Sunday, June 2, 2019

And a Quiet Day at Home and New Friends - Kind of

The Ridge
It was around 6:30 when we got up this morning, Sunday, June 2nd. The sun was about to make an appearance, but the clouds were once more being persistent. I didn’t walk this morning but didn’t beat myself up about it. I’d put in at least 5 miles/day for the last few so treated myself to a day off. I debated about going into work this morning but the Mat had only been used one day so didn’t feel it would be in need of a thorough cleaning yet.

When I returned from town, the Geese Party was in the driveway
12 children were in attendance and 4 parents
Bill came downstairs and got the cups and stuff out for our morning brews. It was 47F/8C outside and cool inside so when he was up with Clemson at 1:30, he had turned the infrared heater on to the lowest setting.  

One family hi-tailed it across the field
We weren’t expecting very warm temperatures today but we did hope for some valuable sunshine. We sat and read blogs and when Bill finished his coffee, he disappeared down in the Hangar. His man cave is paying for itself!

And the other family raced up the lane for the nearest pond entrance
It was around 8:30 when Bill came back up and seemed to be in a hurry. He had received a text from a phone number he didn’t recognize. The text called us by name and indicated that they would like to come and visit today, if we would be home. We wracked our brains trying to think who it would be and ending up ‘assuming’ it was Bob and Joanne. He had to return a text, asking them who it was. You feel kind of silly doing that but obviously it was a number not in his contacts.

Yesterday, Bill picked up our collapsible clothes basket
from Home Hardware
It was on backorder for a long time

this will work so much better than our old one
that takes up space in the hall closet
 Joanne replied. We were right. In response we invited them to come for lunch and the plan was made. I finished publishing yesterday’s post and read a few of our friend’s blogs before brushing my teeth and nipping into Foodland. I love that our little town grocery store is open 7 days a week and opens at 7 each of those days. I just needed to pick up some sandwich meat and buns. The buns were huge so I chose some fresh Italian bread instead. It was just baked by the ladies in the deli.

Yesterday, Bill also bought us face shields for our weed trimming
He's a safety guy
Back home, Bill was cleaning up in the Hangar and I helped myself to some yogourt. I just needed something to tie me over until lunch. Bill did the same when he came in. Our company arrived shortly after 11:30. A story about Bob and Joanne you need to know. The reason I say ‘friends – kind of’ in my title. In 2016 when Bill and I worked the London RV Show, we met them and talked a lot about our lifestyle plan. Our house either was up for sale or just sold and they were very interested.

Bob and Joanne arrive
With a follow up this past winter/early spring, they chatted back and forth with Bill about their plans to purchase an rv, truck and travel south as well. They have a home in Tavistock, just around the corner from Yvonne, Bill’s oldest daughter and a cottage at Long Point. One day they may sell the house and move to their cottage full time. Honestly, when Bill talked about his conversations with them, I couldn’t remember them so was anxious for this meeting today.

We all got a kick out of watching Higgins explore the property
When they drove up and Bob got out of the Dodge Ram (we are Ford people but they are good people so we let them park beside Black Beauty-teehee) he looked a bit familiar but that was all. I wouldn’t have recognized him on the street. I’m sorry to say that Joanne didn’t really look familiar. We hugged like dear friends and by the time they left, I can assure you that we are. We showed them around the place and after the tour moved inside out of the cold wind.

Having lunch inside
Lunch time! Higgins, their puppy. Joanne told me what kind of dog he is and the name has escaped me. Duh! There is poodle in there though and Clemson and Higgins have the same cute little faces. He loved running around the place and it brought back memories of Clemson doing the same thing. He was having a ball. Inside, he was a very good little dog around Clemmy. Not too pesky and didn’t overly pursue him.

Our old dog and their young dog making friends
We had sandwiches, cheese and salami that Joanne and Bob brought and grapes for lunch. Bob offered me a Somerset Blackberry Cider and after a bit of convincing, I accepted one. It was quite nice! We sat inside and shot the breeze for the afternoon and time flew by. If the wind wasn’t so cold, outside sitting would have been in the cards but it never made it past 57F/14C and the winds ranged between 18 to 24 mph. It was 4:30 when they said goodbye and Higgins got strapped in his seatbelt. Nice to see we aren’t the only ones who do that.

I thought it was cute to see Higgins with with Joanne the same way
Clemson sits with me
And outside the pooches went their own way
marking and re-marking territories
I hadn’t thought at all about supper but Bill and I discussed our options. Bill decided on a peanut butter and cheese sandwich on the fresh bread and I warmed up my quesadilla leftovers. After dishes, we finished our meal off with a dish of Creamy Jell-o. After the carbs, it was a nice light dessert. I sat to write my blog and watched the sun make its’ descent.

See you guys again!
Thanks for coming.

Leftovers for me

Jell-o for both of us
This was a wonderful day and we’ve made really good friends. Hopefully, they will be able to join our gang in Quartzsite this winter but we’ll see them again before that happens.  I have plans to work early in the morning and will take our laundry in to do at the same time. It should be a nice day to hang them out.

And another day on The Ridge draws to a close
Good night!
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. How fun. I love meeting new friends. And I love your laundry basket!!!! That’s a great find.

    1. I really enjoyed the visit. Rob and Pat have a laundry basket like it and so we got one on order from H.H. as soon as it went on sale. Love it!

  2. The laundry basket looks interesting!! Good find. Always fun making new friends. They may drive a dodge but at least they don't park right beside you in the desert!!! Lol

    1. We 'borrow' ideas from our friends, this one was Rob and Pats idea. :)
      True about the Dodge friends - well, they haven't been to the southwest YET so we'll see!!

  3. So nice that you had a chance to chat with them and spend some time together. They had been in touch with us a while ago as well, we have mutual friends in Tavi.

    1. We had a wonderful visit with J & B and felt a real connection.

  4. What a wonderful visit! Hopefully they can come south this winter and we can all meet them! I have to say that is about the best looking quesadilla I've ever seen! Love the laundry basket, always looking for more space, be it the trailer or the house. I'll be waiting for your!

    1. It was a great visit. They want to come to the Q so fingers crossed.
      I know! The quesadilla was awesome and with a nice salad for $13.
      The laundry basket is great! I used it today and folded it to put in the closet. Bill can hang it on the wall and it won't take up much space. :)

  5. Always nice meeting new friends. It seems that they like the way you travel.
    The weather is really slow at warming and drying up this year.
    We love our collapsible laundry basket. Over Five years old now.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Great meeting new friends for sure. you're right about the weather.
      The laundry baskets are a smart idea for sure.