Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Walk With Me, U.S. Post Office, Ross’s, Cloudy Afternoon

Bill was up at 6:30 on Tuesday, Dec. 4th with Clemson and they came back to bed where it was cozy and warm. We’re using our Blue Flame heater to keep us warm in the evenings and overnight now. It was 62F in here when we woke up and 47F outside. We all rose around 7:15 and I texted Rob while we had our coffee and tea that we’d meet to walk around 8:30. That worked for him too.

Catching the sunrise on the north side of the mountain
I bundled up and we all 3 took our walking sticks today. This morning, we headed northeast to find and show Rob the Mohave Mountain Catchment for wild animals.  I lagged behind, mainly because I walk slower and I also tend to stop to take pictures. The walk towards the catchment was an incline on pretty rough terrain, even though it was a worn path.

I would often get lost in the view and lag behind
You’d think a ‘worn’ path would be helpful but it was worn into a washboard/rut sort of path so difficult to stay on the straight and narrow. Because of the slow incline, I felt winded easier and my ankles felt the pressure. When we got to our destination on the bend, we used our sticks to guide us up along the fence line to get a better view of what it is the bighorn ship (renowned for this area) come down for and where they drink. Very interesting!

The guys were a fair bit ahead of me at the catchment
You can see the washboard roads
Jill Stewart, a lady I met 2 years ago here, and I found it by accident and Bill and Rob found it equally fascinating. It was about 40 minutes from our starting point so we turned back towards civilization. 

And here you can see where the water is collected
I texted Pat that we were on our way so she wouldn’t worry. We had omelette sandwiches for breakfast on the Tailgater buns we bought at Smith’s last week. Bill turned the generator on so we could use the toaster. The cloudy skies meant ‘don’t expect much solar power’.

We all agreed that this was a great practice to support
the wildlife in this area
We didn't see any bighorn sheep though, I'm sure they have specific morning
and later afternoon appearances 
Bill had a shower and after I washed dishes and then myself, we drove into the city. First the post office to buy stamps and mail some cards and then to the mall where Ross, Dollar Tree and Harbor Freight reside. 

No, not a giant Tarantula, just a dead cactus
Pat and I spent an hour and a half, I guess, shopping around. We each found a couple of baskets, handy for holding things for transport and storage. I also found a cute dress that kind of fell off the hanger into my arms. Fit perfectly, imagine that!

And the sun popped on the other side when we were almost 'home'
We drove around some of the beautiful subdivisions in Lake Havasu and showed our friends some of the homes. What do these people work at to purchase such stunning beauties? And how the heck do they get their vehicles up their driveways day in and day out? The ones with the rv’s at the top are the most baffling. We sure saw some lovely residences and I have to admit, the most beautiful homes and properties I’ve seen anywhere.

When we left there, Bill drove into the ‘famed’ blm Craggy Wash, north of the airport. We’ve heard so much about this place to camp so decided to check it out. It wasn’t long when we all learned something, uh, “No thank you”. Maybe we’re too particular (fussy) but this isn’t a spot we’d go to boondock unless it was a last resort. Anyway, now we know. I know many have found a nice little haven in here and that is great, it just wouldn't be a place we'd settle in.

We drove home around 2:30 where Clemson was happy that his Daddy made it back on time to feed him his supper. Good grief! We must starve the poor little guy the way he dances around. I caught up on my post and joined Bill in our recliners with my book. After 40 winks, for my sweetie, and probably 10 for me, we realized the day was half over. I got a couple of burgers out of the freezer to beginning thawing and sat back down for an hour.

Bill lit the Weber at 5 and grilled our supper. With all of the toppings, lettuce, mayo, mustard, onion, bacon, cheese, relish and ketchup, we didn’t need a salad on the side. Oh my, it has been a while since I’ve had a burger and these tasted awesome! For dessert, I’d bought a Jellied Salad so we shared some of that.

Driving into Craggy Wash
It is rough and indeed 'craggy'

The rocks are pretty though!

quite the little 'hidey-ho' up there in the cave
After dishes, we watched our programs. NCIS and then some of our recorded programs. It was a quiet evening. The temperature has been a bit cooler than we like but I know when they are getting 0C/32F back home on good days, we shouldn’t complain. We know the warmer weather is coming. 

Jelly parfait
(sugar free!)

Other than a beautiful  picture, I notice spots on my lens again
Time for a cleaning!

We’ve had a fun day again today with a little bit of variety from previous days. I hope you’ve enjoyed whatever you found yourself doing and wherever you are.

and when I thought the show was over........
I saw this
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  1. Such a wonderful area to explore and the homes are amazing. We did not care for Craggy Wash either not very inviting. Another fun day you enjoyed there with fresh air and exercise.

    1. we sure love the Lake Havasu area and are enjoying it.
      Our last day up on the hill

  2. We drove through Craggy Wash last year and drove right out! Sunset pics are beautiful Patsy! Can never have too many when they look like that! Good for you getting your exercise along with Bill and Rob. Then some retail therapy, great day. I was at Ross the other day and could see lots of clothes I'd be interested in, but it's all about Christmas shopping right Not much fun to try on clothes when it's an Ugg boot day..too much trouble to take off...LOL!! (Seriously)Have to do some shopping in AZ!

    1. Glad we're not alone in our opinion of Craggy Wash. Sunset pics change so often, you need more than 1 or 2 or 3.........
      Yes, good for you shopping for others at Ross'. It's a good place to do it, methinks!

  3. Beautiful sunset pictures! Craggy Wash looked nice but I see from your comments and others that it didn't suit them, what is wrong with it? I'm guessing there is something I can't see from the pictures and probably need to go to find out. I also think, from everyone's comments that we should do that without Maxx ... thanks for the heads up.

    1. Thank you. Craggy Wash is first off in a ravine (not great sun for panels), every site is close to the roadways, the first area seems crammed and many run down rv's too. Washboard drive into the area and loose gravel and sandy areas off the road. That was the big thing. If you want privacy, you need to go back quite far and then the site areas are very small. You do need to see for yourself, as we did, and leave Maxx elsewhere. :)

  4. Lovely sunset shots. We have stayed at Craggy Was a few times but now prefer the State park.

    1. thank you. I can't even imagine staying there now that we've seen it.

  5. Love the sunset pictures. Just when you think it's's not. I too was going to ask what is wrong with Craggy Wash but if both you and George, along with Contessa feel the same way, I won't bother.

    1. Maybe a small rv would be fine but both of us with our large units quickly decided, no thanks.

  6. We have driven into Craggy Wash and we would not do so with the Stinger "B". That road is indeed "craggy" the only spots we thought were somewhat decent were way back and not worth the trip.

    Great sunrise and sunset pictures. The beautiful oranges make the "you know what" pop.

    1. You're right, anything close to being suitable (close) are way back and you have to drive so far to get out to the highway over that rough roadway.
      Thank you, the colours really do "you know what" justice. :D You have the same love for it that I do!