Thursday, December 6, 2018

Relocating into Havasu City, Generous Friends, Cloudy Day, Happy Hour Fun

After Clemson was up a couple of times through the night, we slept in Thursday, Dec. 6th. I didn’t get up until 7:05. Clemson has been so good but it is still unfortunate that Bill has to physically get dressed and take him out in the wee hours. I only get awakened so drop back off easily. I had my tea and texted Rob about our walk being postponed. He readily agreed so I let Bill sleep on until 8:15.

Our sky this morning
Unfortunately, that patch of blue disappeared soon after I took the picture
When he came down, looking at the cloudy day, he started the generator after making his coffee. It is a warmer morning at 52F and less wind at 6 mph so an okay day to move locations. We are just going into the city a few miles and taking George and Rose up on their invite to camp there for 5 nights. Such generous people.

Our buddies are almost packed up but Pat is taking a picture first
And this is what she was taking a picture of so I can't blame her one bit!
Good bye Hand!
And we're ready to go as well
Let's get this show on the road
We have a whole 15 minute drive ahead of us
I finished my tea, put a few more things away and started frying bacon. Once Bill was done everything except taking down his wind vane, I put the eggs on. We didn’t move quickly but steady and by 10 or so, we were ready to leave the boondocking behind for a few weeks. We pulled out first with Rob behind and soon enough we were turning onto Kibbey Drive. Rob needed to dump tanks before parking so he backed in first with help from Bill and George.

I had a good vantage point to get pictures of Rob backing in

Then it was our turn and Rob and George helped get the Suite in by giving Bill directions. Easy peasey. With the trucks unhooked, rv’s dumped, and satellite dishes and weather stations set up, we all joined George and Rose for a coffee/tea on their back deck. What wonderful hosts we have and they encouraged us to make ourselves at home. We have water, electricity, sewer to dump when needed and even a hot tub at our disposal! We can use their barbecue as well so we are very very comfortable.

They really do like each other!
The clouds rolled in though after a while and the temperature cooled off enough for us to slip into our jackets. There was a threat of rain but Rose says it doesn’t usually amount to anything. After a bit of a lesson on ‘rock hunting’ we all retreated inside our homes for a bite to eat. We would be using our air fryer tonight so didn’t want to eat too much. It is so nice to be plugged into power again. I think we are getting spoiled and loving every minute of it.

Here we are all set up in the laneway
this picture is from their back yard
Bill remembered that today was Thursday and last year there was a Classic car show on Thursday nights, running down the main street of McCullough. We confirmed with Rose that it was still on and so the 2 guys went to check it out around 3:30. Unfortunately, maybe due to the overcast skies and rain threats, there were only 4 cars on the strip. While they were gone, I had a couple of shows to watch on our PVR of This is Us, including the finale, so watched those.

We had a noon hour Happy Hour after getting set up

And Pat kindly took a picture with me in it
And even Clemson is looking!
And within minutes, we had a hummer visit us
and a ruby-throated one at that!

I didn't have a clear backdrop so it's hard to see her
After Bill returned, we were invited in to Rose and George’s for Happy Hour and took a vodka cooler each to join the happy gang. It was a fun hour and a half talking about everything and anything. George showed us some of his coin collection and various other things he has picked up at auction sales. What an interesting guy he is, with many interests of his own and the pride to share them with his friends.

George showing Bill some of his coins
at our afternoon Happy Hour
 We came home around 6 and I cut a couple of potatoes up for fries in the air fryer. I pulled some chicken nuggets out of the freezer to try in there as well. The nuggets were Bill’s suggestion so I hope he likes them. Bill set the table and we relaxed, waiting for supper to cook. I did the fries first and they were done in 20 minutes and then I did the nuggets for about 8 minutes total. Yum! They smelled great and tasted even better with sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Supper was air fried and delicious!
The next to best greasy cleanup!
We cleaned up dishes and relaxed for the remainder of the night. Rob and George took a dip in the hot tub with Bill declining this time. Another time, I’m sure he’ll take advantage of that soothing tub and so will I. This has been a nice day. We are experiencing a calmer day and we’re working on some plans for the time we’ll be in Lake Havasu City. Stay tuned to see what we get up to!

Rose got her Christmas tree up today
Thank you for popping in today. It is always a treat to hear from you.


  1. Tough travel You really do have generous friends. Lovely goodbye picture of the hand.
    Catching up, I always enjoy walking around in Hobby Lobby. It seems like there is always something on sale. If I was decorating a house I would have fun. From the picture it looked like you three enjoyed some nice morning walks. Stay safe.

    1. It was hard driving that far. You know, sitting in the passenger seat was tough too. :)

  2. They do have a wonderful spot there and are very gracious hosts, it been 2 years since we parked there and enjoyed their hospitality. They are a very interesting couple ,and George with his collections.

    1. Such a nice location and they are so open to sharing anything they have. Great people.

  3. What a driveway they have to fit you both in there..very sweet of them to offer up their home! Know you'll get some great walks in like last year! Love your new picture up top! You two are adorable!

    1. Thank you guys. these two have a beautiful spot for us to park. :)

  4. Havasu is such a great location in the winter time. Now you can relax for another week.