Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Eve Day and It’s Almost Perfect! Special Birthday Wishes

It was my normal time of 6:45 when I stretched and crept out of bed on Monday, Dec. 24th, more commonly known as Christmas eve. Whoa! One more sleep! I know of 5 young grandchildren for sure who will be counting down the hours today. Possibly a couple of teens and a couple of young adults who will also be looking forward to Christmas Day nevertheless with a little less ‘Santa’ enthusiasm.

Pretty sky this morning

Heck, I’m sure there are a few adults, Moms and Dads too, who are excited for the morning’s ruckus. Others will be grateful for the holiday from all the preparations and I hope able to stay home for the main event tomorrow. We are here in sunny, hot California/Arizona with a whole different view on these couple of days. No bustling, last minute shopping, not a lot of baking or food prep and definitely no wishing for that ‘white Christmas’.

I meet Loree walking Freddy in the early hours
We’re happy, this is our choice. However, that does not mean we do not miss our children, grandchildren, parents and siblings back home. That is what I will miss today and tomorrow, that closeness. I couldn’t be in a nicer place on Christmas morning though, in my sweetie’s arms, it’s all I ever wish for during this wonderful blessed season.  We may not have family, but we have surrounded ourselves by friends, here in the southwest states. Life is wonderful!

Headed west this morning down a quiet road
And I saw this pretty thriving Desert Sunflower for Daddy
I walked in the opposite direction today and explored another area of the desert. It wasn’t as long of a walk but I was keyed up to get back and read some blog postings before grabbing a bite to eat. We were on schedule for our second morning of Bocce ball and we walked up with Rob, Pat and Ron. What fun, we do love this game! When we finished the comradery at the court, it was 11:30 and we walked back for some lunch.

Bill and Pat watching their partners at the opposite end

Trying to throw it perfectly
What form! Ha ha

Pat tries for a knock out

Ron's first time playing and he did really well!
Love the Red Skelton legs here 

Rob looks right on track with this one
I warmed up some of my soup and finally tasted it along with the coffee Bill made for me. Yum, it turned out very tasty and I don’t think I’d even added salt or pepper. I’m always watchful for teeny chicken bones and did indeed find a couple but I enjoyed it. I have another 3+ cups in the fridge and about 6 cups in the freezer. That will last me for quite a while. While eating, we called our friend, Derrick, at his work to wish him and Kathy and the other staff a Merry Christmas.

My soup was great!
Today, is not only Christmas eve. It is a special birthday besides. If you can imagine having a birthday on the 24th of December. Bill’s 3rd daughter celebrated one today. It was nice to talk to her on the phone and wish her a Happy Birthday in person. I hope it was a fantastic day, Krystal! 

Happy Birthday you beautiful young lady!
Thank you for the ‘gift’. 😊 The rest of the day was pretty much ‘do what you want’ so after lunch, Pat and I walked up to the library and worked on the puzzle. We made some headway, which is always difficult on a new puzzle. Getting started.

I’d changed into my bathing suit before we went and at 2:30 Pat walked back home while I went to the pool. A few laps back and forth, a hot tub dip and then 45 minutes lounging in the chair was just what I needed. We know that the weather is going to change after today so I wanted to get another swim in while the 74F temps were still here. I walked back for 3:30 Happy Hour at George and Suzie’s and we took our drinks and chairs to join the gang.

It was more fun watching Ron get a picture today
than actually taking my own of Happy Hour
The usual joviality took place until 5 when we split up and headed home to make supper. Bill lit the Weber and I hopped on the bike for a run up to the garbage before he put the burgers and bacon on. We were eating by 5:30 and that included a nice portion of spaghetti squash for me. Bill had his bun and a very juicy looking bacon cheeseburger and I loaded my burger up on the plate.

Sitting where I was, I had a good view of Bill's flags
Before dishes, we called our friends back home, Jim and Sharon, and caught them before they leave tomorrow for a Christmas adventure with family. It was nice to hear their voices. It isn’t easy catching our children at home on this busy night so will wait and hope to make personal calls in the morning before their fun-filled day begins. 

Simple but yummy supper

Bill and I sat and watched the recorded version of The Christmas Train together. A nice Christmas eve story. We shared a bowl of hot buttered popcorn too!

You would think this sky would have led to a
beautiful sunset but the clouds were gone
and I missed the performance anyway
This has been a fun day for us and yet it didn’t involve a lot of any one thing. We have friends around us and we are spending this special night together with our little boy snuggled beside us. I hope your evening turns into everything you wish for too.

Hoping this jolly fellow did this under your tree today
Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the visit!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Bill and Clem. Happy Birthday to daughter #3. My great niece also shared a birthday with Bill's daughter, and a cousin celebrates today.

    The cheese burger looked wonderful. I too often skip the bun.

  2. It has been a wonderful enjoying this weather over Christmas with good friends. Now today for a Christmas feast Merry Christmas guys.

  3. What are Red Skelton legs?.. Is that a compliment or should I forever forsake shorts and stick to jeans? Your answer?.. (Be kind!)

  4. Hope you and Bill have had a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Sound like a perfect day. Sometimes I miss all the hustle and bustle that was part of the Christmas Season when the kids were little yet at the same time I do enjoy the more relaxing life style we have now. One thing for sure do not miss the cold and snow.

  6. The weather sounds lovely.....we had a mild -1 here and a clear day. The roads were great for travelling, though the ground is white with freshly fallen snow. I'm not sure what Red Skelton legs are neither???? You'll have to explain that one sis.;-)

  7. Nice that you are enjoying Bocce ball. Looks like fun. The weather sounds wonderful for sure! Bill sure has some pretty daughters (so do you)..Dinner looks yummy!

  8. Nice to see everyone in shorts. The weather looks perfect!!