Saturday, December 29, 2018

Cool Winds, Change of Plans Making for a Quiet Day

It was around 2 am on Saturday, Dec. 29th when I awoke to Clemson moving around on the bed. Up and down and I must have still been sleep-dazed as I didn’t realize that he and Bill had already been outside for a piddle. Finally, Clem settled again but it happened to be right between my legs. Oh well, I was too tired to care, obviously, as I dropped right off again. It was 6:40 when I woke again, with our pooch still in the same spot, but I didn’t wait long before I got up and dressed for the outdoors.

It was only 48F/8C again and 64F/18C inside so I turned the fireplace up from 21C to 24C. I heard Bill rising as well so kissed him quickly and out I went. The winds were wild already around 15 mph which made it feel colder still. I was pretty warm though the way I bundled and just walked quickly to keep my legs warm enough. I soon decided that I wasn’t interested in walking through the Arizona Market today as originally planned.

I texted Bill and said I didn’t want to go and he agreed. It wasn't that long ago that we went and it was a cold day then too. We'll have lots of opportunity over the next couple of months to go again when it is warmer. There is nothing we need to get today. Rob and Pat had already come to the same decision and when I passed that on to Loree, she wasn’t interested either, not with the cold wind. So, 6 of us stayed home and George and Suzie went. We were all happy! After breakfast, Bill had his shower and I fried eggs and bacon for breakfast.

And another orange for a snack
Bill cleaned the bathroom and I dusted and swept the Suite. Clemson slept up on the bed pillows in the sun. You can tell we were all busy for a while today. Because Clemson's Christmas coat was tucked away now, Bill slipped his flannelette sweater on. At least when he went out into the cold wind, he’d be warmer. It was 11:30 when I cut some summer sausage and cheese for a snack. Bill likes crackers with his. I poured myself a diet gingerale and walked up to the library.

And the winds from the north west began early this morning
After checking at the office for mail (nothing yet), I chatted with Cathy and Susie about friends coming in. Someone had been working on the puzzle which was nice as it is a difficult one. Pat and I don’t mind the help. 
When I arrived today, this much was done

I dug right in and soon enough, Pat joined me after her lunch. We made big strides today, giving ourselves goals ‘one more piece, one more piece, then we can leave’. We walked back just after 3, I think.

Our progress when we left
Tonight, was karaoke up at the clubhouse and we may or may not go for a bit. So, with that in mind, I put together Bill’s favourite. Meatloaf and French fries in the air fryer were on the menu. 

These fries were the best yet!
Supper wasn’t cooked and ready until 6:15 and before dishes we finished watching the last half hour of Airforce One with Harrison Ford. An old movie but a good one that we’ve seen before. We cleaned up dishes and had a quiet evening. So much for going anywhere but it suited both of us just fine.

And the sun sets between two stored rv's
and in the middle of the hydro lines
This was a nice quiet day and naturally the wind had died down considerably. I hope you have had a nice day as well. Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Dinner looked wonderful. I think the day sounds nice. I've found that the cold wind makes me less anxious to get outside as well. Nice looking orange.

    1. Thank you. We all have nice homes, inside and out, so we don't mind spending as much time indoors as is necessary because of a cold day. :)

  2. It was a decent day we all got to do what we wanted, relaxing, Then much nicer in the afternoon when the wind died down.

    1. It was a fine day. Too bad the wind didn't die down before 3:30. The cooler temps moved in by 4. Not a sit outside day for sure.

  3. It is nice to have a quiet day. Reading and a movie were on our agenda. We had a chat with our youngest daughter so missed the singing. It was a cold walk in the morning!

    1. It was nice to have a relaxing day for sure. :) We enjoyed our quiet evening together too.

  4. I love those do-nothing days more and more! Dinner looked delicious!

  5. Nice sunrise! Quiet days are nice once in awhile. Actually they're nice anytime :) WE enjoy our time together too. Dinner did look awesome those fries turned out perfect!