Monday, December 10, 2018

Clouds Roll in for Our Last Day, Target Shooting, Pizza and a Little Wizardry

I was up out of bed on Monday, Dec. 10th at 6:45 to take advantage of the wee hour to finish yesterday’s blog post. I got behind the proverbial 8 ball yesterday and neglected to begin my post early, as is generally my habit. By the time I caught up on the full day’s events, I was too tired to finish it. So, that put me out of my morning walk. It looked like a partially cloudy day coming our way and a high of 68F/20C. When Clemson and Bill got up, we had our coffee and tea together.

With that done, I had a small project to do for Rose. I walked down to the mailbox with paint and a brush in hand. Something’s wrong with their mailbox. 132? Nope, that isn’t correct. She has been searching for a stick-on O to no avail so asked if I would paint it on for her. My paint job leaves a lot to be desired, sorry Rose, but this is after only one coat. I’ll do another before we leave tomorrow. At least now, the mail person won’t be confused. 😊

Wait a minute, their address is not 132

Back inside, Bill decided to have his shower today and when he was almost done in the bathroom, I poached a couple of eggs for breakfast. I haven’t made them for a while and they are a nice change. We cleaned up dishes and then I got cleaned up and dressed to go shopping with the girls. We’d planned on 9:30 – 10 so I had a bit of a break to start today’s post. The boys are taking their (George’s) guns for some fun on the range.

That's better but needs a 2nd coat
Rose drove us downtown and we first stopped at Kmart to check it out. It has been a couple of years since we’ve been in one and it was fun. Pat found the pants that she loves and can only find here. She couldn’t go wrong for $5.99.  I found things I wasn’t expecting to find but am very happy I did. The deals were awesome with clothes as low as $2.99 and we all walked out with goodies in our bags. I directed Rose next to Chic Again, the store that Donna and I found last year.

Poached egg on toasted rye with salsa hit the spot
Was I surprised and pleased when the pleasant shop owner recognized me from my previous visit. This is a consignment store and only higher end clothing but if you look hard enough and take your time, you find some beautiful items at some beautiful prices. If I was looking for a dress for an occasion, this is where I’d want to shop. I found a couple or three for around $14 to $26 that would have fallen into my bags.

On the way back, we stopped at Smith’s and we each picked up a few food items before heading home. The guys had left the range an hour or so earlier and, in a text, Bill informed me that they were all taking a nap. Apparently, Rob has a new nickname now, Dead Eye. No matter, they had fun shooting, something they’ve not done before. Unfortunately, Bill forgot to get pictures so they’ll just have to do it again another time.

A restaurant on McCullough had decorated their lamp posts
Hey! I just found an idea for my new found hobby, crocheting!
We gathered in the suite around 3:45 for Happy Hour and over the course of the next hour we all finally made a decision about pizza for supper. We ordered from Dominos and that was a challenge in itself so after I placed the order over the phone, Bill drove with Rob and George downtown to pick it up rather than having it delivered. That way, there were no delivery charges. It’s a long story.

a new house being built up the 'millionaire' hill
double car garage on the west side

and on the east side another single car garage
plus a double rv garage
Say it with me......"My oh my!"
 The pizza was so-so, kind of tasting like it had sat for too long but the Cheesey stuffed bread was delicious. We have a bit left for lunch tomorrow. Because we are pulling up stakes tomorrow morning, we offered to play another game of Wizard with our hosts. They love card games and they readily accepted. We moved inside around 6 and played 2 games. I actually wasn’t the bottom scorer this time and as usual we all had fun.
I didn't take many new pictures today so still more of yesterday's homes
We said goodnight and it was 9 o’clock. As George teased, ‘the kids bedtime’. They are night hawks. This was a wonderful day and a wonderful 5 days here on Kibbey Drive.
all you can see in the black is red from tonight's sunset

I almost missed it and although blurry, you get the drift tonight
Good night

Thanks for visiting my post today.


  1. Another fun day there now safe travels for you guys tom your next destination.

  2. What a great morning you ladies had and it sounds like the boys did too. I know our grandkids love going to the range whenever they're here. It's expected haha. We have a Round Table in our town, but after good pizza and really bad pizza we don't order from there anymore. Oh well, more of a challenge to make our own. haha. Beautiful sunset! Those homes are something else for sure! Travel safely..enjoy the beautiful ride!

    1. It was a fun day all around.
      The pizza left a lot to be desired for Bill and I, never real fans of Dominos but the bread was yummy.

  3. There's nothing better than finding something in a thrift shop (that includes Target and K-Mart) that fits and is CHEAP!!! YAY for you girls!!

  4. Great day!!! Glad you enjoyed your time there. Safe travels.

  5. Always fun to find a bargain. Sounds like another fun day. Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. Bargains are good for sure! Thanks, all settled at our next place now.