Friday, December 21, 2018

Shopping is Done so Santa Claus is Coming to Town! IHop Breakfast, Happy Hour and Burger Night

I was up out of the comfy bed at 6:45 again and out the door at 7:15 on Friday, Dec. 21st for my walk. It was ‘close enough’ to being ‘light enough’ that I didn’t wait any longer. I did the park rounds and it was nice to see Loree and Freddy walking around the park too. I think Loree was afraid to hold me up after yesterday’s post. She reads faithfully. 

The sky this morning should be on a postcard
This one was taken on my phone camera
We had plans to go to town this morning so I didn’t need any distractions from anyone else, if you get my drift. Heh heh. Bill and I had our tea and coffee when I returned at 7:45 and I had a Banana Cream Pie Yogourt and ½ banana and Bill had toast and jam this morning. We’d decided to ask Rob and Pat if they thought it was a good idea to stop at IHop on the way home for brunch. We knew the answer before we asked. 😊

Not much wind this morning moving our flags
For those who have never seen this yogourt, this is what it looks like
At 8:30 we met outside and Black Beauty took us into Yuma. We made a few stops, Walmart being first, then Fry’s for a couple of items still on our list, Harbor Freight and then Sam’s. It looks as though Santa is coming to us this year! Yay, I knew we’d been good for a reason. I forgot to mail my letter to him this year, so as his elves, we helped him out. No delivery required. Then came the good part. We stopped for breakfast.

I tried to get a better picture of this tailgate
but it is still too far away
It has been painted in a beautiful Arizona scene
The other 3 ordered a breakfast, traditional style with bacon or sausage and eggs plus pancakes. I chose the Chicken Fajita Omelette with hash browns on the side. Mama Mia! This was delicious! The bills were a little messed up but other than us owing Rob for a coffee, the stop at IHop was another successful one. They were busy but we only waited about 10 minutes, if that, for a table.

The boys went into Harbor Freight and Pat and I went
into Staples next door
Bill came out happy and they both found another neat gadget
to look for another time
Some of the wall art is beautiful
My IHop omelette - oh my it was large and delicious!
We drove home and no sooner did we get in the door, put Clemmy’s coat on and I started making my Christmas cake, at 1 pm, our friends, George and Suzie pulled in across the way. We were all expected them and walked over with a huggy greeting. The best kind. When I came back, I finished putting the ingredients together and filled 2 loaf pans of cake. I think it will be an overload of fruit this time but that is okay as long as it holds together.

Prep work

It smells so good at this point and I still had more floured fruit
to add

In the oven to bake for 90 minutes
I caught up on my post for today and slipped a sweater on before going for a bike ride. Bill and Rob had already taken the bikes for a spin up to the office to sign us all up for Burger/Hot Dogs/Chicken supper at 5 tonight. Boy, we’re really getting spoiled today! I stopped at the library and worked on the puzzle for 30 minutes before coming back home. When I returned, my cake was just finishing the last 10 minutes of baking.

Happy Hour at Rob and Pat's
See how happy we are?

More happy

And Rob included me in the picture too
I removed it and then it was time to go next door for Happy Hour at Rob and Pats. All 8 of us sat and shared stories and laughs, as usual. Such a great bunch of friends. At 5 we walked up to the clubhouse for supper with our plates and utensils. Oh, and our drinks. Bill and I took a Smirnoff cooler each. It was a great burger, loaded with whatever fixin’s you wanted, plus a bag of chips and a piece of red velvet cake. Good thing it was a walk back so we could let our food digest.

An ooey gooey cheeseburger, beans, chips and cake
The sky, like this morning, was absolutely stunning. Red sky at night…….you know. I hope it brings a nicer day tomorrow. The temperature rose today to 64F but in full cloudy skies and the wind was next to nothing. The boys, Rob, Ron and Bill walked up to try their luck at Texas Hold’Em. I’m proud of my sweetie for giving something new a shot, not for the winnings but just for the fun with Rob and Ron.

Supper together at the clubhouse
The first of many, I'm sure

And one including Rob
That was another great day and we are happy that George and Suzie made it here to join the rest of us, safe and sound. It is great to see them! It was a relaxing evening, getting into my J.A. Jance book, Clawback. I am hooked on the first few pages. 

Bill has recorded the movie The Christmas Train since it is the book by David Baldacci that I just finished. Now, I’m anxious to watch it with him. Maybe tomorrow night. :)

As Loree said, makes for a beautiful picture post card
The full moon is closer
The clouds give it a spooky feeling
Good night!
I hope you’ve had a fun day too! Thanks for the visit.


  1. It really was a fun day with so many good friends.

  2. What a great time day we had getting together with you guys, catching up with lost time a tasty meal at the clubhouse and lots laughs, does it get much better? Glad you are enjoying J.A. Jance ( Clawback is # 11 in the Ali Reynolds series we not quite there yet) we both love here her books and have read almost every one she has written.

    1. It is so nice to all be together for the season.
      I don't read in order and with my memory, it works fine for me. I read them as I get them and enjoy them all the same. :)

  3. Gotta say your brunch and dinner look awesome. Sure can't beat $5.00 for that! What a nice group you have there! Nice to get out on the bikes, we have the same ones as you and love them. Happy Hour looks like a good time. Beautiful sunrise!

    1. That omelette was delicious and I still have some for today. :)
      We like our bikes and debated on bringing both but I knew mine was coming. I'm glad Bill brought his too with us sitting still longer in parks, it made sense.

  4. It sounds like you are with a great bunch of people and will have a wonderful Christmas. You really all do look happy at happy hour...:)
    Wonderful sunrise pictures and I really liked the one of the full moon.
    Take care.