Saturday, December 15, 2018

Feeding the Hummers, Hanging a Wind Flag, Quiet Day Around Home

Unbeknownst to me, Bill and Clemson were up at 12:30. I was in bed by 10 and dropped off pretty quickly, as usual. I didn’t hear the goings on when Clem had to go out and needed a bit of a bum bath again. Did I say how grateful I am that Bill looks after our little sweetheart through the wee hours? Very grateful. I was up at 6:15 on Saturday, Dec. 15th and left my boys in bed sleeping. Still very dark out, so I made my tea and sat reading blogs and comments.
Pretty but too many clouds!
Bill got up around 7:30 and Clemmy half to three-quarters of an hour after that. I took him out and then I dressed for my walk. I chatted briefly with the other ‘walker’ and must remember to get her name since we meet each morning. I walked past the lemon tree and even though it wasn’t 100% ripe, I picked one. It feels soft enough to try it. When I returned, I sat once more with Bill for a bit before deciding to make pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

A pretty cactus garden in the park
The park offers Biscuits and gravy on Saturday mornings for a fee but that doesn’t appeal to us. I’ve tried them and don’t care to do that again. We cleaned up dishes after we ate as well as our personal selves. I wanted to attend to my finger and toe nails so removed polish (time to get festive!) and manicured and pedicured. I knew I should have kept my green polish! I boiled food for the hummers and after it cooled, filled the feeder and put the remainder in the fridge.

We like our site on the corner
Bill had bought a couple of wind flags yesterday and put my favourite one up on the pole top. It looks awesome with the sunflowers flowing. I had all of our Christmas cards addressed and stamped so after confirming a couple of addresses, I walked them up to the mail box. The lady in the office told me where to place the envelopes and that they would get picked up today. Bonus! Saturday pickup and delivery here too. While in the office, I bought 4 tickets for the Christmas dinner, 2 for us and 2 for friends of ours who are coming in on the 20th of the month. 

This was more like it
The weather was supposed to be clear and sunny, high of 70F today but we woke up to clouds. Now at 11 am, finally I am seeing the clouds move off and blue sky to the north coming our way. Instead of walking directly back, I stopped and worked on the jigsaw puzzle for a while. Soon after, Pat joined me when she walked up to buy their tickets. We sat together for half hour while I added pieces and walked back together. 
Bill was outside reading when I returned and that is when I noticed the hummers already visiting the feeder. Yay! 

Breakfast was tasty and very filling
Today was such a nice day that I changed into my bathing suit and at 1:30 went to spend some time at the pool. No one else was around and it always makes me wonder ‘what kind of day are people waiting for?’ but then not many people like to swim as often as I do. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, nipping from the pool to the hot tub and back again. At one point, I was hot enough to get up off the lounger and take a second dip.

Bill's flags
At 3 I walked back and sat outside for a while to dry my bathing suit. Rob invited us over at 3:30 for Happy Hour so we enjoyed each other’s company for a couple of hours. Pat and I had an interest in playing a game tonight rather than going up to Karaoke so I mentioned it to the guys. Bill’s choice was Wizard so we planned to meet at 7 in their trailer. Rob can set up his folding table there and use their 4 chairs much easier than here in the Suite.

My feeder has attracted a couple of hummers
We read for a while and Bill lit the Weber at 5:45 for grilling the sausages. Inside, I steamed some asparagus that Pat gave me and nuked some corn in the microwave for Bill. We were eating shortly after 6 and everything tasted great. The asparagus that they bought at the market was so fresh. We joined our friends after dishes. Wizard is a fun game and I really enjoy it. Now don’t ask me why I enjoy it because I’m lousy at it! Ha ha. I’m no good at guessing how many tricks I’ll take and 9/10 times, I’m at the bottom of the score board. But it is still fun.

The oleanders are pretty and very bountiful
Tonight, Bill was the big winner.  It was almost 9:30 when the game ended and we came home for the rest of the evening. What a mild evening it was too. The weather station reads 60F/14C. We watched a bit of tv and I finished writing my post before heading up to bed around 10ish. This was another one of those great days of doing whatever we wanted. Tomorrow we all have some grocery shopping to do and then we’ll see what it brings.

We were sitting at Happy Hour when this ultra light flew over behind us
I'm not sure if this would be fun or terrifying for me
Good thing I'm not planning on finding out!
I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to my blog. I love hearing from you if you’d like to leave a comment.


  1. Sounds like another wonderful day in paradise. I am sure when Ron gets there he will be swimming at the pool with you, That is a daily thing for him at RG.

  2. Those ultra lights are not for me. My ex crashed one on his second flight. It was funny once we knew he survived. Glad you are enjoying the sunshine!

  3. You always make your days full and enjoy every moment. Thank you for the tickets and yes Ron will enjoy the pool, me too.🎄

    1. Oh, thank you, we do try to enjoy every moment even if it is just doing nothing. :)
      You're very welcome. It will be nice to have someone go to the pool with. Most of it for me is sunbathing but I like floating on the noodle too.

  4. Sounds like my favorite type of day, nothing planned just taking it as it comes and enjoying our time, special in its own way.

    1. The best type of days usually. At the end of it, you feel wonderful and not worn out. :)

  5. Nice flags, makes it easy to find home. It sounds like the perfect day!

  6. We got out for a beautiful drive today too.

    1. I hear that your weather was wonderful too! Lots of sunshine. I'm so glad you were able to get out for a spin!

  7. Its that time of our winters. The time when relaxing is enough to fill a day. Enjoy the warm days. Its better than shovelling snow.

    1. It is indeed. When we can choose the days to go shopping and the days to sight see plus the days to stay home and 'chill' in the heat. :)