Sunday, December 16, 2018

Groceries in Yuma, Ice Cream Social, Car for Sale

On Sunday, Dec. 16th I was out of bed at a few minutes before 7. The sky was clear but still on the dark side so I waited for 30 minutes before I went for my walk. By that time, Bill was up and enjoying his coffee. I didn’t meet my other walk-mate, perhaps Sunday is her day of rest. 😊 

The sky was pretty again this morning

I went out of the park today just down Frontage Rd. to take a picture of this old wreck. Anyone interested?

It's a fixer upper, I think
 Back at the Suite, Bill and I finished reading our friend’s blog posts to see what everyone was up to. Our fingers are crossed for our Escanaba pals, that they are able to get a repair on their Jeep done enabling them to be on the road very soon. We opted for a bowl of cereal today as opposed to cooking breakfast and then we each had a shower. The plan was to head into Yuma, all 4 of us, for a few groceries.

The sitting garden outside the laundry room
At 10 o’clock we were piled in Black Beauty. First stop was Sam’s for a few things, second stop was Fry’s and third and last stop was the .99¢ Store. I was looking for something in particular but I always love poking around in there. I found what I was looking for and then a few food stuffs. Things that I couldn’t believe they were selling for .99¢. Like a bag of Coconut Flour, where in the grocery store it was easily $5.99.

Chocolate please, yes to the homemade strawberry sauce
yes to whipped cream
yes to crushed nuts
yes to the cherry on top
Once more, we were happy campers and I think Pat and Rob were too. We returned by 12:30 and I made myself a coffee and we decided on our bacon and eggs for lunch. To spruce them up, I made us a nice poufy cheese, bacon, onion and celery omelette. No bread this time, it wasn’t necessary. Rob tapped on the door to remind us of the ice cream social at 2 pm so that would be our dessert for a $1 each.

Yay, I finished it and found a 2nd piece missing
This afternoon when we got back, I pulled the frozen chicken bones and leftover chicken out of the freezer. They simmered for the hour before we went out and I added celery, onions and my baby garden carrots from the freezer. I almost forgot that I have frozen them. So, a wee taste of The Ridge in my soup. Bill probably won’t want any, not a huge soup person but it will be a nice treat once in a while.

So, I started a new one
We walked up, got our choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate with toppings, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry if you chose. We chose. The temperature of this day has risen to 69F and with no wind at all, it is hot. Lovely! Just the way we like it and the exact reason we come here. Instead of the pool today, I decided to walk up and see if the puzzle is still unfinished. It was waiting for me so I finished it and started a new one which was an Arizona picture. Once I completed the border, I walked back. It was 4:30.

It will be challenging but a pretty scene
I separated the chicken bones from the soup and once cooled, pulled any excess meat off to add to the soup. This will be the most chicken I’ve had in one of my soups yet. Today, I also took the time to paint my toenails especially after picking up green nail polish! What do you all think? No one can say I’m not in the Christmas spirit now! Anyway, a little ‘kookie’ but I’m having fun.

Merry Christmas!
I warmed up a cup of strawberry/blueberry tea from the pot that I’d made last night and sat writing about the day’s events here. It wasn’t time to start supper yet, we’d had a filling lunch, so we sat and read our books for a while. It is taking me awhile to finish this one but only because there are other things to do and I’m not reading as much as I was. At 6 I got the air fryer out and 12 breaded butterfly shrimp.

What a great healthy supper
When it was preheated, they took about 10 minutes to cook. I put some Caesar salad on our plates and cut up a lemon that I picked in Lake Havasu. It was quite good but not very juicy. Supper was delicious and we had finished by 6:30. 

I keep missing the sunset but at least we had full sun and blue sky
all afternoon
High of 70F today
With dishes done and my post about ready to publish, the rest of the evening was quiet. We were watching some tv and doing more reading until it was time to go to bed. We’ve enjoyed this mixed-bag day. I hope you’ve had a great one too.

Bill swapped out his Dad's flag for the Canadian flag
At least we can see where our Suite is from a distance
Have a good night!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Love that old car, looks like a56 chevy Nomad, a pretty good deal for a classic like that, no salt damage like back home. A couple of years work and quite a few thousand dollars some one could have a nice cruising machine, hot rod.
    I like to heat lemons on the BBQ a bit and they are so juicy then , even a dried out one.

    1. You know your cars, George! :) Sold! haha
      Thanks for the tip on the lemons, I'll try and remember that for next time. It tasted good just wasn't juicy enough for my salad.

  2. Looks like a great day you all had! Your toenails are adorable :) Makes me want to copycat! The ice cream sundae looks oh so good! Can't beat the price either! Gorgeous sunrise!

    1. Once our shopping was out of the way, it was a very relaxing day. Go ahead and copycat! You can be my twin from a distance on Christmas! :)
      The ice cream was great, yummy. No calories, of course. haha

  3. Cute toes...:) very Christmas festive.

    Coconut flour for 99 cents is quite the find. The sundae looks very tasty and who does not want the cherry on top,

    Your pals in Escanaba are hoping your finger crossing works...:)

    1. thank you, had to find green polish for the toes. To complete the look. :)
      Of course, the cherry!
      I hope it works too!!

  4. Your nails look good, very festive!

    1. Thank you! I was offered a pedicure today in Algodones but then I showed him my toenails and he agreed I didn't need one! :)

  5. In the holiday spirit for sure. We've passed the old car a few times. Definitely a fixer upper. I think you had a most excellent day Miss Patsy.

  6. Hmmm I could take 70F right now. Sounds wonderful! We are almost through Dec. So spring is just around the next corner or two.

    1. Love the positive attitude and you've had some nice weather, sis. :)