Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Geese Visits, Owen Sound Shopping, Grass Cutting, Turtle Sightings

On the Ridge
On Tuesday, June 18th it was nice to laze in the morning. We didn’t sleep in but knowing we could have, is always nice. We were up by 6 and I was out the door by 6:15. Even though a dull morning again, the air was warm and the wind almost non-existent. It was the perfect day for a 2-mile jaunt down a country road. The sky to the north showed promise and I knew we were expecting some sunshine later on.

A cloudy sky to start this Tuesday
There were no animal sightings this morning and only one vehicle met me at that time of the morning. When I returned, there were teeny patches of blue appearing in the sky and as I came up the lane, Bill was coming down on the riding mower to cut the front field. It isn’t too bad but by the weekend it will be and he works Thursday and Friday this week. We are expecting company on Friday so we are excited about that and want to have the ‘chores’ done.

Daisy Daisy give me your answer do

The wheat in the field down the road is plush and green
We grumble about the all the rain but this is what it has done
 I caught up on what our friends are doing on their blogs while drinking my tea. With the cream and coconut oil in it, I’m sure that is why I don’t feel hungry for anything until late morning. Bill wants to eat something before we leave for Owen Sound and I won’t be ready before 9 so I decided to make him bacon and eggs anyway. I had some plain yogourt and a piece of bacon. That will tide me over nicely until we are home.

There is that promise off to the north
Good thing no one can see us up here on the hill as I was making a fool of myself outside trying to flag him down for over 5 minutes. His breakfast was ready but he wasn’t aware what I was doing for him so wasn’t even looking my way. First my arms, in all kinds of saluting, waving, flapping motions and then my hoodie flying high like our Canadian flag on a windy day. He didn’t look up once from his cutting so I kept it warm until he came in.

And there isn't a flutter in our flag this morning
While he hopped in the shower, since I was already washed, I did the dishes. Clemson had been up at 5, which I wasn't aware of at the time, and then he slept until 9 before getting his lazy little bones up and out for a piddle. We would have had to disturb him anyway as we would be gone for at least 2 ½ hours. When my sweet-smelling hubby came downstairs, I knew it was time to go. He always smells sooo good and he’ll be embarrassed that I wrote that, I’m sure.

The drive to Owen Sound under a pretty sky
We drove to Owen Sound, the back way, the way that makes the most sense from here. Parking in the area of WalMart, Home Depot and Dollarama we discussed where each of us wanted to go and could we walk etc. I decided first to take the SUV and drive to Value Village which was too far to walk. Bill wanted to go into Home Depot and maybe Princess Auto and my last stop would be Dollarama. We each went our own way.
The Anglican Church in O.S. is gorgeous
Bill finds stuff for his plane at the hobby store
I found a couple of things at V.V. and was pleased that it was Senior’s Day, so 30% off. That worked out well! I met Bill back in the parking lot and he drove to Princess Auto and I walked to Dollarama. I found the landscape screening and a couple of other things for the Suite. When we left there, we drove to Bill’s Hobby Store, UAV & Hobby. He found what he wanted in the tiny store and we checked out.
The back way home

This vine covered tree is worth a picture every year
To avoid the busy downtown O.S. traffic at noon hour, we drove out the back way, twisting and turning and ending up back on #6 eventually. We both felt tired and planned a snooze when we got home. After unloading our stuff, Bill promptly stretched out on his recliner and I warmed up a bowl of butternut squash soup. Now I was feeling more hungry than tired. 

This was good but I had to open a carton to get it
With a tablespoon of plain yogourt mixed in, oh my, it was delicious. I made a coffee and sat at my laptop.

No magnifying glasses please!
With my tummy satisfied, after a reasonable amount of time, I went upstairs with Clemson for my nap. It didn’t take me long to drop off to sleep for 30 minutes. When I got up, I gathered my paint supplies including the pint can of white paint that Bill picked up for me. Then I walked down to see Bill in the Hangar. I wanted him to know that I was up and where I’d be. Nothing is never as easy as you think it will be. Especially when it is a first time for something.

Me painting the letters, on a hot day, with the paint drying almost as fast as I’m applying it and the stupid little bugs buzzing around my face – well, it didn’t start out very well. I was frustrated, disgusted with my efforts (and the bugs) and feeling quite incompetent. I almost stopped after painting THE R………. but stepped back and then gave it another go. I had 3 different brush types to see which one would be best. I ended up using all 3. I finished but don’t look closely. It’s a mess.

It looks better from a distance
I want to do another coat before I do the clear coat overtop of the whole sign. From a distance it doesn’t look bad and although not the Roman lettering Donna had used before, I think it will be okay. Bill was still working on the tail for his plane when I finished. We have started to see a lot more turtles. Everywhere we turn, we see one. I guess they figure spring is here and it is time to make nests and lay eggs. Don’t tell them that it is almost over now that the weather has straightened up. Clemson and I took a walk down the lane and even he found and sniffed 3 turtles on the gravel.

