Sunday, December 2, 2018

New Surroundings, Flea Market Finds, Waiting to Hear from Friends, Lazy Afternoon, Graceland Movie

We were in bed so early last night, 9:15, unheard of in most cases especially for Bill, that I wasn’t surprised he was up at 5:15 am today, Sunday, Dec. 2nd. I heard him get up but dropped back off until 6:30. It was a night full of dreams for me of which Bill can attest to. I guess I was uttering some noises through the night. Waking up to new surroundings and new views was a nice change. 

And it was special to be waved at first thing in the morning!
We had our coffee and tea, it is even ‘blacker’ here than it was in the park at that time of the morning. A walk was out of the question until after I finished my tea and it was much lighter out. I think it was 7:30 when I trekked down the gravel lane to the valley of hills towards the Hand. Such a beauty of a day on the horizon and I took some chances walking down steep inclines to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.

The sun rises further over the hills

I look back towards camp to see how far I'd come
It is hard to see the dimensions in this picture
but it is steep decline right at the forefront
As I got back to the Suite, I caught a second sunrise over the peak of the mountain behind us. Rob had been over and asked us about our interest in going in to the Sunday Flea Market on Paleos del Sol drive. I texted our friends, Ken and Nancy, who are staying at Havasu Falls RV Resort to see what their plans were today. We had previously chatted about getting together while here. I didn’t hear back so at 10 we went with Rob and Pat into the city.

If it wasn't windy, this would be a neat place to put up a tent
No pegs would be able to penetrate the hard ground though

I was waiting for the sun to pop here
so kept on walking further south

The sun reached 'you know what'
Good things come to those who wait
The flea market was well attended by vendors and participants. We parted ways and wandered through the alleys checking out their wares. We are mostly interested in ‘homemade’ items, not 2nd hand things, not food and not things made in China and shipped over. The vendors who make their products are very interesting and often display unique items. Some would be great for gifts for family and some for us.

We fell in love with a Cactus planter, hand made and certified for border crossing. Sold! We’ve both admired these at different venues but today decided we’d get the enjoyment out of it NOW, instead of waiting. We met up with Rob and Pat and before heading back, found a great unique gift for someone back home. One person crossed off the list. √
Now, I'm walking back, down and up, down and up

When Rob went for his walk, I suggested this way as well
We both got a work out before 9 am!

And back at camp, the sun rose 'again' over another mountain
Bill gave Rob directions to Rose and George’s home on Kibbey so we could all figure out how best to bring our rv’s in and park for a few days when we leave here. George and Rose are so accommodating but basically left it up to the boys as to how and where they’d like to be. We’ll give them a heads up before we are ready to move. We had a brief visit and drove back to camp.

Pat and Clemson while we discussed the morning's plans
Back home, we went our separate ways to make lunch since it was 1:20 pm. I had a bowl of my homemade tomato soup left in the fridge, thawed, so warmed that up in a pot plus some rye toast, cheese, apple and summer sausage. Oh my! Bill had a peanut butter and cheese sandwich and finished off the crumbs from a bag of Lay’s chips we’ve had for a few weeks. We did good to have them for so long! 😊

These two got along well today

Comical to watch their antics together

Sunday Flea Market was a change of pace
Busy enough place but not too crowded

Whirly twirly things

Food, if you're interested
He moved to the recliner for a nap, and Clemson did the same thing in the sun on the couch. I wrote some and took my book outside in the sun. The wind is cool keeping the temperature at bay, around 62F so it is hard to know what to wear outdoors. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was fine in bare feet but needed my hoodie and wind breaker. The wind came from the north directly under the Suite so I moved my chair over to the right of the door and our slide out broke the cool air some.

Our gift to each other
there is a Kokopelli on the other side of the bowl
I came inside around 3:30 and made myself a tea and after feeding Clemson, Bill joined me. We sat until 4:30 when we retreated inside. We closed windows and planned on spending the rest of the evening inside. I had pulled a container of chili out of the freezer yesterday morning and we decided to have that tonight. It will be nice and easy and I can warm it up on the stove. Bill had toast with his and then we decided to have ice cream for dessert.

Simple chili supper
 We had recorded the new Christmas movie ‘Christmas at Graceland’ from last night so started watching it tonight around 5. It is pretty good with Kellie Pickler but it is neat to see The Guest House and to see pictures of the Mansion after us being there in person. We finished with the movie and got into our books a bit more, keeping an eye on our batteries.

Good night from Lone Tree BLM
This has been a nice day with some morning shopping and some afternoon relaxing. I've finished my book by Louise Penny so trying to get into a David Baldacci story, The Whole Truth. The first chapter was odd but I see where it is going now that I've moved into Chapter 2. I doubt I'll be disappointed, he is such a good story teller. Our plans to get together never did work out with Ken and Nancy but sometimes that happens. I hope you had a great day!

Thank you for checking in to see what we’re doing today. All comments are welcome.


  1. Sounds like a real work out this morning. Very enjoyable I'll bet. Love the cacti bowl. Great pics.


    1. It was a great walk and workout.
      Thank you, the cacti are pretty and now we just have to keep it alive!

  2. The lighted boat parade looks like a fun evening.
    Nice sunrise pictures especially the one with the sun just lighting "you know what" up...:)

  3. A nice desert walk and the flea market sound like a pretty decent day, enjoy your time there.

  4. It is beautiful where you are, gotta say I'm ready to head that way right after Christmas :) Love the cacti bowl you purchased.. glad you got it when you saw it! I know we've passed up something and then kick ourselves for not getting it when we saw it, so good for u! The boat parade looked awesome!