Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Early Cleaning, Watering by Choice, Blow-drying My Canon 30D, Supper with Bill

The Ridge

Well, it wasn’t the best of sleeps. I love having Clemson cuddled with me but I don’t sleep as soundly.  Checking my sleep habits on my Fitbit confirms that. I was awake about an hour and a half throughout the night. I guess I was afraid that I wouldn’t notice him jumping off the bed. Anyway, I glanced at the clock so much, thinking it was later than it was each time, that when he did move to get down, I was actually relieved.

I see a lot of these brown birds around
I slipped on jammy bottoms and a hoody and carried him outside for his piddle. It was so warm! No wind and at least 60F/15C. We went back to bed and then I couldn’t drop off again even though I felt tired. Today is Wednesday, June 5th. I must have though as my alarm woke me to the tune of the Tango. Wanna dance? I got up, washed and brushed my teeth. Because he usually does more than piddle first thing, I lifted the sleepy little body off the bed and took him out to care of that.

Plain brown? Nah, he is very pretty
Grabbing a water, my keys and purse, I headed into Durham after placing him back near my pillow. The Laundromat was quiet, even after official opening hours. That is always appreciated, as I can move about freely without getting in anyone’s way or visa versa. It was 8 when I left there and parked across from the bank. I nipped across the street to deposit my pay and that felt good. I need to continue to build the cash in my Savings for my Ladyfest (sister’s week) in July.

 Back home, I couldn’t tell, again, if the sun would rule today or just what would happen. My plants need watering, regardless, so after finishing a nice creamy tea, and writing the beginnings of today’s post, I went out and started. I need to get a better system but for right now, I do what I have to do. Getting water from the rain pails into the small 2” diameter hole in the watering can is a real challenge.

So for the time being, the pickle jar will be handy
Remember that I said our rain barrel doesn’t have enough water in it to fill the can from there? The top tap is about 18” from the bottom. Well, with the hose on a downward slope, along the flower garden and down the lane, I can turn the spigot on. This connection to the rain barrel is about 2” from the base so all we need is more rain collected than that. We do. The nozzle we currently have for the hose is an old one we’ve had for years and it is on its last legs. The on/off part no longer works.

Challenges, right? We shall overcome! Once, I did the running up and down to fill the can that way. That was enough of that so I resorted to filling an old pickle jar and pouring it into the can to fill it. Twice. So, 3 fill-ups were enough to water all my ‘newly’ planted primrose and marigolds as well as the sunflowers and vegetables up on the hill. My primrose are still on the ‘iffy’ side of living or dying and I believe the hard work of transferring Gayle’s perwinkle was a seemingly useless chore. It looks like it is dying.
Story of the day, it started at 11 am
When we don’t want rain, that’s all we get. When I would have liked a good downpour or two to soak that hill, it stops. I did what I could and other than grumbling over whom I believe is Chippy digging up one of my sunflowers (!*&!), the garden is looking great. I put things away, except for the pickle jar which will remain in the rain pail for now, and retreated inside to make myself a coffee. Our little furball was still up on my pillow all this time, since I left for town.

Naturally, at 11, the rain started. It was a nice steady rain for about 10 minutes, not heavy and not a blowing rain. I rejoiced but never seem to be happy as I wanted more!! I’d heard briefly from Bill when I was watering. He wanted me to know that he was returning the trailer to Guelph that he picked up a couple of weeks ago. I therefore, felt bad for the rain and hoped he didn’t get anything too heavy on the highway.

At 11:15 when I was warming up my French toast for breakfast or lunch, whatever, Clemmy stirred himself and came downstairs. I’m trying to avoid my recliner today, for the most part. Yesterday’s extended lounging/laziness wasn’t good for my back and I was beating myself up for it while bending over to clean this morning. I sat for a while and did a row on my blanket while thinking of what else I could get into, in a moving capacity.

I did finish the Patterson book last night before closing my eyes. It was so good! Cross Fire is a recommendation if you haven’t read it. A one day read for me = good book! I’ll give it a day before I choose another book, long enough to get this one out of my head. I did a bit of re-organizing in the seagrass baskets under our hi-low coffee table. I needed more rv cards for my phone so one thing led to another.