Clemson went for a walk with me today
Top left - since Higgins was here, he has to sniff and mark the territory down by Bill's rocks
Bottom left - checking out a turtle in the lane
Bottom right - running across the front field
We were sitting outside under the awning around 4:30 and Bill decided that he was going to cut some more grass. I put Clemson inside, fed him and got my own mower out. I may as well cut grass too. Tomorrow will be busy enough with work and laundry. We both finished right around 6 and boy did the place look good! Bill has a bit more cutting to do and trimming but the main areas are completed.

Bill and I got our grass cut today and it looks so good now
I try not to watch him do the hills, leaning this way and that
I think I chose the perfect flowers for the bucket
When we finished, we could hear our neighbor, Don, cutting his grass too. There were 3 turtles that Bill and I had to cut grass around up here in our living space. Crazy little gals.
Easy supper
We came inside and I warmed up the leftover lasagna from the other night. While it was heating, I put together a garden salad. I had some onion and little radishes from my own garden and a hard-boiled egg to cut up in it as well. It was delicious! The lasagna – well, no question there. The second night is almost better than the first. We cleaned up dishes and relaxed for the remainder of the evening.

These turtles were in our grass cutting area
I love the big picture here - she was saying "Am I out of your way here?"
The geese families have been coming further and further up the hill and I need to open the door once they get too close. We don’t need goose poop up here. It is on the hill, across the fields and down the lane. That is enough. I can’t get enough of them though, watching the babies grow into teenagers. 

The largest family swam off when they saw us coming down the hill
Even now again at 8 pm, here they come right up to my new flower garden. They sure run when I open the door or when we let Clemson out. I don't try to scare them, just keep them in their place. 

And here they come again
You can see where Bill needs to cut to match where I've cut today
Tonight, is America’s Got Talent and something we watch together. The sun is brilliant right now in a solid blue sky and the temperature is hovering around 70F/21C. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it very much.

A cute picture of my boys
Clemson followed his Daddy down to the Hangar and back 

this was actually last night's sunset after I posted
Good night y'all
Thank you for popping in.


  1. I think the sign looks good from the picture you posted. The geese in our campsite are moving further away from the lake and, like you, I don't want their poop around our site. Your turtles are so cute!

    1. Ah thank you. Up close it looks pretty sad. haha
      Soon our 'teens' will be gone. I'd love to be invisible to watch them learning to fly. :)

  2. Looks like Bill is having a scratch. Aren't the mosquitoes horrendous this year?

    1. We haven't had mosquitoes up here YET but still other little pesky bugs.

  3. Nice to enjoy some of this warm weather, and getting things done. our sign looks wonderful.

    1. Isn't it nice just to get out everyday? Love it!
      Thank you, George.

  4. Your sign turned out great! The flowers in your bucket are beautiful, you did good! How much property do you have there? Looks like quite a job to mow and weed eat. There are quite a few meals that taste better on the second day and definitely lasagna is one of them. Yum. Beautiful sunset!

    1. Thank you! We have between 4 - 5 acres here. That includes the ponds.
      You're right about leftovers. The lasagna was so good!

  5. Wow ... the geese are getting BIG!!! The ridge looks wonderful with all that nice green lawn. Your sign looks just fine too. I'm impressed that you are always fixing and repainting things. I've never seen so many turtles in one spot before. You definitely live in a cool environment.

    1. The geese will soon be leaving us and that is sad (except for the poop!)
      The sign didn't turn out too badly but up close it seems pretty bad. haha
      There are so many turtles, I kept coming upon them in the grass. :)

  6. We'll be able to find The Ridge for sure with this huge sign ;-) With the size of that property you guys are busy with your yard upkeep, especially after all that moisture in the ground.
    Thanks for the suggestions and help with the water pump. You are such a nice couple!!

    1. Ha ha, good, so we don't need to light it up? :)
      It was great talking to you this morning!

  7. My Dad had a saying, "a blind man riding by on horseback won't notice". I think the sign looks great! If the lines are a bit crooked, you could always take a ruler, a narrow paintbrush and go around the edges but I'm telling you I doubt anyone but you will notice.

    Have a great day!

    1. I love your Dad's saying. :) Thank you.
      I thought of outlining the letters in black with that ruler. Great minds. :)

  8. Great job on the sign sis! It looks fantastic.....I know what a job it is doing the letters while standing. I thought you were going to do black letters? The white looks good though with the light grey.

    1. thank you Sis, glad you approve. :D
      Our black paint went bad over the winter so we bought a pint can of white. :)