Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Sun Brings Warmth to our ‘Home’, Helping Out, Boat Ride for Lunch, Collage Day

It was a beautiful morning on Saturday, Dec. 8th when I got up at 6:30. The sky was still dark but clear and I knew the forecast was for 21C/68F, low wind and full sunny skies. As soon as dawn made an appearance, I checked the temperature (55F) and went out for my walk. Camera in hand I headed southeast up Kibbey Drive and walked to the top of the hill.
Lots of dew on Black Beauty
Oh yes, I remembered the work out climbing that hill and I also remembered the beautiful homes on my walk. There were a few with new landscaping but that didn’t stop me from taking more ‘home’ pictures. I just love them and get carried away. I could hear the quail as I crossed the wash just down the road from Rose and George’s but against the dark ground, I couldn’t capture a picture. They are quick. I also saw a couple of the Kibbey bunnies but they were out of sight in a flash.

Beautiful homes
Back at the Suite, I had tea with Bill and read blog posts. Nice to hear where everyone is and many of us are already in Arizona, one corner or another. We’ll get together soon. Often, Quartzsite is our gathering place. We hope to meet up with everyone again. We had plans for lunch, so we just had toast at 9 for breakfast and then I sat outside on their patio, in the sun. Wow, it felt wonderful! That Vitamin D just soaked into my skin. 

More stunning residences
The bottom right corner is the one I was invited through to the back raised patio
and pool last winter
Bill still shakes his head and chuckles at that one
At many turns on my walk, I witnessed views like this

Who needs grass? I like the saguaro bottom right
Looks like little bird nests on top

And one last one so you can see the steep drives
and streets
Bottom right doesn't look so steep from here, but I walked to the top and trust me
It is very steep
Bill and Rob helped George work on a problem with his garage door opener. I didn't get involved but they had half hour to put their heads together. 
The guys work on the garage door opener
Clemson can't figure where they went when they moved inside
When we were all ready, we took 2 vehicles down to the Casino parking lot and caught the Havasu Landing ferry across to California. It was 12 noon when we all boarded after a few candid shots of the area and each other. We chose to sit on the top level, out in the open and it was the perfect day for this jaunt. The water was calm and the trip uneventful. Just the way I like boat rides to be. We headed straight to the restaurant and ordered lunch.

Our ride coming 

Views along the waterway
I would think we'd get a discount here?
Bill ordered Fish and Chips, one of his favourite dishes, and I ordered the Reuben with cottage cheese on the side. One of mine. I’ve never had a bad Reuben and as usual, it was delicious with my hot tea and cream on the side. None of us were keen on spending money to try our luck at gambling, so since we’d seen the boat pull up at 1:20, we walked down to catch the 1:30 return to Arizona. It was fun and a cheap afternoon at $2 per person, return.

A beautiful calm ride today

Pat and Rob on their first ride to Havasu Landing
Us 3 ladies each brought back leftovers, so lunch for another day but the guys cleaned up their fish and chips. When we left there Rob drove to Walmart as the 4 of us had a few groceries to buy. I’ve just recently gotten used to using the self-checkouts when the lineups are ridiculous. Talking to Pat, she doesn’t use them as it could be putting people out of work. It is a valid point but for 6 or 8 items, my time is valuable too and I can be through in less than 5 minutes.

People watching, we saw this good dog patiently waiting too
We sat and waited for Rob and Pat to finish and enjoyed the wait. People watching is indeed an interesting pastime. You see all kinds of shoppers and we get a good chuckle and sometimes some fun conversations. I even got a cute picture of a very patient young lady as her owner went through the self-checkout. 

and outside, this purty little car

Back at home, George invited us outside for Happy Hour and we soon realized it was a ‘sit in the sun’ H.H.

Almost my favourite picture today
Should be on a post card
Pat noticed this egret on the dock so I took his photo
When it cooled down around 4:45, we all put our chairs away and retreated indoors. It read 71F/22C on our thermometer (in the sun) so I debated going for a short walk down the street. The sun across the lake was about to say goodnight and I didn’t want to miss that if possible. I was looking out the window and saw Peter Rabbit hopping across the turf patio. Of course, I was too slow and he had moved on to the corner of the lot by the time I got outside.

My supper was awesome
Hey, they forgot the pickle!
I remembered Rose saying if we put lettuce scraps out, they would make a habit of returning. I took some out for them. A close-up picture would be nice but it wasn’t about to happen tonight. Because of our lovely lunch, Bill and I agreed that supper was out of the question for us. However, chips and cheddar cheese around 7:00 wasn’t out of the question. Just a little bit. 

I love this picture
They look so relaxed and natural
I was thinking of a hot tub tonight but only if at least one of the ladies would join me. We’ll see. The guys have a day planned tomorrow with a couple of things on the agenda so if I don’t get in the tub tonight, maybe a morning dip instead. The rest of the evening went quietly.

And I'm also partial to this one of my sweetie and I
Pat has some of us with George and Rose on her phone
I'll have to snafu them tomorrow
Oh! Today, Rose sat with me and helped me to re-learn the knack of crocheting. I knew how to make the initial chain stitch but had never been shown, personally, how to carry on with the next row and the next. Now, thanks to Rose, I do. I’m going to practice until I get good enough and maybe learn how to make squares for an afghan. That is the only thing I can see myself making, the only thing that would benefit us in the Suite.

This guy posed for me
This has been a good day and we are very grateful to be here. I’m hoping that maybe tomorrow, I can filter a few things out of my closet. I’ve learned that it is important to weed old things out as new ones come in. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day whatever you got up to. We’ve had some great weather today and it really feels like we’re in Arizona on days like this.

And a beautiful sky tonight
Good night from Lake Havasu City!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. A very nice day! Love the house pictures. Some awesome homes there.

    1. I get a little carried away with the house pics but I love them.

  2. Enjoy your hikes arounds that area some beautiful homes and a good workout.
    That is a nice boat ride across the lake to the casino, And a Reuben for lunch, I enjoyed mine as well. Right here in Tombstone.
    Love the area there around the London Bridge we have stopped there quite a few times, and the drive around the island with all the tiny lighthouses.

    1. We always enjoy this area too, so much to see and do if you want.

  3. Lots to do in Havasu. I'm jealous of the warm weather!!!

  4. What a cute couple you are! Love the pic by the water! Great walking there those houses are something else for sure! I think this year we are going to have to do the boat ride when we're in the area! Hot tub does sound inviting for sure!

    1. and you are too kind. But thank you all the same. :)
      The houses blow me away, prettiest I've seen anywhere, I think.
      The boat ride is cheap and fun. The meals at the casino are reasonable too.

  5. We very very seldom use self checkout as I believe that it is taking jobs away from people. In BC all gas stations are self serve and that put many people out of a job.

    Hard to tell from the photo but that looks like a samll heron to me.

    1. I understand but at the same time, they are there for when the lineups are nuts. Sometimes they don't put enough people on cash and that's when I'll use them and only for a handful of items. :)
      I thought heron too but his legs aren't long enough and his beak too fat. George called it an egret so i went with that! haha

  6. I remember our ferry crossing and the great lunch we had at the Casino. Love the London Bridge picture.

    1. Wonder your ears weren't burning when we talked about your visit here. At Rose's, on the boat and in the restaurant. :)