and we had planned for the day so declined his offer. I sorted the dirty laundry and Bill loaded it into Black Beauty around 9 ish. There is no point in both of us sitting up there so he helped load the machines and drove back to wait for my text.

It's Loyal's job but Mary  said "I tag along to give him a hand"
Such a sweet couple
There was a jigsaw puzzle on the go in the room next door so I was certainly well entertained while I waited. I didn’t even open my book. After moving the loads into the dryers, I texted Bill that 30 minutes or so would be a good time to come back. Not in so many words but that was the drift. I went back to the ‘jigsaw’. It is so nice to see a park upgrade when necessary and there were 4 new washers and 4 new dryers this year.
For most of the day, Clemson was here on my pj bottoms
When time was up, Bill returned and we met in the laundry room and folded the 2 loads. You are only supposed to use 2 machines out of the 5 so we left the jeans load and the sheets/towel load for later. If it was in the middle of the day, I wouldn’t be so intent on ‘following the rules’ but in the morning, I wouldn’t do that. We put our clothes away and Bill vacuumed the Suite. It was time to get something to eat so I made us bacon and eggs. Bill moved outside with the vacuum and cleaned the ‘garage’ under the wood shelving unit.

At one point, Clemmy wanted outside so Bill put him on his leash
We smiled when we saw him sitting on his stool all by himself
Before indicating that he wanted to come in, he turned around to get the other side tanned.
It was time. He got out the Christmas tree and decorations from under the bed and I proceeded to trim the tree and the rest of the house. He hung the wreath I made at Bullhead on the outside door so it hung proudly with our blue rotating light shining on it. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

The bedroom dresser
The stockings are hung on the valance with care in the hopes that for 2 weeks, they would stay there! Even the bedroom dresser top got spruced up for the season.

I didn’t get any exciting pictures today but will include some of our living room tomorrow, tree included. The rest of the day involved having a hot drink with our friends and then we all went up to the laundry room again and got everything washed. This will free tomorrow up for whatever we want to get into. Clean clothes, sheets, towels……….yah, all good.

A tasty easy supper
Now, where's the ice cream?
No worries, we had it later.
Tonight, was an easy supper for us. I warmed up the chicken and Bill and I each had it on a bun with lettuce, mayo, mustard and/or sweet and sour sauce. With a lettuce salad on the side, we were fed well but still had room for ice cream. After dishes, we sat and watched The Voice and other programs we had on our pvr from the last couple of nights. This has been a good day, no make that a great day!

Even the bathroom got decked out a bit

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.


  1. Nice to get those things taken you care of. Great that they have new machines there as many upgrades of the the last 12 years and the new managers are wonderful . Keep on having too much fun there.

    1. Always nice to have 'chores' out of the way. Clean sheets = wonderful!

  2. Glad to see that you got the Christmas decorations up. It puts us in the spirit for sure. Today we are supposed to get Temps around 2C so will take a drive to our campsite as well to check for guests....the four legged kind! Nice that Lori and Roland popped in for a visit, like a welcome home. Enjoy putting stakes down for a while.

    1. The Christmas season has arrived in our house now. Bill wants southwestern ornaments on our tree so we'll have to start picking some up each year. :)
      Let us know if you go to the Ridge. A picture would be nice.

  3. Love your little decorations! I didn't do too much as it looks like we'll be taking them down right before Christmas and we head over the hill. Looks like a nice park to be spending time at! Nice that Loyal and Mary got right on the tree trimming! That was fast!

    1. Thankyou Shirley.i love our homes decorated for the season. Nice that they can stay up for a bit longer this winter.
      We've always found the staff here very accommodating.

  4. You are right .. Christmas decorations always make it feel more like Christmas. So happy Clemson is back to normal!! He's such a love!!

  5. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your Suites. Very cute.
    There is nothing quite like clean laundry and new machines as well. Always nice to see things spruced up and in good repair. Enjoy your time there.

    1. It seems funny that Christmas is only 12 days away. Without the hustle and bustle of shopping and snow removal. Thankyou.