These baskets are great but we tend to slip things
in them for quick storage
Under there, I found an adult colouring book Pat and I got from Pilot Knob RV resort this past winter but couldn’t remember where my coloured pencils were. I’d bought some and a book in London before leaving the city in 2016. Thinking it would be a good pastime – which no doubt it is and yet I’ve only opened it 2 or 3 times since our first winter. I looked in the Bunky, where I got coin rollers to roll my nickels and quarters, but no crayons. Clemson was back up on the bed, sleeping, so I couldn’t lift the bed without disturbing him. They might be under there.

I found them plus the book I bought in London (on the left)
As I’m sitting here, I decided to get my hair blower out to try and remove the dust specks on my big Canon. It was suggested by a fellow in London, the one from Kijiji where I went to look at a camera body. I haven’t used my big camera much since noticing so many spots in my pictures and that is a shame. 

I do love my camera
I’ve used it for close up bird pictures with no white sky in the background.  The way it is now, trying this can’t hurt. I took the lens out and blew into the camera on low speed. Then I took a picture of the sky. Downloaded it and found no difference.

This is the blower I bought for the camera
I got out my lens cleaning spray, soft cloth and blower designed for this. I’ve done all this before but I keep hoping something will work. Then I took a few more pictures. No difference. Hmmm, well, that was a waste of about 45 minutes.  It is very discouraging but I’m too cheap to have it sent away for a professional clean. There is no guarantee there either for the $150+.

Stress free is right - I totally relaxed doing this

I put it away, frustrated and coloured instead. The Color Me White Sheets did say “Stress Free” after all! Sitting at the table in a straight back dining chair was not exactly ‘mobile’ but it was better than in my recliner. Clemson was upstairs sleeping again and after finishing a couple of pictures, I went up and joined him. My restless night, morning work and persnickety back making me tired. We slept for about an hour before coming downstairs for him to start his ‘feed me’ dance.

Since it hadn’t stopped raining since 11, I couldn’t entertain him with a walk so I basically ignored him until 4 when he finally got his supper. By this time, I’d finished a 3rd picture and was enjoying the childish time passer. 

Finally, I moved to my chair and started a new book by Michael MGarrity called Slow Kill. It started out interesting right from page 1 so I pushed a small pillow in the curve of my back and sat back with it. Clemson curled up beside me with his full tummy and relieved bladder.

Meatloaf and salad for supper
At 5:30 Bill texted that he was leaving Costco for home, his day going much better than we’d originally expected. He will be home for a late supper so I pulled our leftover meatloaf out of the freezer and will wait for him. He should be here around 8. Instead of waiting, I’m going to finish writing. This has turned into a book rather than a posting.

A stop at Costco meant a full freezer again
Lots of pork and chicken
This was an odd day for sure but I’m actually glad for the rain today. Not always heavy or steady, it has dampened the ground and given a necessary drink to my plants. I hope you’ve stayed dry.

By 8:30, the fog had moved in thicker than gang busters

And then it just got spooky so I closed the blinds
Good night from the Ridge everyone!
Get ready for some real spring weather, it's on its way
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It is nice to have a lazy day once in awhile. I have trouble amusing myself as well especially if I can't get outside! My hubby, on the other hand can sit and relax for hours without even trying ;-).

  2. It was a rainy afternoon and very warm temperatures was nice. Always something to keep you busy.

    1. I welcomed the rain this time as long as it was warm. It was!

  3. Isn't that the way it works? You water and then it rains! I like the adult coloring books and the pics that you did. Kind of like painting you have to be in the mood to do it. So a nice day like you had sounds relaxing and you don't have to feel guilty a bit. Nice to have your sweetie home again and wow that's a lot of meet for the freezer! Meatloaf seems like a perfect dinner for a rainy evening.

    1. I couldn't be sure about the rain but was glad it came!
      I'm not often the colouring mood but you're right, it is like painting but less hassle!
      Bill got home safely, yay! and he brought meat! double yay! :)

  4. I have coloring books and pencil crayons as well, but rarely remember to pull them out.

    Your RV amazes me, it is so roomy and has so much storage! And apparently wonderful napping spots for Clemson. :)

    1. I have to be sure to use the hobby things I have in the Suite or else I have to consider moving them out. LOL
      We do have a lot of space and the right amount of storage without our place looking crammed. :)

  5. Definitely hang on to your camera. We will meet up somewhere in Jan and I’ll give you all the stuff you need to clean it.

    1. Thanks Nancy, yes I will definitely hang on to my camera but might purchase something small in the meantime to take to Cancun in October.