Monday, June 17, 2019

Clouds, Sun, Clouds, Sun

Up on the Ridge
I woke at 5:45 on Monday, June 17th and turned my alarm off. Bill seemed to be sleeping soundly so I got up at 6 and slipped out at 6:15. He probably heard the door close, however quiet I shut it, and was up within minutes but I hope not. I know he was up later than me. It was a cloudy, dull day. Well, why not? We’d just had our good day of the week. LOL The temperature was 54F upon wake up but with the dullness, it feels cooler even though there is no wind.

At this point of the morning,itis a guessing game what the day
will bring
The Mat was in pretty good condition so I set to work and was out of there in an hour. On my home, on the main highway, a sleek black critter (the size of but I’m sure not a cat) ran across the road in front of me and I couldn’t stop or avoid it on time. I’ve never hit an animal before and when I heard it and looked behind me, I felt horrible. I hope it was either just stunned (as it lay there) or dead because I would feel worse if I knew it was suffering. When I got home, through tears I told Bill he was married to an animal killer. (addendum: Bill didn't see an animal on the road so it looks like I just stunned him. TG!)

I managed to get my work sheet finished
We were going to drive to Owen Sound this morning to check out trim pieces and their prices and pick up some more landscape screen so I left the SUV beside the Suite. When Bill said he wanted to visit the Hobby Store when we go and it was closed on Monday, I parked Ptooties in her spot. I made myself a tea in the cool of the trailer. Some days you need the sun to take that chill off and that wasn’t about to happen, so I layered up a bit.

Bill was puttering away in the Hangar and I needed to print off another Work Sheet for my laundromat hours. After I finished reading some blogs, I searched but couldn’t find where I save the last one. Crap! I’m not great at Excel (where my daughter is the Excel whiz-banger of all time) but I was determined not to have to pester her on ‘how do I?’ questions. I know she could answer me with her eyes closed, in her sleep, in the midst of a battle dream while fighting off aliens.
Creating my own stencils
So, I began again and once into it, managed to make my table without too much trouble. I printed off a couple of copies with the upcoming dates and SAVED it to Documents. I keep a copy at home and one on a clipboard at the Mat so Jamie can see what things were done and how often. I know he doesn’t bother looking at my hours, he doesn’t care and trusts me to the max but I feel better keeping track, just in case he might.

I'm not sure how clear my letters show up, just pencilled in right now
I can see them quite clearly for painting
Bill took a run into the Home Hardware for some glue, I think, (was I really paying attention in the midst of creating such a document?) and when he returned, I began making poached eggs on toast. I had a half piece of keto bread to toast and Bill had a regular slice of his honey wheat. They were good but I will never say that this bread tastes as good as a slice of white bread. I’d probably be better just avoiding it altogether. Right Nancy?

Donna's rushes look nice
We did the dishes up and by golly, there were blue patches of sky popping out through the clouds. That’s more like it! When Bill went back out, I focused on making some kind of lettering to paint the sign. Free hand? Who was I kidding anyway? On blank sheets of paper, I started measuring and came up with what I believed to be a suitable size. I placed the pages on cardboard outside on the table and with an X-acto knife, cut the letters out.

But I think a change is just as nice
I then outlined the letters on the painted sign. Unfortunately, the quart of black paint we had in the storage shed had gone bad. The green was fine, which was right beside it all winter. Oh well, we’ll pick up a pint can tomorrow. If you remember that I removed the 6 x 6 piece of decorative board earlier, it needed some touch up paint as well. I used black from the paints that I use for my rocks and it covered nicely.

Hiding the brush, where I was painting, is this pretty little
water iris
I couldn't get any closer without getting my feet wet
Donna had painted bulrushes on it in white and I decided to change that a bit as well. Maybe she wanted the look of black and white or maybe she painted them white because that was all she had. Let’s give it some colour! If she doesn’t like it, she can change it next time. I quite like the green and brown addition. After screwing the piece back into place, I used the clear coat over top to finish the process.

Bill was still working in the Hangar, so after pouring him a Zero Coke and me a diet Gingerale, I went into the Bunky with my book. It was nice and comfortable in there and no bugs. They still seem to find me and buzzed around my face while I was cutting the letters out. I read a few chapters of my book and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I walked out to tell Bill that I was going in for a snooze with Clemson and he called me down to see something.

This is what Bill wanted to show me
Patrick wondered if Clemson was going up in it
The tail is what Bill has put together, so far
Wow! What a sight! You can see for yourself what enthralled us. I took this picture of him beside his Telemaster and went upstairs for my nap. Bill came in half hour later and of course, Clemson bugged him for his supper almost immediately. I do believe I slept for almost an hour! I guess I was tired indeed. When I came down, I was surprised that Bill hadn’t slept much at all. He’ll be dozing after supper, methinks. 😊 I sat with him and we talked about supper and our plans for tomorrow.

Supper was delicious! Carbs and all
I got 2 Tilapia loins out of the freezer at 5:30 and thawed them in cold water for half hour. Grilling them in tin foil with olive oil, butter and lemon pepper for 12 minutes total did the trick. Inside I preheated the air fryer for the last of our French fries and we were eating a wonderful fish and chip dinner by 7. Dishes didn’t take long and while I updated my blog post, I watched Jeopardy. I’m not very good at the game but I enjoy trying and get a thrill if I answer correctly. Bill returned to the Hangar once more to get some measurements and such for trim pieces.

After supper, Bill dumped our gray water tank
It's nice because we can do this over the edge of our property
The sun made an appearance again in the western sky. Just in time to give us another beautiful sunset perhaps? This has been a pleasant day. I got another hour of work under my belt, made progress on our sign and just plain enjoyed the day. Bill also made strides with his air plane and that proof is in my picture. When he’s happy I’m happy and he was tickled to see this large monstrosity finally coming together.

No sunset tonight after all but that's okay
Good night to everyone from the Ridge
Thank you for stopping by to see what we’ve been up to. It is always nice to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. Wow! That plane is HUGE!! Won’t that be fun to fly!! Yeah, might as well forget the bread or just have one slice a week. I think your sign looks great!! Love the color.

    1. Isn't it big??
      I agree about the bread. :)
      Thank you, i love the color too.

  2. Bill is having fun with his Telemaster can't wait to see it. The weather was excellent and great to enjoy more of the outdoors.

  3. What a great day. I have to agree that the almond flour anything doesn't taste like real bread, but as long as it's grilled or toasted for me it's a real treat! :) The sign is going to be gorgeous I'm sure, change is good! You are certainly a good employee, he's gonna miss you in the winter! Dinner looks delicious, you've got to splurge once in awhile! Those fries look awesome :) Love the telecaster! Matches my kitchen, but it would probably take up my whole kitchen!!

    1. You are certainly more confident than I am about the sign.
      I laughed at the thought of Bill's plane in your kitchen :)

  4. I like the addition of the color on the sign, looks lovely. The plane, the plane! Wow, that is going to be something.

  5. The sign is going to look awesome.

  6. That is one amazing model airplane!