Friday, December 28, 2018

Introducing Friends to Los Algodones, Piecing the Afternoon Together

I was awake around 5:30 and managed to doze off again until 6:30 when I got up. It was Friday, Dec. 28th and I had a blog post to finish. Once that was done and Keurig prepped, I bundled and went for my walk. It said 50f but it felt cooler than that with the breeze in my face. I had my hoody up almost the whole time. Today, was only a 30-minute walk since we had plans to be on the road by 9.

Nothing too spectacular this morning in the sky

Just pink
When I returned at 7:40 Bill was just rising, having heard me slip out earlier. I made my tea and began frying up bacon and eggs at 8 so that would be out of the way. Because of the cooler day, the first of a few here in a row, I’ll need to be wise about my clothing choice today. Today we are visiting Los Algodones again. We are mostly walking under shelter but the wind finds its way through and keeps the temperatures low and the bones chilled. So, I practice my Spanish as I finish getting ready.

While I was taking a picture of the water tower
A friendly local explained about climbing it as a teenager with his friends
until the fire department put a stop to it
Hola! Buenos Dias. Por favor and Gracias. We hopped in Rob’s truck at 9 and drove to the parking area. Nice that you can park for the day for only $6. George drove his car with Ron and Loree (first time across for them) and once we crossed the border, we split into 2 groups. Visiting the Purple Pharmacy/Liqour was not on our list today so we moved on down the lines. I was dressed perfectly, in my hoody and vest. I also had my neck scruff and gloves if I needed them. The sun was warm but the wind cold.

Ron giving instructions on how to paint their name sign

They paint it right in front of you and do a great job
As usual, we laughed a lot and did some bartering with the street vendors. We slowed down today to chat and peruse more blankets, purses, jewellery and décor. Just for fun, just because they have ‘everything we don’t need’, ‘it’s cheaper in the morning’, ‘this is almost free!’ and oh yah the best one today ‘we want your money!’ It is a lot of fun. We met up with Ron, Loree, George and Suzie at the outdoor cantina for lunch. It was 11:30 when our meals arrived.

Rob, Bill and I waited in this bright courtyard restaurant
while Pat got her hair cut today
A picture of my best buddies

I think Rob wanted a picture of Mutt and Jeff
This time, Bill and I ordered soft Shrimp tacos with beans and rice and a lemonade on the side. It was quite good although the corn tortilla is not my favourite tortilla. I prefer plain. We were chilly sitting in the shade of the palm trees but we all had our fill and separated once more to go our own ways. We did a couple more street jaunts and then walked back through the entrance. No real lineup today either, maybe 5 minutes tops.

After arriving home at 12:50, Pat and I made plans to make ourselves a tea and walk up to the puzzle room. For a couple of hours, we plugged pieces in and began joining things together. Now it is really starting to look like the picture on the box. I chuckle because I do believe my buddy is now hooked like I am! Now ‘she’ is the one asking if we’re going up to work on the puzzle. Teehee. We have fun and enjoy the quiet time together.

It was a pretty good lunch for $6.50
Back at the Suite by 4:30, Bill informed me that he was going up to play Texas Hold’Em tonight with Rob. Maybe while he is gone, I can put some decorations away. We decided on a simple supper so we had grilled cheese sandwiches in the fry pan. I added onion and dill pickle to the cheese in my rye bread. As a side, I had some pineapple cottage cheese. Oh my, that was a nice little meal. We had dishes cleaned up by 6 and Bill got the boxes out for me and brought the 3 large ornaments in from the tree before he left around 6:30.

I immediately started packing Christmas decorations away. Once stripped of its seasonal attire, the 4’ tree also went into the box. I shimmied the small box and the tree box under the bed and finished putting away the individual Suite décor. There is a place for everything, as anyone who lives full-time in their rv full well knows. I was happy to have things back to normal and I’m sure Clemson is too. He’s had a bit of a confusing challenge jumping into position on my recliner with Christmas things in the way.

Our living room is pretty much back to normal
It didn’t take long and I poured myself a small glass of RunChata (another Christmas gift) on ice. I turned the movie Untouchables on and watched it while finishing my post for today. This is a movie that I watched many years ago and with a very young Kevin Costner playing Elliott Ness and Andy Garcia as George Stone, I enjoyed watching it again. This has been a fun day with more Mexico experiences and a relaxing afternoon doing what we like. The weather has taken a turn to the cool side but so far we are toasty warm inside.

And a young Kevin keeps me focused for the evening
I hope you have enjoyed your visit today. I’d love to hear from you if you would like to leave a comment.


  1. Doesn't your RV feel so much bigger once you take the decorations down :-)

  2. A fun day for certain. Good time with good friends. Glad you stayed warm.
    Kevin Costner is pretty young, and I can see why you stayed attentive to the movie. ;)

    1. If it weren't for the wind, it would have been a very warm day because of the sun. We had fun anyway all bundled up. ;)

  3. It was a fun day in Mexico like we always have. Lunch was perfect I asked for and got flour tortillas instead of corn. Ron and Loree really enjoyed there first time there and will be going back for sure.

    1. It was a fund day for us as well. I could have done that but it didn't say what kind of tortillas the shrimp came in. No worries, I ate and enjoyed the shrimp and rice. :)
      I'm glad Ron and Loree had a good time.

  4. I love the name sign. I may just have to do that. Those guys do amazing things with a can of spray paint.

    1. It is very nice. He would do paw prints and a parrots foot for Jonathan on yours. :)

  5. Another wonderful day for y'all! The painting is amazing! Lunch looked wonderful too, I've got a soft spot for Mexican food ! I've got my decorations to get down once we get home, and I have to admit by the time Christmas is done I'm always glad to get back to normal. Funny I"ve been craving a grilled cheese and yours looks perfect!

    1. Good times in Mexico, now we need to slow down for a day or two. :)
      Lunch was okay, but I prefer good old family style meals. The fake Mexican food back home is what I'm used to. LOL
      Grilled cheese was delicious!

  6. It was fun seeing Mexico for the first time with such nice friends.
    Thanks for all the nice pictures that you take of us Patsy. I took down Christmas stuff too.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! It is nicer when it is warmer for sure but still fun times no matter what.

  7. Sounds like a nice day. Lunch does look good. One of Tom's favorite things to do, play poker. At one point when he was in high school he hosted games in his parents back

    1. It was a nice day together.
      Interesting about Tom. Rob loves Texas Hold'em and I'm very surprised that my 'not a game player' has got into a few fun games.