Friday, December 14, 2018

A Windy Day Today, Rock Hiding, Christmas Cards, Pool Dip and Relaxing in the Sun

On Thursday, Dec. 13th I was up at 6:45 and read blog posts until 7:30. I listened carefully to see if Clemson needed to go out before I left for my walk. Bill had a late night (or should I say early morning?) so I didn’t want him disturbed until he was ready to get up. I walked around the park and covered a couple of miles. It was cool again but pleasant at the same time. The sky was clear and the winds were going to be the talk of the day.
A peek over the fence into the blm camping
Elva, are you back there?
I was ¾ of way into my walk when I saw a very handsome man a lane over walking a dog. Wait a minute! That’s my man and my dog! 😊 He was trying to catch up to me, apparently Clemmy got up 10 minutes after I left. I suggested that Bill go back (he hadn’t prepared for a long walk yet) and I would walk our pooch for a bit, let him stretch his little legs. Back at the Suite we had our coffee and tea together and finished reading.

I love that Bill is flying his Dad's flag
Not only does it look regal, I can see it from across a few rows
Clemson got his point across very strongly that he wanted one of us to sit with him and when I heard a wee gurgle in his tummy, I understood. I left the table and sat with him and picked up my David Baldacci book, The Whole Truth, trying to resume where I left off 3 or 4 days ago. Well, maybe 5 or 6 days ago! It is a little hard to follow with his jumping around to different characters but I soon caught up.

The park is quiet until the Christmas guests move in
 Rob paid us his regular morning “Good morning! How’s everyone this morning?” He was ready for the day and we were being quite lazy, I must admit. Clemson all of a sudden felt better and pranced over to get his neck scratch from Buddy Rob. Soon after Pat joined us, which was very nice, and Bill offered them a tea or coffee. We sat and the guys planned to head into Yuma later for a couple of ‘fix-it’ things.

You can see the wind in the palm trees
It must have jiggled my camera too! teehee
First Rob checked out the Boccee Ball game and must have got accepted to play as he didn’t return for a while. Pat carried on inside her ‘home’ with putting up her Christmas decorations so I popped over to see them. I also informed her that Bill had put our clothes line up if they ever needed to use it. Bill and I had bacon and eggs and cleaned up dishes before he hopped in the shower. Then I got cleaned up and began my post for the day.

Now that is a very bright rv!
"Which trailer is yours?" "Look for the red one!"
And the sun popped through the trees
The weather forecast is for 20C/68F but with these winds hovering between 10 and 20 mph winds, you never know how warm it will actually get. I’m hoping for a swim today, it looks so inviting! Otherwise, I would make soup or bake something. It is nice to save that stuff for a cloudy day. I promised Bill that I’d make my Christmas cake but need to buy some raisins first since that is one of his favourite things. 😊

Doesn't that look nice?
So, the two guys went into Yuma around 11:00 and Pat and I went for a walk around the park and hid one of our painted rocks each. I dropped a book off in the ‘library’ and picked one up in the clubhouse. It seemed appropriate that it was a David Baldacci book called the Christmas Train. 

All written, just need to address the envelopes and send them
They may arrive late this year, darn!
It should be a fun read when I finish this one. We walked back and parted ways. I wanted to sit in the sun so got out the Christmas cards and started writing them out.

Pat and I walked up to the clubhouse
I finished half of that process and when Bill called to say they were having a good time, flitting here and there, I decided at 1:30 to walk up for a swim. There was no one there, perfect, and although the water was not as warm as I thought it would be, it was quite nice. I dipped in, swam the length and back, floated on my pool noodle and 15 minutes later got out for a hot dip in the hot tub. Because of the soapy feel from that, I swam once across the pool for a rinse and stretched out on the lounge chair.
Pat's little tree found a home

And so did my little present
I saw the boys drive by around 2 and at 2:45 I was dry and walked back home. The winds had died down considerably, registering around 6 mph or less. Bill was finishing up a small part of a job in the bedroom (darn, still needed longer screws) and when he came down for a rest in his chair, I went outside with a cup of tea and my book. 

Here is our living room for the season
Bill picked up a few necessary groceries while in town, including the raisins. What a sweetie. It wasn’t long and Bill and Clemson joined me and we invited the nice people next door. 😊 Naturally, Rob and Pat brought their chairs over, accepting the invite.

Our tree, decorated
'These are a few of my favourite things'
We discussed various topics but seemed focused on meal prep today. Rob, Pat and I contributed to the conversation about how we cook ribs, chicken, shrimp, fries and oh yes, potatoes, tomatoes and sausage. By 4:45 they were ready to head home. Rob said all that food talk made him hungry. I think their lunch, like ours, was either missed or just a snack today. I had planned on spare ribs for supper and this always makes me a bit concerned.

My Christmas wreath displayed on our door

Pat's Christmas wreath displayed on their window
Bill lit the Weber Q and instead of sauerkraut (something Bill doesn’t like) he suggested cooking them in mushroom soup. I’m easy, I just want them tender and tasty. I put them in the foil pan and poured mushroom soup blended with some water over top. Covered in tin foil, we cooked them for an hour on low/medium. In the meantime, I cut up quartered a large potato and wrapped it with onion and butter in tin foil and grilled for the final 40 minutes.

Supper was oh, so good!
While things were cooking, I walked up to the front of the park with the garbage bag. I found the ‘lemon’ tree that Rob and Pat told me about but even though they are large, they are not quite ripe yet. I’ll give them a couple or three days and bring a couple home. I love lemons! Dusk was falling quickly as I walked back, missing the sunset tonight. I enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights on a few rv’s and that includes Rob’s tree and Santa light shining on his fiver.

Someone getting into the spirit of the season

Rob's pretty tree and if you look closely you can see Santa's silhouette
on the Silverback
 Supper was great, the best ribs we’ve made yet. (Note to self: remember how we made these). We cleaned up dishes and sat back to watch more of our recorded shows. During that process I worked on my post. Distractions slow me down so this may not get posted this evening. I downloaded the pictures I’ve taken today and finished the writing. In the morning, I will add pictures and publish.

Bill's outdoor lights
The blue one dances on our Suite
This has been a great day. I got my swim in and the hot weather had everyone smiling. Pat and I hid our rocks and the guys enjoyed some free time away from their wives. Our trailers are completely decorated for the season and we all had another fun Happy Hour. I hope you can say the same.

I missed the sunset tonight
Good night!
Thank you for visiting today. It is always nice to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. Gotta love enjoying the sunny weather there and that park. Nice that you got all your things taken care of and enjoyed some tasty ribs for supper.

  2. Wonderful decorations!!! Sounds like an excellent day was had by all. Glad you enjoyed the swim.

  3. Your decorations look really nice!
    Very festive.🎄 Yours and Pat's painted rocks are cute.

  4. Another great day at Pilot Knob. That's where we met you guys last January for the first time.
    The Suite looks great, but I'm not going to show Cheryl or I'll be heading to Walmart for more decorations!!

  5. Your home looks very inviting and festive.

  6. Nice decorations sis. Ironic that you can find room in your RV for a tree and I can't find a spot in my entire house! We have sunshine and blue skies this morning and a predicted high of +4C....balmy.