Thursday, December 20, 2018

Interrupted Walk, Bocce Ball, Christmas Elf, Friends Arrive, Bike Rides, Happy Hour

It was around 6:45 when I got up on Thursday, Dec. 20th. It is so hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Like the 5-day corner. Are you ready? Unless we find something that we both want for the Suite, we won’t buy anything for each other. As Pat said yesterday, we are all at the stage where if we need something, we buy it. We don’t have to wait for a special occasion.

Pink sky this morning but it wasn't a warning
as it turned out to be a gorgeous day
I had plans to do my full mile and a half walk this morning and was out the door at 7:30. I hadn’t gone very far into the walk when I met Dorothy. When I’m walking, that is what I want to do. We stopped and chatted for at least 20 minutes. I much prefer chats this long to be either when we're walking together or sitting at one of our sites. When I go out in the morning, I do like to keep in motion. Needless to say, by the time we finished talking, I couldn't finish my 2 miles.

It was already 8 so I beelined it back to the Suite as we had plans this morning for 9:30. It just meant a bit more rushing around and I know that should bother me since we are retired after all!

Poached eggs on toast - yum
Back home, Bill was up having his coffee and reading blogs that I’d already caught up on. After poached eggs on toast, Bill had his shower and we rode our bikes up to the gazebo for bocce ball. The sun was out in a full blue sky and it was a warmer morning at 55F than yesterday.  Looks like another grand day here in this land of joy. There was a great turn out, we had 4 teams of 2 and 2 spare players plus a score keeper. We played 3 games until 11:30 and then called it quits.

Bill rides toward the crowd for the game
I'm following him, snapping pictures and I didn't fall off!
This was another fun game, even though I didn't win
We had a hoot
The ground isn't perfectly flat so we had to choose whether to toss and drop
or roll right from the get-go

It was a nice turnout and even a few spectators at the start

this guy was a spectator too but he wanted to chase those balls

Bill lets it fly, er roll
Bill and I hopped on our bikes and toured the park perimeter before coming back home for a coffee and some cookies. These are my absolute favourite cookies and I feel better eating 2 or 3 guiltlessly. 

For a treat, I suffer the carbs
We changed into shorts as the temperature had increased to 67F already and it wasn’t even noon hour yet. Today was my day for the goody in the advent calendar so I popped the little door and helped myself to the teeny little holly decoration.

We finished our coffee outside and Rob and Pat ‘borrowed’ Clemson for a couple of minutes. Rob took him off his leash and then as I was raking and sweeping around our site, brought back the colourful little elf. 

It isn't really a look of 'are you kidding me?'
It isn't a heavy coat and he does like it
It's the little pant legs that kill me
He's so adorable!
wiggle wiggle
Oh, my goodness, I don’t know when I’ve seen anything quite so cute! Clemson was all decked out for Christmas and it fit him perfectly! I know Pat has been itching to dress him up and surprised that it took this long, to be honest. She’s happy and the little guy doesn’t seem to mind it at all. He loves wearing a coat or sweater, just leave the hat at home!

Ron and Loree finish getting things set up while the sun drops
I asked Pat if she wanted to join me for some puzzle time until our friends, Ron and Loree arrived. When they were finished lunch, she came up and we worked away for about an hour. By the time we walked back, with Rob who helped us put a few pieces in, Loree and Freddy greeted us all. It is so great to see them and as Pat says, “The gang is almost all here!” Ron came over for hugs too and we left them to finish setting up.

Freddy relaxes at Happy Hour over Clemson's water dish

Two pretty ladies

Two pretty, er, handsome guys

Two 'almost' best buddies
Bill and I took Clemson for a walk in his new duds but I lost Bill at Ron and Loree’s rv talking to Ron. I carried on with Clem and continued around the park. When we returned, it was close to Happy Hour with about 20 minutes to spare but I made myself a Caesar anyway. When Rob brought their chairs over, I made Bill one too at his request. Soon, everyone had gathered around and we caught up on the Font’s travel adventures getting here. Everyone has a story to tell and they are all interesting, some frightfully so when it involves vehicle or rv repairs.

Supper was okay - just because of me and pork chops
At just before 5, the group split up, still happy to be together though. Woops! I forgot the traditional toast! Cheers to Arizona and good friends! (clink glasses now). I found it still warm outside and uncomfortable inside so hopped on my bike (I need to come up with a name for her) and rode around the park before darkness set in. After getting back, I slipped over to the fence and snapped a picture of the sun setting. Yay! I caught it tonight!

And I waited for the sun to drop tonight
 Bill lit the Weber at 6 and the only problem with waiting until then is that he ends up barbecuing in the dark. We just don’t always feel hungry much earlier. I caught up on the day’s events here and then prepared our salad. I didn’t get up for a swim today but we got a lot done on the puzzle in the library. 

Tomorrow morning, Bill and I need to drive into Yuma for some cash and a couple of grocery and other items. Rob and Pat are going to join us. I've texted Ron and Loree to see if they want to follow us along since none of our vehicles allow for 6 occupants. Hopefully, it will be a quick trip before the stores get too busy.

And drop it did, beautifully
Good night y'all!
This was a fun day and we are one step closer to Christmas Day. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours and your visit to my blog as well!


  1. Wow, another wonderful day and with more friends as well.
    Too bad about the talker but I do understand your feelings. Those are the times it's necessary to interrupt and say that you really must be going due to time constraints of this day. Otherwise it leaves one feeling less than charitable.
    Love the suit on Clem. Very festive.

    1. We are having a great time here. It was great to see our friends join us too.
      It bothered me more that I let it bother me so much about the talker. I've encountered it before, you likely remember that, and it is very hard to interrupt when 'one' doesn't stop talking for a breather.
      Clemson is indeed very festive now. :)

  2. Another fun busy day in the sun, and glad to hear Ron, Loree and Freddy arrived there safely. Will see you guys later on today.

    1. Nice to see the Fonts arrive in good time and we'll see you later too!

  3. Very nice outfit for Clemson. Now Freddy sure is one handsome dog. Guess I know what I am going to do today. Brush one of my dogs. After seeing Freddy and how nice his coat is, somebody here will be running from the "Brush" word.

    1. Yes, Freddy is a beautiful dog. he has the brownest eyes too. Oh no! The brush word! I have to hide our brush until Clemson is beside me but then he sits for a short amount of time with me.

  4. Clemson is so cute in his outfit! Too bad some people don't realize how they monopolize the conversation. :( Nice that you've added more people to the party :) Bocce ball looks like a good time. Looks like great weather. Love your pictures Patsy!

    1. It is so cute on him, a perfect fit.
      It is too bad but I don't want to hurt feelings either. Taking a few steps away didn't seem to give her the hint. LOL
      Bocce ball was fun and good exercise for the arms. Thank you Shirley.

  5. Imagine how her husband feels! I'm guessing she has no one to talk to. You probably made her day!!
    Clemson is cute as a button!! I love his little outfit!! I wish I had your motivation to walk every day!

    1. I thought that same thing. :) haha
      Clemson is quite the lucky little guy to have such a lovely Christmas outfit. Methinks Bill and I are not the only ones who spoil him. :D

  6. Clemson looks very cute in his new outfit. Sounds like you are going to have a nice group to celebrate Christmas with.
    Lets face it you are just to polite to walk away and that is a great way to be. You made her day...:)